Worrying Is Like A Rocking Chair

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning and hello from my new home office!

After I killed my computer and brought it to the repair shop, I set myself up in the living room. I actually prefer working in my office away from any sort of distraction, but it’s fun to work with the TV on in the background every once in awhile.

IMG_4604 (800x600)

I like watching The Today Show and then LIVE! with Kelly and Michael in the morning. I only half-watch while I’m working, but my ears perk up from time-to-time when I hear interesting headlines or features. Yesterday, for example, I heard about a building in London that is melting cars on the ground below because the reflection it creates from the sun is so incredibly hot and powerful. Isn’t that nuts?

[Instagram: Antsy]

So, yesterday afternoon, I spoke with the repair guys about my computer and, GOOD NEWS, it’s fine. Nothing was lost! Hooray! It turns out a power surge from a recent lightning storm fried the AC power adapter, which prevented my computer from turning on. The repair shop had an extra power adapter on hand, so they tried it out with my computer and it started right up. They ordered me a new one, so as soon as it arrives, I’m back in business. Yay!

I am so relived that everything worked out with my computer. Although, I have to admit, I actually wasn’t all that worried about it. Mal even made a comment about how “impressed” he was with how I handled everything since computer problems typically make me mental. While I don’t regularly back up my computer, I have every freelance piece I have ever written as well as a number of important documents saved on my Google Drive, and my blog is backed up on its own server and doubly backed up via VaultPress.


If I had truly killed my computer, I would have lost a bunch of my photos, but a lot of them are on CNC (and backed up) and the really important ones (i.e. wedding photos) are on an external hard drive as well as a DVD, so I guess the worst case scenario wouldn’t have been so bad. Even still, I am SO GLAD everything worked out, and I definitely learned my lesson. Now, I need to install an automatic back up on my computer because I know I won’t do it. Any suggestions?



I ate a super delicious breakfast this morning!

For the past three mornings, I’ve eaten the exact same breakfast””a quick and easy recipe that I created for an upcoming post on The Laughing Cow blog. It involves a three-ingredient pancake and cinnamon cream cheese, and, holy goodness, it’s delicious. I can’t wait to share the recipe with you guys!

IMG_4573 (800x600)

After breakfast, Murphy and I took a trip to Marylou’s for iced coffee and a Milk Bone. I also bought a couple of pounds of coffee as gifts for friends, so I may or may not have bought an extra bag for a giveaway on CNC tomorrow. Just a heads up! You like White Chocolate Chip coffee, right? Thought so.


I was planning to do my long run later this morning, but yesterday’s CrossFit workout kicked my butt. I definitely need a rest day today.

thruster and kb swing WOD


“Triple Play”

5 Thrusters (135, 95)
10 KBS (53, 35)

-Rest 2 minutes-

7 Thrusters (115, 75)
10 KBS (53, 35)

-Rest 2 minutes-

9 Thrusters (95, 65)
10 KBS (53, 35)

The goal of this WOD was to do more reps (or at least as many) as you did on AMRAP #1 on AMRAP #3. As you can see, the weight for the Thrusters drops each round, but the number of reps increases. I did this workout as prescribed, so I started with 95-pound Thrusters. (Yes, they were brutal.) I only made it through 2 rounds + 2 reps, but I thought when I took 20 pounds off my bar for AMRAP #2, I’ll plow through the reps. Um, not so much. I only did one more rep on AMRAP #2. On AMRAP #3, I managed to eek out an extra three reps, but, man, it almost killed me. Thrusters always make me feel so awful. They’re the best and worst at the same time!

Questions of the Day

Are you a worrier? What do you find yourself worrying about the most?

Is there anything worse than heavy Thrusters?



  1. Ugh I’m such a worrier, and that is one thing I’m trying really hard to work on. Especially since when I start worrying, my anxiety starts to build and build and that emotion becomes overpowering. Then my mind just turns to the worst. BUT I take a few deep breaths, focus on the reality of the present and keep truckin’. It’s mostly work stuff that I worry about…and the future. I tell ya, your mid- to late 20s is a touch and worrying time!

  2. Yay, happy happy happy news about your computer! That WOD looks intense. I used to worry a lot/have bad anxiety, but I’ve learned not to stress about the things that we cannot control and just take the things we can one at a time and try to fix it/make it better.

  3. I’ve gotten better about worrying! I find that the only thing that makes me feel les stressed is by taking action about the issue. We did “death by thrusters” the other day (65#). Minute 1, 1 thruster. Minute 2, 2 thrusters. I made it to 14 and then couldn’t walk for days.

  4. There were people outside that building in London yesterday seeing if they could fry an egg with its heat! My friend who works close by sent me a picture. I don’t know whether they had any success or not though! 😀

  5. I am definitely a worry-wart! I wish I did not worry so much and try to constantly tell myself that worrying only makes it worse. What helps me when I worry is to workout and I usually forget about it (for the time I’m working out haha). 🙂

  6. I did power snatches this morning prescribed weight for women was 95#, I’m still relatively new to crossfit and only did 50#. We had to do 30 reps for time, tough morning! No better way to take on the day though!

  7. They are seriously heavy thrusters! Turkish get ups which I just can’t get the hang of for the plain frustration! I’m such a worrier but I’m getting better with age! Delighted you comp. is ok!!!! The relief must be amazing!

  8. I am a total worrier. When when husband talked to my dad about marrying me my dad said “You know she is a worrier, right?” Lol, thanks dad!

  9. You’re so lucky your computer was ok! I turned out to be not so lucky recently, and having to shell out for a new laptop hurts but it’s fun to have a new fast one. Computers make me mental too. 🙂 I use CrashPlan to automatically back up and it has been great, relatively cheap and super easy.

  10. Oh my, I am worrying far to little. I have no back ups of my pictures and I surely need to think about that as soon as I start self-hosting my blog. Also when it comes to my master thesis I forget to have frequent back ups. Your post just made me shiver a little thinking about what would happen if my laptop would suddenly break down… lesson learned: regular back ups from now on!

  11. No, there is nothing worse than heavy thrusters. Nothing.

    So happy to hear your computer is ok! I tend to worry quite a bit, but I’ve been trying to let things go – it’s definitely a work in progress 🙂

  12. Definitely a worrier, and I worry most about the future… even though I know I can’t control it. That said, I can always control my attitude and effort and have the power to make the choice to take action NOW, and in any moment.

  13. I would suggest either:

    1) purchasing an external hard drive (they cost about $150 for 3 Terabytes these days, which is a LOT of space) and setting up automatic backups to run periodically (every night, every weekend, whatever you want) using the Windows Backup and Restore utility. (It can be found under the Control Panel.)


    2) Signing up for an automatic online backup service, such as Carbonite, Backblaze or Mozy. These services usually charge a monthly or yearly fee to back your data up to the “cloud”. It’s more expensive than an external hard drive in the long run, but you don’t have to worry about your backup hard drive dying, and your files will still be safe in case, say, your house burns down.

    I’m glad they were able to save your computer so you didn’t lose anything! Personally I go with option #1, with an additional portable hard drive that I manually backup to about 4 times a year and keep stored away from home in case of disaster. I have a TON of digital photos that I would be devastated to lose! So much of our lives our digital these days that everyone should have some sort of backup system in place.

  14. I just started doing Thrusters!!! ouch!!!

    So glad the computer is okay! 🙂 I also like to 1/2 watch a little Kelly & Michael ….Kathy Lee and Hoda are my favorites though.

  15. Women are worriers. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn’t worry too much.

    Burpees are worse than anything, in my opinion! The up-down up-down makes me dizzy. Thrusters are not fun though. Basically in CF burpees are the only thing I truly, truly HATE but there are things I prefer over other things and I do prefer most things over thrusters.

  16. Glad to hear your computer is better!! hooray!!! Definitely a worrier — I worry the most about going to the doctor and the dentist. Haha. Thrusters make me sooo soooore.

      1. @Tina: You’re welcome. The first 5-6 posts that pop up are really great there (the latest) and talking about food and the different routes to take and what if this or that. Interesting. Hope you read them all.

  17. I use crashplan to back up everything. It has been super user friendly. I had a similar computer crisis and almost lost everything, it was the motivation I needed to research different options for backing my data up.

  18. total worrier. doing a 40 day give up my fears challenge plan right now! only on day 3…celarly I need to accomplish a lot in the next 37 days!

  19. I’m so glad everything’s ok with the computer! I too have gotten better at ‘worrying’–and my husband often reminds me that it gets me nowhere is I spend time & energy worrying, so I’ve got that awesome reminder 🙂

  20. I need to be better about backing up my computer and files! Otherwise, I’d freak if something happened to my computer! I’m somewhat new to crossfit and yes, agree, thrusters are brutal! I cannot imagine 5+ reps with 95 lbs! I think the heaviest I’ve done is between 55-65 lbs. Can’t wait to get stronger!!!

  21. I am SUCH a worrier! If I can’t fall asleep, I start worrying about every little thing from how my day is going to go to everything I need to get done during the week. I need to remember to just take a breather and that everything will be ok!

  22. Yayy, congrats on your computer! Mine got hacked into last year & it looked like everything had been deleted & I totally freaked out because mine isn’t backed up either. But luckily I got it fixed & all of my pictures were still there. Phew!

    I’m such a worrier. I literally worry about everything. Right now my biggest worry is finding a full-time job because my part-time one definitely isn’t cutting it. I graduated from college in May & I have to start paying back my school loans in November, so I’m totally worrying & freaking out. Gotta just keep applying though because worrying won’t get me a job.

  23. I have ‘Kemmons Wilson’s Twenty Tips for Success’ hanging in my office. I’ve taken this list with me (from my dad) to about 4 different offices. #18 is: “Do not worry. You can’t change the past, but you sure can ruin the present by worrying over the future. Remember that half the things we worry about never happen, and the other half are going to happen anyway. So, why worry?”
    Love that! Wilson was the founder of Holiday Inn.

  24. Holy moly. Just took a look at what a thruster is. Good for you for doing what you did! As with most anything where there’s extreme physical exertion, it’s not pleasant until it’s done.

    And yes, I’m a worrier. I make it worse when I obsess over my worries. Good to see that I’m not the only worrier!

    Glad the computer is mended!

  25. I am not thaaaaaaat big of a worrier on most occasions. However, sometimes I worry about things that our out of my comfort level. I recently took my test for my Personal Trainer Certification with NASM and I was more nervous than I have been in a LONG time. I passed (whew!) but I think I was so nervous because I was taking a huge step away from my current career and doing something I was really passionate about, so it meant that much more.

  26. I don’t know what thrusters are but I’m doing Jillian’s 30 day shread and squat thrusts are brutal!! Seriously gets my heart rate up!

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