11 Workouts That Multitask, Too!

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Do you have a lot going on?

Is your To Do list a mile long?

Don’t think you have enough time to work out?

You might think your schedule is too busy to exercise, but you can maximize your time while tackling your To Do list at the same time. Check out these workouts that multitask, too! Two birds, one stone scone.

11 Workouts That Multitask Too

Unwind with yoga

Instead of unwinding with a cocktail or sitting in front of the TV after a long, frustrating day, try burning calories while boosting your mood and relieving stress at the same time with yoga. Even a 20-minute session (I love the free downloads from YogaDownload.com) will help you find your happy place.

Power walk your errands

When I have a lot of errands or shopping to do, I’ll throw on my sneakers and park my car near a shopping center or mall and then power walk my errands. I often return to my car between trips to drop off purchased goods and extend my walking path. I also try to visit these shopping areas early in the morning or late at night, so I can speed walk my errands without worrying about the crowds. I’m able to cross items off of my To Do list while getting a workout at the same time.

Exercise while exfoliating your feet

Burn some calories and exfoliate your feet at the same time? Sign me up! It sort of sounds like a trip to the spa to me! When you run (or walk) barefoot on the beach, try to dig your feet into the sand to get the most out of its exfoliating powers. As you exercise, the sand will exfoliate the dry skin off your feet, and they’ll become nice and soft!

IMG_3356 (750x563)

Tone while you wait (or brush)

When I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, movie theater, or any old line, I flex my abs and hold for 5-6 seconds (and then rest and repeat) as a way to strengthen this area while passing the time. Similarly, I’d do calf raises while brushing my teeth. I’m usually just standing there doing nothing, so might as well multitask!

Schedule a treadmill workout during your favorite TV program

A great way to help pass the time during a treadmill (or elliptical) workout is by scheduling it during your favorite TV show. Most television programs are 30 or 60 minutes, which is perfect for fitting in a workout. During commercials, I like to pick up the pace to increase the intensity and calorie-burn of my workout. In addition to watching my favorite TV shows, here are some other ways to run on the treadmill without dying of boredom!

kelly and regis

Ride or walk to work

If you ride your bike to work, you already know it’s an awesome way to exercise, even if it’s just a couple of times a week or month. If you live too far away to bike to work, but take public transportation instead, try getting off one or two stops early and walking the rest of the way. It such an easy way to add some activity to your day!

Listen to a podcast while you foam roll

I always used to cut my foam rolling and stretching sessions short because I’d lose interest, but now I listen to NPR or another podcast (my favorite is Balanced Bites) to keep me engaged, so I end up foam rolling or stretching for longer while engaging my mind at the same time. This strategy would also work with an audiobook!

IMG_0630 (640x427)

Catch up with family or friends during a walk or hike

Haven’t called your mother or hung out with your best friend in awhile? A great way to catch up with a family member or friend is by inviting them to exercise with you. Walking or hiking, for example, allows you to talk while breaking a sweat at the same time. If you can’t get together in person, using a headset to chat on the phone while you exercise is also a fun way to catch up.

Check your email and social media accounts while you work your core

When I was trying to increase my time during my Plank Challenge, I used my iPhone as a way to connect socially while planking and strengthening my core at the same time. I’d check my email, “like” Instagram photos, and tweet with Twitter friends to help me pass the time.

IMG_3926 (750x563)

Speed clean your house

When I’m cleaning the house, I like to turn on some fast-tempo tunes and get my exercise on! Sometimes, I set a timer to see how fast I can clean the house from top to bottom. Other times, I do push-ups or squats whenever a new song starts to play. Picking up the pace and adding in some strength training moves helps the chores fly by, and I torch some extra calories in the process.

Play fetch

If you own a dog, walking him or her is a great way to fit some activity into your day. Take it one step further by adding some sprints to your walk by playing fetch with your dog. Throw the ball as far as you can and then race to get it before your dog does. My dog almost always beats me to the ball, but it’s still fun to try. Plus, it’s a great way to get my heartbeat up and, of course, provide some exercise for my favorite furry friend.

murphy pug

Question of the Day

What are your favorite ways to multitask while you workout?

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  1. I have a couple of shows I like to watch (Biggest Loser, The Bachelor) that I no longer watch when they actually come on. I downloaded the free apps for NBC/ABC on my iPad and save them for treadmill runs! Since it is winter I am much more comfortable running indoors some days and knowing I’ve saved these shows for my runs makes me look forward to getting in the gym and working out so I can see what happens! They also motivate me to workout longer.

  2. This is prob. going to sounds a bit wierd prob…but when I take long car rides (to and from college across PA was the worst, BORING!) I squueze / clench my bum cheeks a few seconds, relax, and repeat..it really helps too with lower back pan while your sitting in the same position for along time, I HATE long car rides!

  3. Every once in a while I stop and take a quick workout break – do some squats or push-ups or whatever for a minute. Then I go about my business.

    I love listening to “Balanced Bites” too! I also like “Latest in Paleo” for my work commute.

  4. I’m definitely a speed walker when doing errands and i try to hold squat potions with good posture why cleaning or hols a toe raise. I also think if you do gardening, squatting an pulling with your arms is a good workout while making your garden pretty:) I also like to stretch an do yoga while watching movies or tv

  5. what a fantastic list of suggestions! On days that I don’t do strength training, i love to watch tv and do cardio. And the social media core workout is fantastic!


  6. The Plank challenge is a good idea! Will you be doing another one this year? If not I will go back and find the Wednesday plank workouts that you put up and I’ll do my timed ones on Mondays and Fridays.

  7. I love to multitask when I workout, my generation does everything at once so who says that shouldn’t include fitness?! I like to do lunges around my house and when I am having a movie night with some downtime I like to do a workout from my Nike Training app and then some yoga to wind down.

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