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You guys really liked my Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now post, so I decided to do one for the workout gear that I especially love right now. I’ve also received a few questions asking what I typically wear for CrossFit workouts, so here’s a run down””from head to toe””of what I wear (and love)!


BIC Bands

BIC Bands really do stay put and come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, so I’m almost always wearing one during my workouts to keep my hair out of my face.


Honorable mention: CrossFit No Slip Headband

This is also a great headband. If I’m not wearing a BIC Band, I’m wearing a CrossFit No Slip Headband in either black or gray. It just depends on what I’m wearing. I’m a dork and usually try to match my headband to my outfit.



CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top

The CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top is my favorite workout top right now. It’s soft and comfy, it doesn’t ride up during workouts, and it’s flattering””I like how it shows off my shoulders. I own it in teal and red and wear it a lot!


Sports Bra

Lululemon Tata Tamer (forever and always)

I’ve found a couple of other sports bras that give the Tata Tamer a run for its money, but it’s still the best I’ve ever found. It’s supportive, comfortable, and flattering (no uni-boob). I usually wear a Tata Tamer with a bra top for CrossFit workouts, which gives me plenty of support even for WODs with running, jumping, or double-undering.

tata tamer
[image source]

Honorable mention: CrossFit Racerback Bra

When I wear the CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top (above), I wear a CrossFit Racerback Bra instead of the Tata Tamer, so the wider straps don’t stick out. The CrossFit Racerback Bra might not look it, but it’s surprisingly supportive. The fabric is thick (almost like compression gear), so everything stays put!

CrossFit Racerback Bra

Long Sleeve Top

Old Navy Women’s Active Stretch Pullover

Ever since I got the Active Stretch Pullover from Old Navy, I’ve been totally obsessed with it and wear it for CrossFit workouts all the time. It’s usually kind of cold inside our box, so I wear it during the warm-up until my body heats up. It’s lightweight, so it allows me to easily and comfortably move through a variety of dynamic exercises before the workout really starts.



Old Navy Women’s Compression Capris in Retro Violet

I guess I’m kind of bored with all of the black capris that I own because I’ve been rocking the Retro Violet Compress Capris from Old Navy lately. They’re so fun! I love workout gear with color!



Reebok Nano 2.0

Oh, Reebok Nanos, how I love you so. The Nano 2.0 are seriously the best shoe for CrossFit. They’re light yet stable, so they’re great for everything from box jumps to Olympics lifts. They’re my favorite.

Reebok Nanos

Honorable mention: RealFlex Fusion TR

I love these sneakers too. I’ll wear them during WODs with a lot of running or jumping because they’re really flexible and have some cushion to them””otherwise, I wear my Nanos.

RealFlex Fusion TR

Question of the Day

What piece of workout gear are you especially loving right now?

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at #GetYourActiveON


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