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You guys really liked my Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now post, so I decided to do one for the workout gear that I especially love right now. I’ve also received a few questions asking what I typically wear for CrossFit workouts, so here’s a run down””from head to toe””of what I wear (and love)!


BIC Bands

BIC Bands really do stay put and come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, so I’m almost always wearing one during my workouts to keep my hair out of my face.


Honorable mention: CrossFit No Slip Headband

This is also a great headband. If I’m not wearing a BIC Band, I’m wearing a CrossFit No Slip Headband in either black or gray. It just depends on what I’m wearing. I’m a dork and usually try to match my headband to my outfit.



CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top

The CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top is my favorite workout top right now. It’s soft and comfy, it doesn’t ride up during workouts, and it’s flattering””I like how it shows off my shoulders. I own it in teal and red and wear it a lot!


Sports Bra

Lululemon Tata Tamer (forever and always)

I’ve found a couple of other sports bras that give the Tata Tamer a run for its money, but it’s still the best I’ve ever found. It’s supportive, comfortable, and flattering (no uni-boob). I usually wear a Tata Tamer with a bra top for CrossFit workouts, which gives me plenty of support even for WODs with running, jumping, or double-undering.

tata tamer
[image source]

Honorable mention: CrossFit Racerback Bra

When I wear the CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top (above), I wear a CrossFit Racerback Bra instead of the Tata Tamer, so the wider straps don’t stick out. The CrossFit Racerback Bra might not look it, but it’s surprisingly supportive. The fabric is thick (almost like compression gear), so everything stays put!

CrossFit Racerback Bra

Long Sleeve Top

Old Navy Women’s Active Stretch Pullover

Ever since I got the Active Stretch Pullover from Old Navy, I’ve been totally obsessed with it and wear it for CrossFit workouts all the time. It’s usually kind of cold inside our box, so I wear it during the warm-up until my body heats up. It’s lightweight, so it allows me to easily and comfortably move through a variety of dynamic exercises before the workout really starts.



Old Navy Women’s Compression Capris in Retro Violet

I guess I’m kind of bored with all of the black capris that I own because I’ve been rocking the Retro Violet Compress Capris from Old Navy lately. They’re so fun! I love workout gear with color!



Reebok Nano 2.0

Oh, Reebok Nanos, how I love you so. The Nano 2.0 are seriously the best shoe for CrossFit. They’re light yet stable, so they’re great for everything from box jumps to Olympics lifts. They’re my favorite.

Reebok Nanos

Honorable mention: RealFlex Fusion TR

I love these sneakers too. I’ll wear them during WODs with a lot of running or jumping because they’re really flexible and have some cushion to them””otherwise, I wear my Nanos.

RealFlex Fusion TR

Question of the Day

What piece of workout gear are you especially loving right now?

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at #GetYourActiveON




  1. I’ve just tried the Bic Bands & love ’em!

    And thanks to you, I hopped online & bought a bunch of stuff from ON. Wahoo!!

    I really do like their fitness apparel, they do a pretty good job. The best help with buying it off of online though, is reading the comments on that apparel–people do a good job of saying whether it’s a good choice to buy or not & if the sizing is off. It’s a tool I always use when online shopping! 😉

    I really love some of my Nike shoes right now, and a pair of Nike capris that fit perfectly.

  2. I really need to try some of these BIC headbands out. They’re cute and my hair ALWAYS falls out when it’s pulled back. Most headbands slip right off, even if they’re not supposed to.
    I love all fitness apparel I own, pretty much, but I love my colorful capris too. I don’t wear them very often but they just add such a FUN feeling to a workout.

  3. I just bought the Old Navy in the Retro Violet and Grey, along with a few tanks from them and LOVE them. Old Navy really does make the best workout clothes for the money.

  4. I am also loving Old Navy’s new workout gear; I got some new workout tee-shirts from there and love them because they don’t “change” color as you sweat, I sweat a LOT!

  5. OMG, I love BIC bands, too! They’re so pretty and keep my bangs back.
    I’m loving my compression socks (from ProCompression) for long runs and to wear post-run for recovery!

  6. I am right there with you with the Bicbands love. I adore that you can ask them to make your headband in a different size–I have a smallish head and get mine made at 19″ and they always fit perfectly! I think my favorite gear item right now is my lululemon Runder Under pants. They keep me nice and warm on my cold winter runs. (I, like you, also love their Tata Tamer bras. :))

  7. Lululemon ebb n flow crops- they don’t move! I never have to hike them up during a WOD. Moving comfort juno for sports bra- always- hands down best bra. Even better than lulu’s ta ta tamer

  8. I will forever and always love my lululemon wunder unders. They are THE MOST comforable thing that I own. I just purchased a tata-tamer and can’t wait to try it out 🙂 I have heard a lot of good things about Old Navy’s fitness line – I am going to have to make an Old Navy run soon!

  9. After your post about the Old Navy gear, I had to go check it out. They were out of the pullover you have but I got one of the compression jackets in grey and absolutely love it! Super comfortable, light for warm-ups and they have those thumbholes 😀

    I really like the Nike Dri-Fit tees. I wear them either around the house to lounge in or for working out! I also got a pair of Vibrams last year and they’ve helped my ankle stability with lower body lifting.

  10. I just got a pair of new balance workout capris for Christmas and I really love them. Right now I’m looking to buy a new pair of sneakers but I’m not sure which ones to get- I run a-LOT but I also do CrossFit 3-4 times a week. I don’t have enough money to buy two good pairs of sneakers so I’m kind of torn on what to get. Any suggestions? Also, do you bring both pairs of sneakers with you and then choose which one’s you’ll wear depending on the WOD?

    1. I only wear one pair of sneakers to CF. Our box posts the WOD the night before, so I know which one to wear ahead of time. Personally, I’d get the Nanos if I could only afford one pair.

  11. I recently stopped by old navy and got a stripped tank and running capris from their workout section. So far it held up well for the training runs! Only complaint is that their sizes run a little bit, but it’s not so bad for the workout line.

  12. Right now I am loving the compression jacket I bought at Costco. It was only $24.99 and had THUMB HOLES!! It fits perfectly and keeps me nice & toasty!

  13. I bought the Old Navy long-sleeved workout top after you recommended it and love it! I love the fact that they’re making cute workout clothes that are affordable. Don’t get me know, I love my lululemon tanks too, but their products are so expensive and it’s nice to have options!

  14. NIKE Pro Compression sports bras are the only ones i will wear, and i have them in every color! Mid range price tag, reliable, and cute!

    I recently bought 2 pairs of compression capris from Old Navy with the roll-over waist band. They are surprisingly outstanding! They are the only compression pants that will stay up for me during burpees! Haha

    Reebok knee socks. I am obsessed. Perfect length and good quality.

    As for shoes.. Custom Reebok Nanos (when it’s nice out), New Balance minimus that i got on sale for when the weather is crappy.

    As for tshirts, i buy a lot of crappy mens small t-shirts from places like target.
    I hate the way “girly” shirts look and feel on me for some reason.

  15. I really want a pullover like that Old Navy one!! Super cute. I love my Zella running pants because they are reversible – one side keeps you cool and one side keeps you warm. I wear them alllll the time, running and just out during the day as part of a normal outfit!

  16. I messed up my toe big time in the marathon I ran in October so right now I’m loving my Brooks Pure Cadence sneakers. They are minimalist and allow me to naturally land on the mid to forefront of my foot. But the important part is that my toes don’t hit! It has a large toe box but a reinforcement strap that keeps your foot from sliding forward. Love them!

  17. You’re probably the tenth person who has raved about BiC bands…guess I gotta check those out!
    As for workout gear that I’m loving…
    Tops: melange tees by Xersion (colorful, sweat-wicking, and cheap!)
    Shoes: Asics Gel Blur TR33–It took me forever to find a pair of running shoes that worked for me, as I’m flat-footed but actually over-supinate (rather than the usual over-pronate). Love them!

  18. I have been loving Nancy Rose Performance wear. Their pants and tops are awesome and though I am a Lulu snob, I am opening my eyes to other brands and this one is pretty fabulous, flattering, and comfortable.

  19. I am loving my workout capris. I don’t actually know the brand but I got them on clearance at Target for like $4. I guess I’m not picky. 🙂

  20. I have heard awesome things about the Bic Bands headbands. I cannot stand wearing headbands that slide off and do not stay put. That is the last thing that I want to be worrying about when I am trying to workout. I am thinking I am going to have to break down and order some of these!

  21. Hi there, what size do you get in the crossfit top? I have the medium and it feels a little big, i think we’re similar sizes…do you get a small? i also like how high coverage it is in the boob area.

    1. You do! They occasionally go on sale, so keep a look out. They sometimes get down to $29, which is totally reasonable for an awesome sports bra!

  22. Awkward Question: I love your colored workout capris from Old Navy but am afraid of them showing post-run bum sweat. So, is there anything to worry about or will they keep my bum sweat out of sight?


  23. Tina, I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog!
    I’ve been following your journey for months and I really appreciate your honesty and your attitude towards food.
    You seem to truly enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle…….you are an inspiration, working through issues and different workouts, your results are awesome!
    You look amazing!
    Anyway, I was looking at the BIC bands, do you order the standard size or go smaller? I can’t seem to find a band that won’t slip, they all slip on my little peanut head 🙂
    Thank you!

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