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This evening, my little workaholic pug is keeping my workaholic husband company. This time of year is typically really busy for Mal, so he brought work home with him. Now, he’s diligently working at the dining room table (with a 30-pound pug in his lap).

Growing up, I never thought teachers worked that hard. I mean, they had the whole summer off! Now that I live with a teacher, I know just how WRONG I am. Teachers work incredibly hard. The hours are long and the lesson planning, grading, test-making, and everything else never stops. It’s go-go-go for 180 days. Teachers NEED to have the summers off or else they’d lose their minds!


Anyway, Murphy was really cute sitting with Mal tonight! 😀





While Mal was working away, I cooked dinner for the two of us. I made Ravioli With Brussels Sprouts and Bacon from Real Simple magazine. I added a few tablespoons of maple syrup to the recipe, which was inspired by the brussels sprouts from Norma’s Restaurant in Stowe, Vermont. I also ate a side of steamed spinach with vinegar.


It was quite a delicious meal! 😀


For dessert, I whipped up a batch of The Best Apple Crisp. Yuummmm! 😀


Ok, so I might have an apple crisp “problem.” I really could eat it morning, noon, and night.


Mal is just about finished with his work, so we’re going to cuddle with the pug and watch some TV.

Enjoy the evening! 😀



  1. Apple crisp is my dad’s specialty. Ever since my brother planted an apple tree so we get way more apples than we know what to do with sometimes. He even sent apple crisp to me at college vacuum-sealed still in the pan by 2 day priority mail because I missed it and couldn’t make it home for a couple weeks!

  2. Teachers work so hard! I have a lot of friends who are first year teachers this year, and it is crazy! I always thought a teachers day ended early, but that is so not true.

  3. Ok you have GOT to stop tempting me with those apple crisps that keep popping up on here! I’m gonna have to make one this weekend. My pug (despite the fact that he weighs 25+ pounds) is the exact same way… pretty much nothing stops him from crawling on jumping into my lap… no matter where I am!

  4. I always had a lot of respect for my teachers growing up. I was close to a number of them along the way (from the very beginning: I used to go to my kindergarten teacher’s house on some weekends when I was 5), and grew up seeing first hand how much work and love they put into their jobs. I don’t think I ever thought it was easy!

    I think memories of good teachers stay with you forever. I’m glad I had so many in my lifetime!

  5. Yay! Love this post. I teach kindergarten- which is nothing like it was when we were in K. I was at work yesterday morning at 6:30 am. Got home at 5, went to yoga for an hour and then did work until I went to bed at 10. There is no break 🙂 Also, as you know most of us work/take classes in the summer. Boo! My complaints could go on forever, but I try not to- there are good things about it too. I have more stories than probably anyone else has about their job 🙂

  6. Teachers really do have a ton of work they have to do behind closed doors not to mention the crazy kids they have to put up with everyday.

    Teachers are def under appreciated

  7. I tried to post this before but your site was being slow, so sorry if it’s a repeat — but just wanted to let you know, lately your posts are showing up on google reader just with the pictures and occassionally your notes – not the full post, it’s like it’s being published too early. When you click over to the website there’s nothing there.

  8. I have so much respect for my past teachers now. I can’t even imagine how much work they must put into planning each lesson. At the time I thought they were being so unfair giving us so much work, but now I realize they probably had just as much work to do as me, if not more! 😛

  9. I never realized how hard teachers work – even growing up with a mom who is a teacher – until my daughter started kindergarten. I have no idea how they do it day in day out. And on top of that, they don’t get paid nearly what they should!

  10. Tina, you nailed it with the teachers! My husband is a principal for an elementary and middle school. If it wasn’t for the summers, he would never see our two sons. Thanks for the respect!!

  11. You’re right, teachers do work hard! My son has a great teacher now! Murphy looks so cute ‘helping’ Mal! That apple crisp looks so good every time you post it! I need to make it very, very soon!

  12. Oh I see the intimidating red grading pen in that top picture!

    I have to admit that I was the girl that always cried, in class nonetheless, over too much red on my paper.

  13. I made that Real Simple recipe last week! Only my store didn’t have fresh ravioli, so I used tortellini. It was really good! I think next time I’d cut the brussels sprouts into larger pieces, like you did. Did you put any pecans in yours? I think they would have been a really good addition if I hadn’t burned them!

  14. I think teachers are going to come out of the woodworks on this one.

    I give you TOTAL PROPS for acknowledging Mal’s hard work. I’m a teacher and this is my favorite post!

    It’s such a hard time of the year. The acknowledgment is awesome.

    Keep it up Mal.

  15. As a teacher, I appreciate the support. So many people are quick to point out that I have the entire summer off. They just don’t realize HOW MUCH I work during the school year!

  16. My dad was a teacher (retired a couple years ago after 43 years!). I know first hand how much work it was for him. People really don’t know how much goes into it. So glad you wrote about that. 🙂

  17. Yes, teachers work amazingly hard! My boyfriend is a teacher, and his work seriously never stops. One of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever held was serving as an adjunct instructor of creative writing while I was in grad school. I was teaching (very astute) undergrads, so I always had to be on the ball. It was a fulfilling experience, but exhausting too!

  18. How refreshing that you posted this.
    When I was in school I thought the same thing about teachers. But now I teach high school kids and realize how much work it really is! I have never worked harder.

  19. I work with my autistic little brother at his school and until then, I never realised how much work teachers do either. Definitely opens up our eyes. Funny because back in high school, I used to think teachers had it easy – they weren’t the ones who had to do the tests! hehe..

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