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Hi, guys!

So, yesterday was a good day. When looking back on how the beginning of 2017 started for me, life has come a long way. Yesterday was a nice mix of work and life, and, well… I guess things just felt balanced for once, which, for the record, is not how my life typically feels. Not even exaggerating, I apologize to at least one person every week for being a “hot mess.” I’m usually running around like a chicken with its head cut off (aka hot mess mode), but yesterday was a good day. Here’s a little recap…

I set my alarm for 5:31 AM, planning to work at home before Mal and Quinn woke up for the day. Unfortunately, I woke up Murphy, who is the loudest creature ever when the potential for food is involved. Murphy ended up waking up Quinn, who I tried to put back to bed with no luck. My attempt eventually turned into both of them climbing into our bed and then Murphy repeatedly laying ON Quinn and him not liking it. *sigh* After that, we all went downstairs and it was pretty obvious no work was getting done. Oh, well, but at least I had the opportunity to hang out with Qman and Murphy and eat a delicious breakfast!

After breakfast, I got Quinn ready for the day, woke up Mal (he wanted to go to CrossFit), and took Murphy for a walk.

A hot second later, we all got into the car to drive Qman to daycare and Mal and me to CrossFit.

It was a fun workout – I managed 8 HSPUs in a row and then died for the rest. HSPUs are not my thing.

Post-workout protein shake!

Then, French Toast iced coffee. (I drank half and left half in the fridge at home for later. With all of this hormonal stuff going on, I’m trying to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum.)

I also had a few bites of Mal’s honey dip donut – post-workout carbs for the win! 🙂

Back at home, I showered and got myself ready for the day. I also threw together a quickie lunch of ground chicken, sweet potato ribbons, and cowboy caviar.

Then, I ran a few errands. My goal for this week/weekend is to organize our kitchen cabinets. They’re scary. These plastic woven baskets are the perfect size and on sale this week!

I also stumbled upon some almond butter with protein – genius! I bought a packet, and it’s delicious. Now I want a whole jar! 🙂

After running my errands, I headed to the Capital One Cafe to meet Kerrie and tackle our To Do list. While there, I snacked on Peanut Butter + Banana + Rice Cake in a Jar (PBBRCIAJ). It was quite delicious and a much more travel-friendly way to eat my favorite snack!

I packed up around 5:30 PM and headed to Whole Foods to buy dinner and apple juice for Qman (he’s getting new tubes put into his ears tomorrow, and he can only drink apple juice or water in the morning. I figured apple juice might distract him from his hunger since he can’t eat in the morning before his surgery).

I finished off dinner with a Mini Oatwich, which was heavenly and worth every calorie! (I think the calorie counts at Whole Foods are new, right? I hadn’t seen them before.)

After that, I treated myself to a little beauty night. First, I got a manicure at MiniLuxe.

And then I headed next door for a blow-out from Lynne (she did an awesome job!) at Toni & Guy. It was quite the nice way to end Hump Day! 🙂

Question of the Day

How was your hump day? Was it a good day or something else? 



  1. Sounds like you had a great day (after the waking up early not really working out…)
    I spent the day bored at the office but had a good run in the evening and visited my boyfriends parents for dinner which was fun 🙂
    Love the sound of the French toast iced coffee!!

  2. That sounds like an awesome day! My Wednesday was okay. I got into a car accident on Tuesday, so I spent part of my morning on the phone with insurance, and the rest of it in a LOOOONG session with one of my kids. I got off at 3, so that was the plus side to a long session. After work, I got an allergy test done (after watching a video where Sara Sigmundsdottir said she developed food sensitivities during the stress of moving to the states, I wondered if maybe something similar hadn’t happened to me when I switched jobs, moved, etc.), then headed home to do some meal prep. I went to CrossFit and just barely beat my husband in a workout (ha!) and we headed home to a nice home-cooked meal and a walk with the dog. Not a bad day!

    1. Oh, no! Glad everyone was ok. Hope the food sensitivity stuff works out. It’s always a good day when you beat your hubby in a workout! 🙂

  3. My hump day was quite a day, it felt like everything was working against me. But the night wrapped with the Real Housewives and a small brownie, which was a perfect way to decompress.

  4. Sounds like a good day! Did you get a blow out for a special event, or just because? I’ve only done it “just because” once and it was SUCH a nice treat. WIsh I could afford to go to DryBar every few days lol.

  5. LOVING these daily in the life posts! Absolute fav!! I’m also now inspired to go get a mani–treatyoself!

  6. About Quinn, how come does he gets another tubes surgery? The previous fell? My son had the surgery 3 months ago, just wondering! Hope all went well! 🙂

  7. Yesterday was the last day of my daughter’s summer vacation. I had all these plans on how the evening was going to go but it turned into a chaotic mess (as usual). At least we got a good mommy/daughter workout in!

  8. Glad you had a good day! I know what you mean about the “hot mess”!!
    It was the first day of school yesterday – it’s my fifth year teaching – and we had a great day! My students are SO much sweeter than they were last year (I teach 8th grade).

  9. My hump day was OK…I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and I’m trying to pull myself out, figure out what I need to adjust, and get myself back on track. It did start with one of my favorite hot yoga classes and ended with Big Brother (current reality TV obsession, ha!) so I really can’t complain. 🙂

  10. The sandwich cookie from Whole Foods only has 120 calories? *runs to Whole Foods*

    My hump day was great. Started the day with an awesome workout and ended it with pizza from our favorite spot + ice cream. I tried Halo Top for the first time. Verdict? It was *okay*. Real deal or no dice over here. 😉

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