Winter Half Marathon Training {Weeks 1 & 2}

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Hi, guys!

Training for my winter half marathon has officially started! And I have to admit, I’m really enjoying cold weather running. (I know”¦ who am I?) I’m so not a fan of winter, but I really enjoy running in the “chilly” temps. Well, right now I do. We’ve had a fairly mild November and early December, so we’ll see how I feel about winter running come January. Anyway, my training is off to a great start. I’m aiming for 2-3 runs per week with 2-3 CrossFit/KFIT workouts in the mix. That said, here’s a recap of my first two weeks of half marathon training!

_MG_8170 (1024x683)


Sunday: 9.7 miles

Monday: KFIT

“Iron” (19:21 Rx)


Tuesday: CrossFit

“Shoulder Boulder” (14:39 Rx)


Wednesday: KFIT

“Flight Simulator” (9:45)

IMG_0344 (1024x1024)

Then, “Annie on the Run” (14:53)

IMG_0354 (576x1024)

Thursday: Dreamcatcher Classic 5-miler

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off


Sunday: 10 miles


Monday: KFIT

“Shuffle” (12:58 Rx)


Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit

“The Little Engine That Could” (8:43 Rx)
(From CrossFit Southie’s 2015 Showdown)

10 Min Cap

60 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
EMOM-6 KB Swings (70/53)


Friday: 7.6 miles on treadmill


Saturday: KFIT

Partner workout (25 minutes)




  1. Great mix in the crossfit workouts! Do you prefer to take your two rest days in succession? I take mine one day apart in the latter part of the week, always need them after a Wednesday! Don’t know how I ever only took one rest day!

  2. I thought Kfit was like cross fit? Whats the difference, and does it make you extra tired for your runs? I am loving the look of this schedule though! =)

    1. KFIT is a women’s bootcamp that does a lot of CrossFit-style workouts. It’s similar to CF, but very different too. We do a lot more circuits, TRX, and cardio/endurance workouts. Both KFIT and CF make me tired for my runs, so I try to squeeze in a rest day before my long runs.

  3. I loved training for my marathon in the winter! I think having less on my to do list in the winter months the running gave me something to do and focus on while waiting for the cold temps to go away!

  4. WOW love following your training. I agree “chilly” runs are great in the fresh air as long as there’s no snow on the ground! Do you have a goal pace in mind? Thinking about working up to a fast half for the spring.

  5. I just started half marathon training too! This will be the third time I’ve trained, but if I make it to the race without injury it will be my first Half Marathon! Third time is charm right? Love your posts, they keep reminding me that smart and functional strength training is super important, that’s the piece I missed before but not this time!

  6. We’ve been very lucky weather wise, I’m not a treadmill runner so I’m hoping for a mild winter here!

    I’ve been keeping up my half marathon training since September and completed one in October and one in November, thinking about doing a last minute entry for the Jungle Bell Half on the MA/NH border this weekend…there’s a hot cocoa and Lindt chocolate station at mile 10.5 🙂

    Good luck with your training!

  7. Hi,
    Your back looks amazing! I have been doing some back exercises for my lower back. I had back surgery over a year ago and am still recovering. I also do exercises for my whole back, but never seem to get even close to look that amazing, especially my lats. Do you have any suggestions? The one exercise I still can’t do is bent over rows. I can use a decent weight but it is too much to use bent over like that. I use bands as well and also have a reformer. I would love if you could suggest a few exercises. Thanks you! Looks like you are having an amazing holiday season with your family! Very inspiring:)

  8. I’m training for a half in March and looking for high quality running pants for training in the winter! I want them to be warm and not sag down when I run. Looking for nice, but not ridiculously pricey. Any ideas?

  9. First of all congrats on committing to running a half marathon. You’re extremely inspirational. I wish you all the luck as you move forward. Definitely will be checking in on your progress!

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