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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

As part of Real Simple’s Take Back Dinnertime challenge, they’re giving away FIVE copies of their Dinner Tonight: Done! cookbook!

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Get 189 recipes and meal solutions for every night of the week with Real Simple‘s cookbook!

Finally””every menu decision, from the mundane to the monumental, is solved with one elegant resource: the newest cookbook in the Real Simple franchise. Real Simple Dinner Tonight: Done! offers 189 easy and delicious recipes, including many complete meals that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.
Highlights include:

  • Weeknight meals that take 30 minutes or less, including perfectly paired (and perfectly simple) side dishes
  • Company’s-coming dinners that will wow your guests without overwhelming you
  • Soups and salads so hearty and delicious they’re meals in themselves
  • 35+ appetizers and desserts, including prosciutto fennel crostini and bourbon and orange pecan pie
  • Smart tips, like how to keep foods fresher longer, cut down on prep time, and transform leftovers into next-day lunches
  • Full nutritional information for every recipe in the book

To enter: Week 2 of the Take Back Dinnertime challenge is all about getting organized. Leave a comment on this post about your biggest challenge to get organized each week. I’ll randomly pick five winners tomorrow.

Good luck!



  1. My biggest challenge is getting organized and STAYING organized. I will have all kinds of grand plans of organization in mind, but implementing them and sticking two them are nearly impossible for me!

  2. My biggest challenge is figuring out what to have for dinner and getting it on the table in time before homework and baths!!!

  3. Oy vey. I’m a Teaching Assistant, and my biggest organization challenge is keeping up with my student’s work! I have multiple binders, folders, organizing methods, etc. but I still always seem to get frazzled by the time grades are due!

  4. I had a hard time keeping all my recipes together. I bought a photo book and just put all my index cards in the clear sleeves. Then I made categories with binder dividers. Maybe a little too obsessive but it works like a charm! 🙂

  5. for me the biggest challenge is a schedule. as a grad student i have a ‘schedule’ but things change all the time. so i may have planned a workout for one day, but then have to rearrange everything due to a huge homework assignment or a much needed extra study session — so i never feel ‘organized.’

  6. My biggest challenge right now is trying to figure out how to keep things.organized in my new apartment. There are 4 of us and the kitchen is a huge challenge!

  7. My biggest issue is organizing my meals for the week and getting all of the right ingredients at the grocery store. I need to be better at making list for the store and sticking to the list.

  8. My biggest problem is scaling down. I get too excited and have too many recipes and too much produce than we can eat in just a couple days.

  9. My biggest challenge with organization is keeping it organized. I’ll clean then then next day its a mess again

  10. I have a crazy travel schedule, so it’s tough to organize grocery shopping, getting my fresh produce, and still taking time to cook!

  11. Biggest challenge is picking out what to have for dinner based on our budget- i have HUNDREDS of recipes saved, printed, clipped that I want to try. Our budget gets in the way often times!

  12. My biggest challenge with organizing…is planning a variety of meals each week. I’ve gotten into a rut of eating the same dinners every week because they’re easy, single-serving meals. I want to plan my weekly meals more and make them more interesting!

  13. My biggest challenge with organization is that i’ll write all my little “organized notes” but then i leave them all over the place, hence, they are not organized! I’m trying to keep all my sticky notes taped in a notebook!

  14. I’m a grad student, and sometimes it’s tough to organize what I need to do today versus what I need to do over the next term (and to graduate!)- there’s a lot of stuff to sort through with very different priority levels and timelines!

  15. Oh my, I have SO many challenges. Even if I have it planned out in the morning, my daughter may not nap so I can’t cook dinner and will end up making boca burgers and fries lol…I guess life is my biggest challenge! 🙂

  16. I’m always trying to organize my recipes and to remember where exactly I put “the one” I want…

  17. It’s hard to organize meals around my school schedule! But im learning that planning recipes and efficient grocery store trips is key 🙂

  18. My biggest challenge is keeping the “dining room table” uncluttered of the week’s mail. Everytime I get it cleared I promise that we’ll clear it at least before bed every night. But the next week I’m left to clear it of a week’s worth of mail/junk mail again!

  19. My biggest challenge to keep organized each week is that–despite my best intentions–I end up wasting precious work time with daydreaming and Internet surfing. I would like to organize my time better, but I just seem to have distracted days.

  20. My biggest challenge is organizing my pantry. It is like a black hole for appliances, tupperwear, serving dishes, 19 boxes of tin foil, and random junk!

  21. My biggest challenge in staying organized each week is making to-do lists that are too long and overwhelming. I need to learn to prioritize and not try to get everything done at once!

  22. The hardest challenge for me is preparing in advance. This usually means reading the recipe in advance because I feel like it always calls for something that takes 2 hours when I only have 30 minutes! I love spending time cooking…but that’s my cooking weakness.

  23. My husband and I seem to be so busy during the week that we have worked out a system to plan our our meals on Sunday. We usually go to the store on Sunday and get everything we need. One of our struggles is to plan quick and easy meals for the week. Since we both do not get home until 6 or later we need them to be simple and easy. What a great cookbook to have!!

  24. My biggest organization is getting everything to fit nicely into an apt. after moving from a house. I am trying to eliminate some of my stuff but I need to keep alot of my books for college. I really just need a way to organize my bedroom-study room better.

  25. My biggest organization challenge is trying to figure out how to make all of my belongings fit into my tiny San Francisco apartment.

  26. My biggest organization challenge is stocking the right cooking staples so that I don’t have to go shopping nearly everyday.

  27. My biggest organization challenge is keeping up to date on what cooking supplies I’m running low on…I always go to make a dinner/dessert/snack and realize I’m almost out of something essential!

  28. My biggest challenge is making sure I have enough quick cook items on hand so I can makes healthy meal fast if I need to

  29. I’ve been struggling to keep my desk at work organized – the papers just pile up! Working on implementing a new filing system to help…

  30. The biggest hurdle for me is planning my meals and sticking to my list at the grocery store! I’m an impulse grocery shopper, so sometimes I end up with random foods that don’t make up a real meal!

  31. My biggest challenge lies in the creation of the grocery list. I am a working mom and don’t want to sacrifice family time (or running time) to have to go to the store during the week. I have a hard time planning what I need for the ENTIRE week on Sunday. I seem to always run out of ingredients for dinners come Wednesday or Thursday. I would love to be able to have some help keeping the fridge stocked for the week!

  32. For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to organizing is: keep it the same or move it around. When you reorganize you usually want more space and sometimes moving things around may create just that. The challenge when moving things around is that you may possibly need to purchase something, which is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I got a new computer recently and I want to avoid my desk looking like a paper shredder so I began filing and throwing away papers. Soon I realized that I needed more hanging folders and off to staples I went!

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