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Hi, guys! Happy Thursday!

I started my morning with the most deeeelicious breakfast: Bacon, egg, and avocado on a rice cake. Mmm! I could seriously eat this breakfast every day. It was a little tricky to eat, so I was careful as I took each bite of the rice cake. It did, though, fall apart at the very end. I wish I had made more breakfast “cookies,” which, FYI, aren’t sweet like a cookie. That would have been a tasty combo! Oh well, next time!

After breakfast was… well, fun. Quinn wasn’t a fan of the medicine that we needed to apply to his eyes for the conjunctivitis, so there was a lot of fighting/tantrums/bad moods. Mal and I were both at our wit’s end, so we decided to head out for an adventure. We swung by Southfield Union Point to let both of our boys run around – Murphy at the dog park and Quinn at the playground.

Things turned around and we had a blast chasing each other around pretending to be “airplanes.”

Quinn was in charge of the “control center” and told us when to blast off! 🙂

Back at home, Mal and Quinn ate lunch while I hopped on a work call. When it was over, I threw together a quick lunch of leftover Cuban Turkey Picadillo (recipe in meal plan below) with arugula and avocado.

While eating lunch, I shared this oldie, but goodie workout on Instagram – just wanted to share it here too since I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about posting workouts for you guys to try. I’ll keep ’em coming! 🙂

After that, Quinn went down for a nap, and I jumped on my laptop to crank out some work. When he woke up, we both had a snack. I went with baby carrots and cucumber slices dipped into cottage cheese with Ginger Ninja kettle chips and a Spindrift. It was a really filling and flavorful snack!

Dinner was basically the same as lunch, but I added some crumbled feta to switch things up a bit. Then, I finished off the night with a package of dark chocolate truffle Protein Almonds, which are truly one of the best things I’ve tasted lately! Definitely give these babies a try… they’re life-changing! 🙂

If you’re following along with your own nutrition challenge this spring, here’s the meal plan for week 3. Just click the link below to download.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake Meal Plean_Week 3

Question of the Day

What was the BEST thing you ate yesterday? 

Mine was the Protein Almonds, but the bacon, egg, and avocado rice cake was a close second! Yummmm!



  1. getting kiddos to take medication of any kind isn’t fun, but putting stuff in their eyes takes the cake. who wants that? no one never mind a child who won’t completely understand why you are picking this type of torture today. At least you were able to turn it around with a fun trip to the park, and what kid wouldn’t love running around with planes? hope today’s application goes smoother

  2. You do realize that bacon is a level one carcinogen right? The WHO did the studies directly connecting bacon and other processed meats to cancer. It’s insane that people like yourself are recommending bacon as are the insane doctors in this country. No wonder our health care system is so expensive. You may look great on the outside but your arteries are dying on the inside.

  3. Best thing I ate yesterday? The sausage and egg casserole for breakfast.

    Gahh- I hate pink eye and getting those freaking eye drops in is always an adventure!!

  4. The best thing I ate yesterday was similar to your breakfast. Ezekiel toast with avocado, feta, red pepper flakes, drizzle of honey and topped with a runny egg….SO GOOD! I make it whenever I’m working from home these days! Avocado toast is hands down my favorite breakfast, no matter the variation!

  5. I’m not sure other parents would appreciate you taking Quinn to the playground while he has conjunctivitis. Even if he’s not directly playing with other children, touching his eyes then touching part of the play structure could contribute to others being infected. You may be getting a little stir crazy, but is it worth putting others at risk? If he’s too little to understand why he needs the drops, he’s too little to understand that he needs to wash his hands every time he touches his eyes.

  6. I love veggies dipped in cottage cheese! I like to stir some hummus into the cottage cheese for extra flavor.

  7. Great meal plan! Ive been wanting to try Skinnytaste Picadillo for a while now. Now I’ll try!

    FYI it’s “instant pot” vs. instapot (although i said it this way for a long time… haha!), i saw in your meal plan.

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