Why I Don’t Eat the Whole Banana

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(I guarantee this post title will make Theodora laugh!)

After CrossFit yesterday, Mal and I felt really lazy. I don’t know if it was all of those heavy kettlebell swings or what, but neither of us felt like putting in any effort to make lunch, even though we were both starving, so I suggested going out to eat. As soon as the words left my mouth, Mal’s face lit up. I guess we were on the same page about lunch!


We ended up going to Rustic Kitchen for lunch. Mal and I used to go here all the time, especially in the winter (the bar is so cozy), but we hadn’t been in awhile, so we were both excited to visit again.


Not that Rustic Kitchen ever had a bad menu, but I was happy to see some new items on it. The Spicy Tuna Burger immediately caught my attention.


It was served with an amazing basil avocado puree, which tasted so fresh and flavorful. I wonder if I could recreate it at home? Just blend fresh basil with avocado? It can’t be that hard. Anyway, lunch was really good and it definitely hit the spot. Great suggestion by me!


After lunch, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house and blogging. Even though it was Monday, it definitely felt like a Sunday in our house.


When dinnertime rolled around, Mal was psyched. He was actually looking forward to this meal for a few days.

When my mom gave us a bunch of goodies from Omaha Steaks for Christmas, some “gourmet franks” were part of the variety pack we received. Gourmet franks meant Chicago-style hot dogs to Mal, so we bought all of the fixings to make them for dinner last night.


I guess there’s a proper way to layer the ingredients of a Chicago-style hot dog (I had no idea), so Mal made sure we put them together the right way.


We couldn’t find poppy seed hot dog buns at the grocery store, but we got the rest of it right!




After dinner, I ate a Brownie in a Mug for dessert.


We ate dinner on the early side last night, and I stayed up to watch The Bachelor, so I ended up getting snacky later in the evening. I ate some rice crackers with Babybel cheese.


And then some peanuts.


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Question of the Day

Do you have a specific method for eating certain foods?

When I eat Oreos, I always create double-stuffed Oreos (or quadruple-stuffed Oreos if I eat Double-Stuffed Oreos).

I can’t eat pancakes or oatmeal without nut butter, and I always make sure the last bite includes some.

And I always break off and throw away the bottom of a banana. As a kid, one of my friends told me spiders lay their eggs there, which, obviously, I now know isn’t true, but I still never eat it. And that’s why I don’t eat the whole banana!



  1. This is hilarious…I don’t eat the whole banana either! But mostly because I don’t like the end of things. And for some reason, I always have to eat the bottom of the bagel first and then the top. Love food quirks!

  2. Haha, I used to only eat bananas that were “perfect”. Blemish free, slightly green on the top and bottom. Any banana freckle present and it was in the trash…after having to buy my own bananas, I’ve since found ways to both ingest them or repurpose them 🙂

  3. I am that way with peanut butter toast or sandwiches–always leave the last bite to be full of nut butter. Also, when it comes to cookies or brownies: the last bite has to be the “middle part” of the goodie (no crust). 🙂

  4. I have an unrelated crossfit question for you. I’ve been working out consistently for about 6 months now, and I think my arms are actually getting too big. I know this is not supposed to happen to women the way it does to men, and it could just be me imagining it. It could also be that My arms have always been a little thicker, and it could just be fat on top of muscle (even though I’m not at all overweight).
    I use mostly the green kettle bell and 10 pound weights, but I’m wondering if I should go down to yellow and 8’s. I don’t want to cheat myself of a good workout, but I also don’t want to risk building mass. You seem to have awesome, lean arms and workout consistently, so I thought I would ask your opinion!

    1. @Marie: Women don’t tend to bulk up since we lack testosterone, but all of our bodies our different. Personally, I lift the heaviest weights possible (safely, of course) when I’m at CrossFit. I find the more strength training I do, the more my body tones up. How is your diet? I know when I start having too much fun with my eats, I tend to gain weight in my lower body (and face).

  5. Yumm that avocado basil mix sounds delicious! And the end of a banan always grosses me out, I just don’t eat it unless I throw the whole banana in a blender.

  6. This cracks me up – as a kid I would never eat the top of a banana, always made my mom do it. I always thought it was too squishy. I eat that part now, but I don’t eat the banana strings and if I don’t see the little spiky thing on the bottom of the peel, I won’t eat the very last bite. That thing creeps me out. (Maybe it’s really a spider leg?!)

  7. haha my college roommate told me the same thing about bananas, and whenever I eat the ends I always think of her and all the spider eggs I’m consuming. Grossing me out just thinking about it!

  8. That’s so funny about the banana! I had a babysitter tell me it was a fish bone once, and even though it obviously isn’t true, I never eat the whole banana either.

  9. I also have a certain way of eating an Oreo. After I split it in half, I have to eat the side without the cream first. And for Kit-Kat bars, I eat the top layer of the chocolate, then the sides, then the bottom, and then the wafer. And if I get French fries from Burger King, I eat half, then I separate the crunchy ones from the soft ones & eat the crunchy first. I’m so weird haha.

  10. I eat Oreo’s the same way! I also eat sandwiches and pizza weird. When I eat sandwiches I have to eat all around the sides first and eat the middle part last. When I eat pizza (this is extremely weird), I take the cheese off, eat the sauce off the pizza, put the cheese back on and then eat it that way.

  11. I TOTALLY do the same thing with a banana because of the spider thing, but I was told it was the TOP of the banana! It’s mostly just habit now, not because I actually believe it. And if that tiny piece isn’t given to my rabbit as a little treat, it goes in the compost bin.

  12. I always try to make the last bite of whatever I’m eating the best one, so that means either saving some of the condiments/nut butter/dip to make sure theres some for the last bite, or eating around a plate of food to leave enough of each thing for a delicious last taste to savor. With nut butter you always have to leave some for last though thats a given. I haven’t had a hot dog in SO long, those look delicious!

  13. Haha, I’m actually the complete opposite when it comes to oreos. I don’t like the cream filling so I scrape it off and then I proceed to dunk the best part of the oreo (in my opinion 😉 ) into a large glass of milk and don’t retrieve it until it’s falling apart and can only be eaten with a spoon. 😀

  14. When it comes to breakfast and my heaping T of nut butter of choice, I always practically leave the heaping T until the end of my bowl of whatever. It’s the best way to finish up breakfast. 🙂

  15. I never eat the top or bottom of a banana. I never have the first or last drink out of a carton of milk. I always save the middle of everything to eat last (middle of sandwich, middle of casserole piece, etc.) And I always eat all of something first before moving onto the next – all my meat, then all my potatoes, then all my veggies (saving whatever is the best for last). I also never take a drink while I eat and drink my whole glass of milk when I’m done eating.

  16. You must have got the same Omaha steak package from your Mom that we got from our friend! I saw the stuffed sole and franks so far. Ours came with steaks, burgers, potatoes and cheesecake, too! I normally wouldn’t order this myself but it’s been great having these options in the freezer when I want something different.

  17. I actually learned what that dark stuff at the bottom of a banana is in my college genetics course! Wild bananas naturally have large, tough seeds (not good to eat) so in order to make yummy domestic bananas, they are bred to have an odd number of chromosomes. With that odd number, the chromosomes can’t pair up and the seeds can’t fully form. The stunted seeds end up at the bottom of the banana as that black stuff. You can look more into it if you have an interest in genetics but that’s why!

  18. Chicago Style Hot Dogs! I grew up in Chicago, so even though I am a vegetarian, they will always hold a special place in my heart. I don’t think I’ve ever had a hotdog that was not served Chicago style. There’s a local hotdog stand here in Melbourne, FL where I live that serves veggie dogs and I can get my Chicago Style fix here 🙂 Love the easy dinner idea!

  19. Once when I was younger my brother put spaghetti in the bottom of my glass of juice. My last drink of juice landed a big “wad” of spaghetti in my mouth. Needless to say I do not drink the last swallow of any drink unless it’s clear and I can see through it! Scarred for life! Luckily I drink mostly water 😉

  20. Your banana story reminds me of my sister. When she was a kid someone told her if you ate the ends of french fries they could cut your throat. And now in her 20s… she still picks off the ends!

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