White Summer Sangria

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yesterday was a lot of fun! I spent the afternoon with my hubby and friends- BBQing, playing cornhole, and sipping delicious summer sangria! :mrgreen:

Sensational Summer Sangria

Makes approximately 6-8 servings


  • 1.5 liters of dry white wine (I used Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc)
  • 1/2 liter of soda water
  • 1/2 liter of Fresca (or other citrus soda)
  • 1 bag of frozen berries


  • Cut peaches and pears into bite-sized pieces.
  • Combine wine, soda water, and citrus-flavored soda in a large pitcher.
  • Add peaches, pears, and raspberries.
  • Chill sangria for approximately 45 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • Serve in your favorite glass and enjoy! :mrgreen:

Delicious! :-D I especially loved the white wine-soaked peaches!

While the ladies enjoyed the sangria, the men dug into the brews.

The main activity of the afternoon was cornhole! I was by bar the worst player of the day, but I still had a fun time playing!

Before the BBQing started, I snacked on Zesty Dill pickles. I loved the flavor zing! 8-)

From the grill, I enjoyed a small hamburger with spicy mustard. I ended up ditching half of the “white” bun- no need for those type of carbs! Boo! :-x

The afternoon also included playing with our friends’ dogs, Bella and Grady.

Eventually, we wore them out! Nap time!

And, check out the visitor who tried to crash our party! 8-O Eek! Biggest raccoon ever!

It was an awesome Saturday! :mrgreen: How has your weekend been so far?



  1. Hi! Sorry to bother you with what may seem like a silly question, but I’m having trouble deciding which measurements to abide by. You recommend using a 1/2 liter of diet citrus soda (and I happen to love Polar Diet Half & Half), but the problem is that Polar’s “liter” is actually only 20 ounces when, technically, a liter should be 34 ounces. Did you use half the bottle of Polar or should I actually use 17 ounces out of it? I’d hate to mess up the measurements in this cocktail and make it too watered down or too sweet!

    1. @Ali: Wow, please disregard this, haha! Polar’s website is wrong. They list the serving size per liter as 8 oz and that there are 2.5 servings per bottle, so that’s their bad.

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