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I planned to wake up and go for a run this morning, but I decided that I am much too sore for that type of workout. I took a tough yoga class on Tuesday and Body Pump yesterday, so I knew my body just didn’t want to run today. I think a nice, easy Yoga Flow class would better suit me, which is my new plan for today.


I haven’t run since Sunday, so I considered just a short run in preparation for my upcoming 5K race this Sunday, but I decided rest was much more important. Plus, I didn’t want to have another run like I did in Medford when I felt crappy and needed to quit midway through.

In the past, I’ve called it quits during a number of runs, but for good reason:

What causes you to call it quits during a workout?


Once again, I craved peanut butter when I woke up this morning, so I made a Bagel Thin with peanut butter and banana slices. I also drank an iced coffee with soy milk. This is such a go-to breakfast for me.

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My Morning Motivation

Check out my guest post on the Thomas Bagel Thins Facebook page!


A lot of my race training occurs first thing in the day because I am such a morning person. As soon as I wake up, I think: carpe diem. Just the thought of seizing the day (and, of course, eating breakfast) gets me right out of bed and ready to exercise. For me, it’s important to start my day off on the right foot, so this post talks about how I start my mornings with race training in mind.

Question of the Day

There are two Questions of the Day today! Feel free to take a stab at both!

What causes you to call it quits during a workout?

If you’re a morning exerciser, what motivates you to get out of bed?

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  1. With my EARLY morning workouts, I always have a buddy that I am meeting or picking up, so I have to get up and go! For regular morning workouts, I feel like it’s the best way to start my day. I always feel so good after!

  2. normally I am really good with working out… once I start (even if i am lazy at first), I end up pushing myself all the way (which is AWESOME!). the very few times i call it quits during a workout is when I am REALLY not feeling it. I still push myself to that 30 minute mark at least but I slow it down and take it easy.

  3. I LOVE working out in the morning. What motivates me is the fact that once i’m finished work at 6 pm I don’t have to worry about going for a gym session or a run! I can literally go home, cook dinner, and relax. That’s enough motivation for me. Plus I live in Queensland, Australia and mornings are the only time it’s cool in the summer!

  4. I’ll call it quits in a workout if I feel sick, injured or am just not getting enough out of it due to lack of energy. I was supposed to get up and run this morning before breakfast, but I woke up super hungry and knew a banana wasn’t going to tide me over to have a successful run. So I didn’t go, and plan to go this afternoon. I think the run will be much better when I have energy and am excited to do it!

  5. I called off my workout on Wednesday because I had taken a very intense Boot Camp class on Monday, and did further injury to my quads on Tuesday in Pilates and what I thought was an easy treadmill session. Could barely walk down stairs by Tuesday night! Instead Wednesday was spent doing lots of stretching.

  6. I haven’t had an occasion to call it quits completely yet. Although a shocker of an early run on Monday morning I have called quits on heading out that early – 5am is just a bit too early for me – 5.30 is doable. 6 is perfect. So if I can’t manage to get out for a run at that time I schedule it for later instead – in a effort to still get an outdoor run in. If that’s not gonna work though I’ll get up in the morning and just do it on the treadmill instead. I’m learning to give myself a bit of a break on it all sometimes though

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