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Hello! :mrgreen:

I had a little blog trouble this morning, but, hopefully, things are back to normal now. Cross your fingers!

So, now that Mal and I are moving into our new home next month, we’re super excited about decorating. We’re planning to go all Young House Love on it! 😉


On Sunday afternoon, we spent a good 30 minutes at Barnes & Noble perusing (and then buying a few) magazines.


Since then, I’ve been flagging pages in the magazines and getting ideas from decorating blogs– pretty much non-stop. I’m a dork, but it’s so fun! 😀


I always thought that I liked super modern decor (funky, clean lines, stainless steal), but now I realize that I like a more “rustic” style– even sort of “country.” I guess Pottery Barn-esque, but more laid-back.

9-bold-dining-0308-xlg.jpg 3be17e386bfed1ac_img17m.jpg

pottery-barn-1--01--09-.jpg img39m.jpg


For breakfast, I whipped up an egg sandwich with Swiss cheese and buffalo sauce on a toasted Sandwich Thin.


I also made myself a smoothie with plain yogurt, soy milk, a frozen banana, fresh raspberries, and a scoop of Vega Smoothie Infusion. Smoothies are actually starting to grow on me as long as they’re paired with something I can chew. Otherwise, they don’t do much for my hunger.


A little while later, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee with soy milk. I just can’t seem to start the day without it! 😉


Question of the Day

How would you describe your decorating style?

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  1. I would say I’m pretty traditional –pottery barn esque — but with some funky fabrics or accents thrown in. But whenever I read magazines I like EVERYTHING! From super modern to romantic to country…I can never seem to decide!

    And I’m the same way with smoothies – gotta thrown in some carbs to chew otherwise I’ll never be full.

  2. So exciting for you!

    My decorating style is definitely “Modern Comfort”.

    My mom is an interior designer and owns a furniture store, so I’ve developed her taste for contemporary furniture… however I’m still ALL about the comfort.

    One of my favorite lines my mom sells is ligne roset (http://www.ligne-roset-usa.com/) Totally my style. 🙂

  3. My decorating style is eclectic and funky. I have an awesome brown velvet chaise lounge, bamboo furniture, an amazing vintage blue glass lamp, and Moroccan mirrors in my living room. I got super lucky when I moved to LA because a good family friend is a decorator and pulled my entire apartment together for under $1,000.

  4. I love cozy, cottage/farmhouse style but I also like clean lines and organization. I’m still trying to figure out my style. It’s hard to do when I’m taking care of my parent’s otherwise vacant house (they live in OH, but have a house in MD). It will be a happy day when I can decorate my own place! BTW – I’m a decorating magazine dork too! 🙂

  5. I have to say my style is eclectic. I never buy something unless I’m in love with it (which might be why I’m sitting on the floor right now). And if I can’t afford it I save to get it. But my theory is if you love everything you buy it will all work together. The one rule I do have is that my kitchen items be black, white or true red. Otherwise things could get crazy! 🙂

  6. My style…well I feel like it’s all over the place! I really love cottage/farmhouse however am drawn to pieces from Pier 1 and Wold Market as well.

  7. I actually have several file folders (living room folder, garden folder, kitchen folder, etc.) with pages that i’ve torn out of magazines and catalogs that “define” my style…so please feel free to call me a super dork! I love all styles though…sometimes I feel modern, sometimes country, sometimes traditional…but overall I consider myself traditionally cozy modern with a twist of funk! Have fun decorating!

  8. I love Country Home and Country Living….and I love Boston houses! I’ve got a very Colonial Style and I love it. I went through all my magazines when we moved and kept coming back to similar articles, so that’s what I put in my house. My dream is to build a saltbox style house…even though we live in Kansas.

  9. Oh! i just discovered Young House Love last week when I was trying to find a solution to keep my feather from slipping and sliding all over my mattress. I don’t know what i do during sleep but it always ends up hanging like a foot off the bed by the time i wake up! ha!
    Their solution – giant safety pins! Working so far!

  10. I’d describe my decorating style as “shabby chic.” We bought our house in 2008, but we’re still working on decor. I don’t think I’ll ever be done decorating. Just when I finish one room, I decide I want to change or add something in another.

  11. I am the same as you with decorating!
    I dont know, to me, modern is too cold and not homy and inviting. I love pottery barn type stuff! that bedroom pic on the top right is serious the same one I have for bedroom inspiration for our new house!

  12. We have a pretty similar style–I’d describe mine as modern French country. I’m in a shared apartment right now so it doesn’t feel like ‘mine’ at all but I’m hoping that my next place, even though it will be an apartment, can become more of a home since I’ll be living there solo and choosing the furniture, decorations, etc. myself.

  13. I feel the EXACT same way about smoothies! I always pair it with some nuts or something not too filling (because the smoothie is usually the filler!). Something about slurping food that just isn’t as satisfying as a good MUNCH!

    Congrats on the house, btw! I love scouring the Ikea website for my future dream apartment!! ;P


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