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Apple cider vinegar, huh? It seems to be all the rage lately. The “wonder” drug of yesterday? Are you curious what it’s all about? Me too!


But, first, breakfast!


Breakfast was a Sweet Potato Buckwheat Pancake made with Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix and some leftover sweet potato wedges from last night’s dinner. (I just pureed the sweet potatoes with the pancake mix and then cooked it.) I topped my pancake with Teddie Peanut Butter.

IMG_1858 (900x675)

On the side, I had a glass of iced coffee with almond milk.

IMG_1856 (900x675)

And a bottle of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try!

IMG_1862 (675x900)

When I mentioned my recent colitis flare on CNC, a bunch of you guys suggested apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy to help with digestive (and skin) issues. I thought about giving it a whirl, but I never did. Then, last weekend when I was in DC, the topic of apple cider vinegar came up again with a few people who personally vouched for its health benefits. And, yesterday, I received an email from a reader (thanks, Liz!) about how apple cider vinegar can improve one’s skin complexion. Liz also mentioned that lemon juice can help detoxify the liver, which is obviously a much cheaper option than the expensive supplements I was recommended, so I’m giving apple cider vinegar and lemon juice a try in my diet. I already drink a ton of water, so adding a little bit is an easy thing to do. I’ll let you know if I experience any changes in the coming weeks!

If you’re interested in adding apple cider vinegar to your daily routine, check out this post by Brittany of Eating Bird Food. She does a great job of covering the benefits of apple cider vinegar as well as answering some common questions about it.

Do you drink apple cider vinegar? If so, have you seen any changes in your health?



  1. Wow, it’s refreshing to see someone posting so openly about having UC. I’ve was diagnosed right before I turned 12 (I’m now 27), so I don’t really even remember NOT having it. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one who struggles with this issue and that you can be healthy even if you have a life-long condition.

  2. Whenever I break out I put Apple Cider Vinegar on my face. Its a great alternative for an alcohol toner. I have never used it to calm my stomach down, but maybe I should try it? Hope you are feeling better! Digestive issues stink.

  3. I use it to remove residues and mineral deposits in my hair. It’s my #1 secret to gorgeous hair, especially since I’m blonde and mineral buildup can make the color and texture funky. About once a week I’ll wet my hair and pour 1/2 cup over it, let it sit for 5 mintues while I shower then rinse, shampoo and condition. It’s truly amazing and so cheap.

  4. I used to take a shot of apple cider vinegar a day. After a few weeks, my stomach started to burn inside (especially when I went running) so I stopped. If you are going to use it, I would definitely recommend that you dilute it.

  5. My nana, who passed away in November at the ripe old age of 97, drank ACV twice a day in water. I do it too; not sure if it offers any benefits, but it seemed to work for her!
    She also used to put it on her skin, use it to gargle for a sore throat, put it on mosquito bites. For her there was basically nothing it couldn’t do!

  6. apple cider vinegar is amazing for any digestive problems. Sometimes i have acid reflux and this works wonders. It really does settle your stomach, at least for my family and I. I highly suggest it!

  7. Apple cider vinegar has been known about for years and years. My grandpa drank it for its health benefits. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it until now.

  8. Drinking ACV makes my sensitive stomach hurt really badly… BUT it works WONDERS on your skin. I use about 3 parts water to 1 part ACV as a toner (I usually just do it at night) but it cleared up the few spots of acne I had within just a few days. It’s probably the best acne/uneven skin remedy I’ve ever used. 13 year old me wishes I knew about this stuff back then! GOOD LUCK! I hope it helps!

  9. I’m still stuck on ACV for all the benefits. I like to drink 2 Tablespoons a day mixed with water and a little bit of unsweetened apple juice to sweeten it up. The flavor of ACV is rather pungent on it own.

    I really hope it helps you Tina.

    And thank you so much for the link to my blog post about ACV. I really appreciate it!

  10. I first started using ACV a few years ago. Believe it or not it’s a wonderful cure for heartburn. I drink a few tablespoons in a tall glass of water with a little stevia. I actually like the taste. I’ve used it on my skin as well but wasn’t too impressed with that. I usually double up if I feel like I am getting a cold. Great stuff.

  11. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, even before a sip of water, will do amazing things for you. It will cleanse your liver (which is great after drinking alcohol the night before or eating acidic foods like meat), give you a burst of energy from the enzymes, help unclog the sludge in your intestines, and curb your cravings for sugar. Heat filtered water in a kettle and add more cold water to it so it is not too hot, otherwise it will kill the enzymes in the lemon juice. Then add the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper to speed up your metabolism. Sip this through a straw (I use your straws from Open Sky) and about 30 minutes later, your system will be cleaned out like drano works on a clog. If this is the first time doing this, you may have to make a few trips to the bathroom, so don’t do this for the first time if you will be stuck in a car in traffic or running with no facilities in sight.
    My husband and I started this about two weeks ago and we’ve lost our belly bulges and we don’t snack anymore. I also don’t crave sugar like I used to. By the way, after cleaning out your system, take a probiotic supplement to replace any gut flora that was removed in the process. About the apple cider vinegar, just a little bit in water daily has many benefits.

  12. I love apple cider vinegar! I use it on my salads and as a marinade all the time! I have heard of a lot of the benefits but haven’t drank it mixed in water enough to actually see any of them. I know that its suppose to cut the fat of food that you put it on, and supposedly help you feel less hungry too!

  13. I was drinking ACV for a while to try to help my sinus issues. I didn’t notice any changes except for an acidy gut and a husband that complained that I smelled bad.

  14. I think this is yet another trend, but for your sake I hope it helps! A few people told me to try mixing apple cider vinegar and lemon juice into my water to combat morning sickness when I was pregnant. One time I even puked the moment someone suggested it! Clearly they hadn’t experienced the type of morning sickness (aka all-day-and-night sickness) like I had. Ew!

  15. I just bought some Braggs ACV Friday after I saw this post. I’ve been using it as an astringent on my face and can already see that its drying up my breakouts. I’m a little hesitant to drink it but plan to add that into my regimen starting tomorrow! Great post!

  16. I use ACV in my salad dressings, but don’t think it would work well for my sensitive system to take it in water…
    I have celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease ( Crohn’s, gastritis etc…) and I thought I’d share something that has saved me a few trips to the ER. Coconut water! I’m not exactly sure what your situation etc is, but it calmed my whole system down and stopped the intense stomach, intestinal contractions within five minutes. Literally took all of the stomach pain away! Good luck! 🙂

  17. My Grandfather swore by apple cider vinegar as a cure for pretty much everything! Mum reckons he even had a book about it 🙂

    Dad would make me hot apple cider vinegar when I had a cold. It was certainly very soothing. I have used it when I had some, err, digestive issues, and it worked a treat. My co workers couldn’t stand the smell though!

  18. I’ve used Bragg’s ACV for years to aid with digestive ailments. (Not just any ACV, you need to be sure it contains the “mother” the gross looking stuff at the bottom before you shake it up!) There are also many benefits for neutralizing your body’s pH to maintain the alkaline/acid balance. Side note: though diluted in water, ACV is still harsh on your teeth (acid-wise) so the recommendation is to drink it through a straw or else rinse your mouth out when you’re finished. For further reading: DC Jarvis’ book “Folk Medicine” sings the praises of ACV as almost a cure-all tonic.

  19. I have been taking ACV for three months now and I did suffer from acid reflux but now I haven’t had the problem in some time now. I now take the ACV along with lemon juice and water mixed after a meal and it does cut the fat off whatever the meal may have been and my stomach issues all gone completely. This works for me!

    1. @Angela:

      Hi Angela I am curious how much vinegar you took over the three month period and how much ACV,lemon juice, and water do you consume after a meal?
      Looking for answers to my acid reflux, which I also have a hiatal hernia, which I think is the problem. Your input can help, as I feel there is not a medication that is helping.

  20. Is Apple vineger gud for reduce fat?
    I am taking 3 times after every meal .
    Is it ok? Because i want to reduce my weight

  21. I have been taking apple cider vinegar and lemon juice first thing in the morning for about 5 months now. It has really helped with the pain I was having in my knees. I could not sit down without holding onto something. After taking everyday, first thing in the morning for about 3-4 weeks I started to notice relief. Now I do not need assistance to sit or stand. I drink mine in warm water about 16-20 0z. (what ever amount works for you) and sip through a straw. I am grateful for the relief on my joints.

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