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Alternate title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Murphy’s World.

I loved reading all of your comments (thank you, btw) on my 8-year blog birthday giveaway about what you’d like to see more and less of on CNC. There was definitely a mix (i.e. more food posts, fewer recipes, more product reviews, fewer sponsored posts, more CrossFit, less CrossFit), but the one thing that just about everyone agreed on was more Murphy posts!!


The little furball used to be the star of CNC, but ever since his human brother came along, his Internet fame has taken a bit of a backseat. I know some of you guys love hearing about the pug, so here’s an update about what’s new in Murphy’s world. And I’ll be sure to include him more in future posts!


Health-wise, Murphy is doing quite well since his surgeries last spring. He still has a permanent head tilt and some balance issues (he’s scared to go down big sets of stairs, and if he’s running around a corner real fast, he’ll sometimes wipe out), but, otherwise, he’s the same old goofy pug. He still breaks out in “elephant butt” a few times a week, so we know his pug spirit is alive and well!

IMG_2986 (1280x1280)

Murphy is no longer allowed on our couch (we got sick of removing pug fur), but he still sleeps in our bed every night, so he’s got that going for him. We carry him downstairs every morning and if we don’t right away, he “tap dances” at the top of the stairs with excitement because he knows breakfast is coming soon!

IMG_2730 (1280x960)

Even though Murphy isn’t on CNC as much as he used to be, he’s still my #1 employee and sits on my lap for the majority of the day while I work. I know it’s terrible for my back, but I love our cuddle sessions.

IMG_2973 (1030x959)

Murphy is also a good “supervisor” of everything that happens around the house, which means he is never far from the action. Pugs are nosy/needy little creatures like that!

IMG_2978 (960x1280)

Murphy is truly the best pug brother. He puts up with a lot from a very active/maniac toddler and never complains about it. (Yes, pugs complain. Ask any pug owner.)

IMG_3212 (1280x1280)

He’s really patient and sweet with Quinn despite the frequent poking, grabbing, teasing, belly button-pointing, and attempts to sit on him.


Murphy’s health is generally good, but he still deals with frequent ulcers on his eyes, so we give him drops on a daily basis as a preventative measure.

IMG_2897 (1224x1278)

Once upon a time, Murphy used to be a well-behaved therapy dog. Every week, we’d visit the local nursing home to bring its residents some of his pug love. Murphy was so good with the seniors. He was calm, affectionate, and listened. Fast-forward to the present day: Our dog no longer listens to us. It’s Murphy’s world and we’re just living in it.

Post-surgery, Murphy can only hear out of one ear, so we often give him the benefit. But he easily hears food drop on the kitchen floor from just about anywhere in the house, so you would think he’d understand “get off the couch,” which we say at least a half dozen times a day to him. I don’t know what’s up with the pug, but he definitely doesn’t listen to us anymore.


Murphy is also 8 million times more obsessed with food. With Quinn carrying snacks around the house, food is frequently right in his face. We realize this is challenging for him, so we typically put Murphy in the den or gate him off in a different room when Quinn is eating. We try our best to keep the food temptations at a minimum, but it seems like things are getting worse, not better. Murphy has even eaten food right out of Quinn’s hands on a number of occasions. I know Murph would never intentionally bite Quinn, but he’s a dog, so you never know what could happen, especially when food is involved.

IMG_2955 (960x1280)

Back in the day, we never had an issue leaving food out around Murphy. Like if we ate dinner in the living room, we could leave our plate and run to the kitchen for a napkin and not worry about Murphy chowing down. He’d sit right next to the coffee table and stare at our meal like a creep, but he’d never jump up and eat it. Now if we leave the room and food is left out, he will devour it in a matter of seconds. We’ve even seen him jump ONTO the coffee table to get food, which is something he’d NEVER do in the past. We’re trying our best to re-train him, but, man, it hasn’t been easy. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?



The only thing I could think of for “the ugly” was Murphy’s aggressive head tilt, which makes him look like a Gremlin, but it’s actually kind of cute, right?

IMG_2804 (1280x1280)

So there’s an update about Murph Dawg. I hope it didn’t sound like we don’t love him with all of those “bad” updates. We’re just surprised by how much he’s changed since his surgery/Quinn’s arrival/moving to a new house. Overall, he’s a wonderful dog and we love him very much. He just needs to re-learn some doggie manners!

Questions of the Day

Puppy (monkey)/baby parents: Does any of this sound familiar? Why is our dog misbehaving so much nowadays? Any advice?



  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I am quite delighted to see you have a pug and his name is Murphy. We had a pug, also by the name of Murphy. Sadly, he passed away last summer. He was our first born. Your post put a smile upon my face. We remember our Smuggles fondly. Enjoy your pup!

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