My #1 Tip for Building Muscle [Grab Some FREE Workouts]

What’s my number one tip for building muscle?⁠

It might surprise you.⁠

My number one tip for building muscles is getting enough calories. Yep, you gotta EAT. ⁠

You need adequate caloric intake to build muscle tissue. If you’re exercising but not eating enough, you will not build the muscles you’re working so hard to attain.⁠

In addition to eating enough calories, the way we train is important too.⁠

Tons of cardio is not going to cut it here. You’ve got to incorporate strength training and compound movement into your workout routine.⁠

Strength training may seem difficult right now if you’re not going to a gym and using heavy duty equipment, but all you really need are a couple heavy-for-you dumbbells and some space to move.⁠

You can build a strong body, right at home, using simple movements and basic equipment.⁠

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