What We’re Eating for Dinner This Week

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A bunch of you guys said you were fans of my weekly grocery shopping and meal plans because you get ideas for your own dinners, so here’s a quick post about what we’re eating this week. I figured it might be helpful since this week might be a little crazy with holiday events and shopping.

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This week’s meal plan:

Question of the Day

How much time do you typically spend during the work week making dinner?


  1. Such a good question because I will be interested to see other people’s answers! I would say an hour and half. It varies, but if you include clean up that’s about where I think my boyfriend and I are at. I missed these posts! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We make that cheeseburger casserole all the time bc it is so easy! I love it! I usually end up adding smoked paprika, extra garlic, and a little extra mustard though 🙂

  3. Definitely depends on each day’s schedule…on busy nights I aim for 20, 30 minutes tops (of course, super packed nights it’s more like…get a pizza, or something else pre-made!). I love too cook though, and find it relaxing so on the nights where I can splurge with time, I might be in the kitchen for 1-2 hours. And these post are some of my favorite ones, too!

  4. I do love these posts! It also helps me to figure out a better weekly grocery shopping list after seeing what you get.
    I try to spend no more than 30 minutes per night on dinner. Within the past few months, I’ve discovered Sunday prep in a BIG way! Even if it’s just cooking a bunch of chicken breasts, it helps prevent getting caught without healthy meals.

  5. Love these posts for dinner ideas. On weeknight’s we spend anywhere from 20 – 40 mins cooking supper.

  6. During the week, I tend to only spend a max of about an hour on cooking meals. My work schedule can be variable and knowing myself, I am less likely to choose healthy meals if I don’t have anything prepped. I’ve gotten a really good system down over the past year…I do a huge meal prep on Sunday (make all my lunches for the week and cook a soup). I double the soup recipe so that it lasts me until dinner on Thursday. This system has worked out beautifully for me so far! I only have to cook once during the week (Thursday) so I can still eat healthy but I have my free time in the evenings to blog, read and relax. The food can get a bit redundant at times but I like my free time. I just try to switch my recipes out weekly.

  7. It is very important for us to have a meal plan for a week, more special when your on a diet or on a fitness program and a one week plan will save us a lot of time in thinking what we gonna cook for the day.

  8. I think on weeknights it’s no more than half an hour, maybe less. Sometimes I use the slow cooker, then it’s 5 minutes in the am and 5 or 10 more in the pm.
    I definitely have to meal plan if I want it to work!

  9. I’ve been doing “food prep days” where I’ll make a week’s worth of freezer meals so all I have to do is pop them in the oven when I get home. It makes for a week of minimal hands-on time and cleaning, but they’re still home-cooked meals!

  10. Thank you for sharing. Is there any recipe for the ravioli or did you buy them at a store? I love hitting up Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville or Alfredo Aiellos for that type of stuff.

    1. The ravioli are just the frozen kind. I think they’re from Costco? Some of our friends gave them to us when we had Quinn. I figured we should eat them up sooner than later!

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