What to Wear at the Gym When You’re Pregnant

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I’ve received a lot of questions over the past several months about what I wore to work out, so I thought I’d write a post about the exercise gear that got me through my pregnancy. I ended up buying a few key pieces, but I really did my best not to spend too much money on workout clothes because I knew I would probably only wear them while I was pregnant. That said, here’s a summary of my favorite exercise gear from my pregnancy!

Extra-long tops that aren’t too low cut 

I was all about the extra-long tanks and t-shirts that weren’t too low cut for my workouts. I didn’t want my belly or boobs hanging out when I was doing Wallballs or Box Jumps at CrossFit, so these were my go-to workout tops of choice. The Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tanks from Old Navy, in particular, were perfect for a growing baby bump and they weren’t too low-cut, so I didn’t have to worry about showing too much boob-age when I worked out. These tank tops were also super cheap (just $8-$12 depending on the color), so I bought a whole bunch of them for workouts. (I also wore them as non-workout clothes!) Another extra-long workout favorite was my New Balance Moto Pullover. It fit me right up until the end of my pregnancy!

Any top with side ruching

Side ruching flatters a growing baby bump both in and outside the gym! I really liked the Maternity Slub-Knit Tees from Old Navy for working out, and they fit me right up until the end of my pregnancy when my belly was massive!

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Burnout fabrics

I loved lightweight, burnout fabrics for my workout gear during my pregnancy. It moved well and grew with me as my belly got larger and larger. Some of my favorite tops that I wore during all three trimesters of my pregnancy: Reebok Women’s Happy Burnout Tee, Reebok Women’s Burnout Vneck Tee, Reebok Women’s Yoga Tee, and Reebok Women’s Burnout Yoga Tank.


Sports bras from Moving Comfort

The boob situation during my pregnancy was insane, so I had to buy all new sports bras and the only ones that fit me were from Moving Comfort. The style that I liked the best was the Maia Bra. I bought two of my Maia bras online and then found one at Marshalls for a fraction of the price.

Workout pants with wide waistbands

I actually never bought special maternity workout pants or capris. I just wore my regular workout pants throughout my entire pregnancy. The long tees and tanks worked well with them, and I didn’t need to spend money on new ones. However, I found that my workout pants with the widest waistbands were the most comfortable. My favorites were a pair of capris from Athleta and a pair of pants from Moving Comfort.

Question of the Day

Moms and moms-to-be: What workout gear did/do you love for working out?

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