EP106: What it takes to start your own business with Amanda Gilman, Founder of AMG Snacks

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Welcome back to another new episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake Podcast! In this week’s episode, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with fellow entrepreneur, Amanda Gilman, on all things business.


About Amanda:

Amanda Gilman is the founder of AMG Snacks, which she launched in 2019. After spending years making her own snacks, she was inspired to share these delicious eats with others. Over the years, she created her own flavors through recipe experimentation and sharing with family and friends.

Prior to AMG Snacks, Amanda was a Managing Director in the Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy group at a NY-based investment bank, where she worked with financial institutions in the areas of balance sheet management. Between long days at the office and traveling to clients, Amanda needed easily accessible, on-the-go snacks. Most “healthy” snack options turned out to have processed ingredients or a texture that was too tough for her “TMJ” syndrome (a jaw disorder that causes pain or discomfort when irritated). When she could not find exactly what she was looking for she turned to her studio apartment kitchen in New York City and made her own snacks.

Amanda’s energy bite snacks are also made with a short list of high quality, all-natural ingredients. These bitesize snacks are packed with essential nutrients needed to fuel our bodies: healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Amanda became excited about the potential idea of creating a business around an organic idea. Next, she started researching one item a day to figure out what it would take to start a business. Finally, after 6 months of research, Amanda took the leap to pursue AMG Snacks full time and launched the business in December of 2019 through online sales and began to hit the ground to get into retail locations.

Amanda and I dive into:

  • How she got her business off the ground. Aka it seems like a lot to take on as one person (sales, production, marketing, accounting, operations, logistics)?
  • How she managed as the business grew.
  • How did the pandemic impacted her business and plan?
  • What’s her favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?
  • What does the process look like to get into retail locations?
  • Any advice would she give to someone who is sitting at a job they don’t like with an idea they want to pursue?

You can find Amanda (and her amazing snacks!) on IG @amgsnacks or www.amgsnacks.com.


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  1. I’m one to talk when it comes to going around in circles with my fitness journey. I think I’ve already tried all available methods just to try and live a healthy lifestyle. As the year starts, I look forward to getting a more personalized experience and really sticking through my diet and exercise plan.

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