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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hey, hey! Happy FRIDAY!

I’m on my way to Mexico later today for a girls’ weekend, and I seriously cannot wait. I’m actually coaching a KFIT class this morning (eek!) since Kerrie is already in Mexico (waiting for me to drink tequila with her), so once that’s over, I am on vacation! Woohoo! Cancun, baby! Anyway, it’s time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. Enjoy!

15 Genius Kitchen Hacks to Make Healthy Cooking Easier – I love this round up and two of my own kitchen hacks are included! How cool is that?

45 Life Lessons Written by a “90-Year-Old” Woman – This is adorable and amazing at the same time.

Baked Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast – This recipe looks incredible. It’s a mix between a strata and bread pudding, and it looks really easy to make. There’s even a short video that goes along with it to show you how!

10 Things You Should Buy at Target – I buy quite a few of these things at Target already, but there were a lot of other great ideas I hadn’t considered yet.

Make Your Own Chipotle Guac at Home I feel like someone let me in on a big secret! Homemade Chipotle guacamole?! YES. I am totally pumped to have this recipe!

10 Reasons Cauliflower Is the Most Versatile Veggie on the Planet – So many awesome recipes!


3D Fiber Lashes Mascara – A friend of a friend sent me this mascara to try out and it’s incredible. RapidLash + this stuff = I finally have long, thick eyelashes!

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Ben & Jerry’sI have so much love for Ben & Jerry’s. This piece rounds up 13 fun, quirky facts about the Vermont-based ice cream company. You’ll love it!

A Tiny, Ikea-Inspired Apartment in Paris – You know how I love tiny, organized spaces! Loved this.

Open shelving and a two-tier countertop create space in the tiny kitchen.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

How to Get More Space on Your iPhone ”” For Real – This is great.

The “gut-brain axis” – This is my newest obsession. As you know I’m a big fan of podcasts, especially ones related to health and fitness, and I’ve recently started listening to ones about the gut-brain axis and how much of what happens in your brain is directly related to what happens in your gut, like IBD. I’m a stress-case and my gut is a mess, so I am really into this stuff right now. If you’re also interested in this subject, here are some podcasts that I found helpful: The Gut-Brain Axis (Chris Kresser), Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue with Lauren Schoenfeld, RD (Balanced Bites), and Dr. David Perlmutter Shifts The Attention To Gut Health In Brain Maker (The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show).

Related: An upcoming webcast from the CCFA: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in IBD. It’s next Tuesday, May 12th from 2:00 PM-3:00 PM EST. Tasneem Bhatia, MD (Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine) will review complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) and their relationship to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Just wanted to pass it along for the IBD peeps.

Questions of the Day

What are you loving lately?

What’s your favorite cauliflower recipe?

What do you ALWAYS buy at Target?

Ever heard of the gut-brain axis? 



  1. I’ve heard a little bit about the gut-brain axis, but am interested in hearing more! Thanks for sharing that webinar, that’s nap time for my oldest, so I’m totally checking it out! I am always fascinated by how delicate the balance seems to be in the gut and how many things can throw it off and then ultimately impact so much in terms of overall health. Our bodies are pretty amazing when you stop to think all they do! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love buffalo cauliflower. So so tasty!

    Have an awesome time in Mexico! I’m super jealous!

    I’m loving my 30 day free trial to Beachbody On Demand at the moment. I love their workouts and I just found out that they have them online. Woo hoo!

  3. Roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite side dishes, the flavor is phenomenal. And thank you for the Chipolte guacamole recipe- pinning for the weekend!

  4. These are all such excellent finds, I can’t wait to go and explore all of them! I couldn’t agree more about cauliflower, it is easily becoming one of my favorite veggies! It is so versatile, but I think my all-time favorite cauliflower recipe has to be a traditional, roasted version! It truly brings out the natural sweetness and I love the crunchiness of it!

  5. Maybe it’s just my browser, but the tiny Paris apartment link takes me to the 90 year old woman’s advice! I love tiny, organized spaces too and am dying to see it! Can you repost the link?

    Have a fabulous time in Cancun!

  6. Wrong link. So sad. Must see tiny, Paris apartment. 🙂
    A Tiny, Ikea-Inspired Apartment in Paris

  7. First of all, so exciting that you have a trip to Mexico this weekend! I bet you are looking forward to having some drinks on the beach. Second of all, I’ve actually never listened to a podcast, and it’s clear to me I’m missing out on some good stuff. And my hubby won’t get behind the idea of cauliflower crust, so I haven’t attempted that in our house yet. One day. TGIF! Safe travels!

  8. I love reading (and listening to) information about the Gut-brain axis! It is so fascinating how everything is connected! I am a stress case, with both my HA and IBS problems. I have made both of these problems worse unintentionally by not getting my stress levels under control.

  9. I’ve never heard of the gut-brain axis, but I totally understand how stress and an overactive brain can lead to gut issues. I occassionally struggle with a stomach ulcer, but it only bothers me in times when I’m really, really stressed out or upset. I’ll definitely have to learn more about this to keep future stomach issues at bay!!

  10. Great list of interesting stuff! I’m totally into cauli rice and have it at least once every week. There are so many good podcasts out there, and the gut-brain axis sound really interesting. Body+mind=teamwork. Enjoy Mexico!

  11. I was so excited when I saw Chipotle revealed the recipe! It was like Christmas came early 🙂 I’ve been listened to Balanced Bites podcast for awhile, they always have good advice and guests on their show.

  12. I’ve never heard of the gut-brain axis but that is super intriguing. I am diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and think this podcast could be very insightful. I’ll definitely be checking it out this weekend!!

  13. I have a few different things I ONLY buy at Target – paper towels, toilet paper, cosmetics and hair stuff, bars, and certain snacks and treats, like jerky, red bull for my husband, and their trail mixes!
    God, I REALLY love Target.

  14. I heard Dr. Mark Hyman talk a couple weeks ago about the microbiome in the gut. His theory is that having a proper bacterial balance in the gut is the most important thing for weight balance. It really amazes me what the gut can do.

    Now I’m going to run to my kitchen to make every one of those cauliflower recipes…yum!

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