What I’m Loving Lately XXXVI

Hi, friends! Happy FRIDAY to you!

It’s that time again: Time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

25 Amazing Ways to Save More at Target – Helloooo! Sign me up! Lots of great ideas, especially with regard to markdowns. And if you don’t have the Target RED card yet, WHY DON’T YOU?!?! It’s literally money back in your pocket for shopping at Target like you would anyway. Boom. Do it.

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Running – YES. I agree with all of these.

The Dog Pound – My aunts have a homemade chocolate business on Etsy, and they are selling 16-piece chocolate boxes, featuring all sorts of “chocolate” labs, which were inspired by their own dogs. Adorable, right? They’re perfect for Mother’s Day or just anyone who loves dogs!

the dog pound chocolates

Distressed boyfriend jeans from Stitch Fix – I am so in love with these boyfriend jeans from Kut from the Kloth. They are incredibly comfortable, and I plan on wearing them a whole heck of a lot from now until it’s too hot this summer. Once again, Stitch Fix nails it with the denim!

new_jeans_from_stitch_fix (606x605)

50 Genius Morning Beauty Hacks Lazy Girls Will Love – I am super lazy when it comes to beauty stuff, so I especially loved this piece!

It Was Hard To Snack Healthy Until I Learned These 22 Delicious Metabolism-Boosting Ideas – SO MANY great snack ideas in this post! Banana, chocolate, and almond butter bites (pictured below)!? YUM!


Dear Moms, Here’s Why I Don’t Care If You Work – This was great.

Tricks For Extending a Tiny Closet – Some of these ideas are genius and adorable!

30 Weird Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher – Make-up brushes? Dog toys? Flip Flops? Lots of great ideas!

Pumpkin + Brie Quesadilla – Get in my belly!

Pumpkin-Brie Quesadillas

86 Amazing Meals For $5 or Less – So many great meals! Love this.

The Vegan Blueberry Muffins from Whole Foods – I actually discovered these during marathon training when I wanted to eat ALLTHECARBS, but I’m still kind of obsessed with them. I buy one almost every time I go to Whole Foods. They’re just so tasty and have a zillion blueberries in them.

IMG_1769 (800x600)_thumb

41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don’t Know About Disneyland – This was really cool and super interesting. The Disney lovers will especially like this one!

41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Disneyland

KFIT Stroller Bootcamp – South Shore friends: It starts June 3rd and it is so much fun! More info here. Kerrie is also offering a Junior FitCamp for kids ages 5-12.


Coasters + coffee – My friends at Starbucks recently sent me their Rwanda Rift Valley (medium-bodied with spicy dark chocolate notes, hints of sweet citrus and heady floral aromas) and Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza (rich and balanced with crisp citrus notes and a sweet, chocolaty mouthfeel) to try out. They both sound incredible, right? Included in the box was a set of handcrafted coasters from E-Line Creations, which are gorgeous, so I wanted to make sure I gave them a little shout out.

IMG_1687 (800x600)

10 Weird But Magical Flavor Pairings You Have To Taste To Believe – Mal sent this link to me the other day and some of the pairings sound pretty amazing!

Question of the Day

What are YOU loving lately?

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a $500 gift card from The North Face!



  1. I would be the person to put something in the dishwasher, have it melt and break the thing. I swear, I have to stick to the script or things get crazy! Lately I have been obsessed with my distressed boyfriend jeans. They are on serious rotation!

  2. Happy Friday, Tina! Love these favorites. I especially enjoyed the Disney article, because I worked for Disney in the back office in communications for a few years in Orlando and visited Disneyland on a work trip. I’ve seen it all! Such a wonderful history and so many fun facts. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Mother’s Day shopping, check! My Mom is obsessed with labs and rescued a chocolate lab this winter. Thanks for linking those chocolates! Still some Mama spoiling left to do but a nice start to my Mother’s Day prep!

  4. I couldn’t get those chocolates into my cart fast enough! Those will be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my dog trainer who has 4 Lab furkids. No, I don’t normally get my trainer presents but I couldn’t pass this up especially as there are times I wonder if my dog likes the trainer more than me after spending 2 days a week with her at doggie day care.

  5. Oh my gosh! Just ordered from the Dog Pound for my mom. She has two black labs now, but has always had black labs since I was little. I am so excited to include the chocolate in her Mother’s Day presents. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. I’d never been to Disneyland (or World) until we moved to Cali last year. Now we go all the time and have so much fun. I was not sure if it would be fun as a adult but it totally is. And the three year old likes it, too 😉 I am actually running the Pixie Dust Challenge next weekend (10K then 13.1) at DL.

  7. I just ordered a box of Dog Pound chocolates for Mother’s Day. My mom has three labs, two chocolates and a yellow, so she will absolutely LOVE these chocolates !!! And that pumpkin and brie quesadilla will be a staple in my diet come fall.

  8. You should download the (free) Target Cartwheel app! It’s coupons for Target that get loaded to your phone (so you don’t need to clip anything or remember to bring them). You just tell them you have coupons to scan at the end of your purchase! The only downside is that you can only have 11 at a time- but still awesome!

  9. Ok, so I LOVE your blog but… is there any way in the future you can make your links pop up in a new window? (My apologies if this is on my end, but when I used to have a blog I’m pretty sure this was an option.) I love to be able to continue reading your posts after I click on a link, and it’s much easier to do so from another window rather than having to hit “back” and have the page reload.

    Just a suggestion! I read your blog every day and love checking out the products/etc. you suggest 🙂

  10. I would love to try out a stroller bootcamp class this summer. I’ll have to look in my local area. I really enjoyed the mommy wars article. All very true!

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