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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

GOOD MORNING! Happy Friday, my friends! What’s on the agenda for the weekend? I hope something exciting!

Since it’s Friday and all, I thought you might enjoy another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. This one is jam-packed with fun stuff!

Jessie Mundell  – Her website is such a great website for pregnancy and post-partum fitness! She has a “core + floor restore” program that rehabs the abs, and I am seriously considering buying it because I still have that space between mine. Boo.

So many Lululemon finds – This duffle bag, these shorts, and this tank. I want them all. Hey, my birthday is coming up soon!

Alaskan salmon burgers from Whole Foods – These salmon burgers are sort of on the thin side, so, even when frozen, they cook fairly fast. On the stove top: Just 4-5 minutes each side. In the oven: 8 minutes total, so you could always throw in a couple while you’re roasting veggies or cooking something else.

IMG_0488 (800x600)

Are you running junk miles? – Quality versus quantity.

These Chewy Trail Mix Bars – I made a batch of these earlier this week, and they turned out so well. So delicious. (I used apple butter instead of applesauce.) Each one has 95 calories and 5 grams of protein, so they’re a perfect snack before or after a workout.

Alaska Airlines LGBT discounts – Alaska is now highlighting destinations that support marriage equality, Pride celebrations, and other things of interest to the LGBT community. Awesome, right? They are also offering flight deals and group rates when planning special events.

Speaking of airline travel”¦

Infant Airplane Seat – This thing is GENIUS! I wish we had purchased one before our trip to Seattle. On the plane, it attaches to the seat in front of you and around your waist, so it’s basically a hammock (with a harness) and allows for face-to-face interaction with your infant. The baby can easily sleep in there, so it’s comfortable for the both of you. It’s also a high-chair outside of flights. And the seat is compliant with all FAA regulations. So cool.

Slow Cooker Loaded Sweet Potatoes – I saw these on Lindsay‘s blog the other day, and I absolutely want to make them for dinner next week. What a great idea!


ThredUp is buying maternity stuff now – Ok, I actually think they have for awhile, but I recently received an email about it and wanted to share since I know I’ll be doing some Spring cleaning with my wardrobe soon enough and thought some of you ladies might too!


10 Trader Joe’s Snacks You Have to Try – I love snacks.

10 Shopping Hacks That’ll Save You Big Time at Your Favorite Stores – Some of these are seriously awesome!

The spinning workout station on Pandora – The music is perfect for running. I was really digging it the other day on my 90-minute run.

This gluten- and wheat-free infographic – I thought some of you guys might find it helpful!

Questions of the Day

What are you loving lately? Tell me a person, place, and thing you are loving right now!



  1. What’s better, whole foods, and trader Joe’s, Tina?

    What’s making me happy this week: I am waiting eagerly to hear back from my second interview at Chipotle’s! One if the team managers said they liked me because the minutes I walked into the first interview he saw me dancing to the radio song, shake it off, and he said he pointed at me to one of the other members and said, “she’s getting hired, she’s fun.” And he told me this and my heart just JUMPED.

    I am so excited! And that’s what happened this week and now im waiting for the phone call hopefully they’ll hire me…

  2. Oh that infant seat is a great idea. We had a bassinet in front of us when we flew with our 2 month old but it would be nice to have some other options going forward!

    I’m loving all of the cool printed leggings I’ve been seeing lately!

  3. Not only is Jessie a superstar trainer, she is an amazing girl as well! I am so glad to see her mentioned on CNC!

  4. Spinning working out station on Pandora??? YES. That is magical. I am loving my granola and the new Jessica’s Organic syrups, but really? I’m loving the gluten free, dairy free zucchini bread that I made with them. It was really nice to get back in the kitchen and get creative again!

  5. I just learned about Jessie Mundell the other day! This week I’m loving march madness and big sexy hair’s root lift (it’s amazing!).

  6. If you like the salmon burgers from Whole Foods, you will LOVE the Alaskan salmon burgers from Trident!! In Nor Cal, they are readily available at Safeway, Raley’s, Bel Air and I’m sure other local stores. Very thick, juicy and full of flavor. As a vegan for 30+ years, these are the only animal product I consume…

  7. I learned so much about that abdominal separation after taking a pregnancy exercise class with a physical therapist who specializes in pre and post-natal exercise while pregnant with my second. Basically, I did everything wrong the first time around and this time, by following her suggestions, my diastasis is closed at 4 1/2 months! Good luck with the program!
    I am loving that I’ll be taking a short day trip kiddo free tomorrow! First one since our second baby arrived! Have a great weekend!

  8. I need to try those salmon burgers. I’ve had another brand once and they were not good. I’ve been looking for a good brand since. Something I’m loving lately is the warm weather. Being able to get outdoors to hike, walk and run there’s just nothing like it! I’ve also noticed slowing down my workouts have helped me see better results!

  9. i’m loving apple fritter donuts right now eek i know not healthy but someone brought a ton of donuts to the teacher’s lounge on wednesday and i can’t resist! fresh donuts are SO GOOD! i actually never liked them until i got pregnant and now i love them lol

  10. I can’t believe it has never occurred to me to load a SWEET potato! Of course!
    These are great! Something I am loving right now is Fuji apples. Lots of them.

  11. fun plans– i’m taking my brother up to visit boston college today cause he got accepted there so we’re gonna check it out! not the *best* day to visit, i’m sure, but we’re comin anyway!

  12. Happy Friday, Tina! I love using ThredUp to sell my clothes, and awesome they now take maternity. I’m happy it’s the weekend and I have a fun BODYATTACK class to teach today as well as a party tomorrow night. Enjoy your weekend!:)

  13. I have the lulu shorts and tank that you linked to and absolutely love them!! I have two pairs of the shorts and pretty much live in them come summertime and the legs are perfect for squatting exercises. The tank is great too – I love the neckline because it’s enough coverage to not have to worry about showing too much skin and the length of the tank is great. Both are great picks that I can’t recommend enough … hopefully you get them for your birthday 🙂

  14. What I’m loving–spring sales!! I went to the outlets last weekend and the outlet prices combined with spring sale prices was a huge WIN. 🙂

  15. Hi, Tina! Are those salmon burgers fishy at all? I’m really sensitive to fishy tastes and am very particular of the fish I eat, but I love these idea of those patties.

    Lately, I’m loving the Shishito Peppers at Trader Joe’s! They saute/blister in a jiffy and are so simple but pack so much flavor. Ole!

  16. I am loving the $1- $3 bins at Target lately! I have been able to find so many cute things for my home office, Ryan’s Easter basket, and some cheap sunglasses for myself.

    Target has been on a role lately.

  17. I’m obsessed with fizzy water lately. It’s all I want to drink! We also bought a box of chocolate toast crunch at the store this week on a whim and it’s so addicting and delicious!

  18. I went through a big GF phase just bc I loved the science behind it. Since the gluten is what holds things together, you can’t simply exchange one type of flour for another. It is all about finding the right ratios of GF flours and starches and that can be so many possibilities based on what type of flour you are using or what type of food you are trying to make. It’s fascinating!

  19. LOVE these lists – they give me so many good bookmarked pages to look at over the weekend.

    As for TJ’s snacks – they are the best! Have you tried the Dark Chocolate and Coconut Almonds? They’re like mini almond joys, I could eat the whole container.

  20. I’m loving my husband, who just got back from 4 months of active duty with the Air Force yesterday!

    I’m loving where I live, Kansas, right now. Its a little chilly today, but Spring is full on here lately and its making me so happy.

    I’m loving caffeine for getting me through this week.

  21. I would seriously go apeshit on anyone who tried to use that infant seat thing behind me on an airplane. How selfish do you have to be to think that’s ok?!

  22. I thought the infant seat was a good idea but after reading the reviews it doesn’t seem great/safe. A lot of flight crew commented that it isn’t approved for airline use. May want to investigate before purchasing to make sure. 🙂

  23. A MUST HAVE snack at TJ’s are their coconut cashews! OMG TO DIE FOR.

    Their teriyaki turkey jerky is pretty darn good too. I usually like the Perky Jerky, but this one takes second place.

  24. I’ve seen you post a lot lately about postpartum fitness and pelvic floor health (which is AWESOME!). Just to add to your research if you’re interested, check out mutusystem.com. It’s an exercise program specifically for your pelvic floor health…she’s also a Restorative Exercise specialist (which I’m training to be!) and how you can’t just exercise your way back, it’s about how you move all day long. Just wanted to share, I’ve been learning a ton since having a baby 18 months ago!! 🙂

  25. I am loving my sister because she sent me a pair of lulu pants. they are the best!
    Have you tried “bulletproof coffee”? It’s coffee with butter and coconut oil in it. I thought it might be delicious with a flavored coconut butter like Nikki’s and if you’ve ever tried it

    1. I’ve heard of it, but I haven tried. I’m more of an iced coffee fan, but I bet it’d be delicious with Nikki’s! 😄

  26. Thank you so much for sharing Jessie’s website. I’ve been struggling to find good workouts when pregnant, her site looks amazing.

  27. Maybe too personal but are you only planning on having one child? I definitely kept all my maternity clothes so I did not have to buy it all again! 😄

  28. There are bad reviews on the flight seat not to mention if your child moves at all it seems like it would be the equivalent of having a kid kick the back of your seat. I cannot imagine the person in front of you would be okay with this.

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