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Hi, friends!

Happy, happy, HAPPY FRIDAY to you! It’s time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately and this one is really great. There are a bunch of things I am digggggging this week. Ok, here we go!

Boxed! – Ok, I know I’ve mentioned Boxed quite a few times on CNC, but it’s really the best online wholesale service out there. It’s basically like Costco or BJs, but everything is delivered right to your front door in like 24 hours. They’re really fast! I initially started using Boxed to purchase diapers and wipes, but now I buy everything with it. I just placed my 12th order the other day and bought Quest Bars, canned seltzer, Swiffer pads (endless pug fur at our house), hand soap, applesauce pouches, and I got a FREE selfie stick, carton of coconut water, and saved $10 using my Mastercard. Boom. Boxed really knows how to hook you up!


And now I am going to hook you guys up! If you use my invite code (B8TGW), you automatically get a $15.00 discount when you sign up. If you’re interested in that free selfie stick (while supplies last), just search for it on Boxed and add it to your cart. And use the code BOXEDMC10 to get $10 off your order of $75 or more when you use your Mastercard from now until the end of the month. Happy shopping! Boxed rules.

Mom strips in public to push self-love message – This video was simply amazing. Guaranteed waterworks.

New canvas prints – A long-time CNC reader recently offered to send us a couple of canvas prints from GalleryDirect.com where she works and we happily accepted. We just received them the other day, and we couldn’t be happier. I literally squealed with delight when I opened them! Haha!


It was so easy to create our canvases: Just upload a photo, pick a size, style, and materials, and you’re good to go. Easy as that. The quality is really amazing too, especially since both photos were taken with my iPhone. I assume it’s because Gallery Direct uses museum-grade materials to get such a high-quality look. The photo for the canvas below (now hanging in our family room) was actually from Instagram. Impressive, right?


The second canvas (below) will likely go in our bedroom. It’s larger and in black & white, which goes well with the current decor. In fact, we love this canvas so much, we’re thinking about ordering one or two more from Gallery Direct to go along with it.


FYI: Gallery Direct also sells regular framed prints, oversized art, vintage maps, and so much more. Definitely check them out!

25 Recipes That Start With a Box of Cake Mix – Did someone say cake? And Red Velvet Whoopie Pies? Whoa. Sign me up!

How to Fix Your Period Without Birth Control (Chris Kresser) – This was helpful and interesting.

Moving Comfort Juno sports bra – I love, love, love {times a million} this sports bra. I didn’t think a sports bra could top my beloved Ta Ta Tamers or Comfy Comforters, but the Juno has done it, and I am so in love. My friends at Brooks recently sent me some of their Juno sports bras to test out, and they are my new favorite by far. Here’s what I love about the Juno: It’s super supportive and awesome for running, but it doesn’t have crazy coverage. Some of those high-impact sports bras out there are just plain ugly. You know what I’m talking about, right? They go up to your neck and have super wide straps? I’m sure they work great, but they don’t look cute under a tank top. Well, the Juno is the best of both worlds! It’s a racer-back (perfect for tanks) with adjustable straps, which is also something not all high-impact sports bra have. Well, they do, but they only adjust so far. The Juno has Velcro along the entire strap for a personalized (and perfect) fit. I also love that this sports bra gives you shape– no uniboob. And when it comes to support, this is one of the best sports bras I’ve ever tried. Nothing moves. Haha! Honestly, there’s very little vertical movement and it’s still comfy!


14 Queso Dips You HAVE to Make This Football Season – Yummmm! Football season is ALL about the food for me!

Pug playing Metallica – This video is totally ridiculous, and I love it! Haha!

Time-Saving Smoothie Tricks – I really love some of these ideas, including the best way to freeze bananas and making coconut water ice cubes!

10 Things You Should Buy at Target – Yes, yes, and yes!

Monica Porter (from Parenthood) at Boston MilkWise Tour – I’m so bummed to miss this event, but I wanted to pass along the info for the other Parenthood fans out there. Details below.

What: MilkWise, a delicious new milk beverage with fewer calories and sugar and more calcium than traditional dairy milk, will bring the Taste of MilkWise tour to Boston to kick off its New England tour in conjunction with entry into the regional market. The Taste of MilkWise Tour will offer samples of MilkWise alongside one-of-a-kind treats from Boston’s Flour Bakery.

Who: Actress Monica Potter will be joining the Taste of MilkWise Tour in Boston as a MilkWise spokesperson. Flour Bakery will provide novel treats alongside samples of MilkWise. (Other popular local bake shops will join in along the New England route.)

When & Where: September 16, 2015, Long Wharf. Sampling all day: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monica Potter arrival: 11 a.m. In addition to Boston, the truck will also make stops in Springfield, Mass.; Portland, Maine; Providence, R.I.; Hartford, Conn.; and Manchester, N.H.

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Flip or Flop’s Tarek and Christina – I love Flip or Flop (and, of course, Tarek and Christina), so this was super interesting!

18 Things You Didn't Know About Flip or Flop's Tarek and Christina

The answer to the question “Is blogging dead?” – This was interesting. And I love The Bloggess.

Questions of the Day

What actor/actress would you absolutely love to meet in person? 

What’s your favorite home improvement show? 

Do you have a lucky sports bra?

Never forget 9/11/01


  1. I have and totally love the Juno moving comfort bra too! It’s also great for nursing because you can just open up that Velcro. I love that it comes in so many sizes too! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love chip and Joanna! Just an FYI the boxes promo code doesn’t work for your intro thing and he MasterCard one only works if you spend over 75! Would love to try this service another time though!

    1. Each code is only for 5 users and you can only use one code at a time not two. Here is a code I was given and u get $15 off. Code 3motj
      You can still do the free selfie stick and the coconut water

  3. The canvas prints are so gorgeous! I love the pictures you selected, they look so vivid. Several years ago I met SJP and that pretty much took the cake.

  4. I just found my favorite sports bra to date at H&M!! Shocking, I know, but after a friend recommended it to me I had to try it! And funnily enough, it’s the cheapest one in my closet! But I’m rather small-chested so really anything goes, but I was happy to find such a budget friendly yet still high quality option 🙂

          1. No worries! If they fix it would love to try it as they have several items we use regularly for cheaper than my amazon prime!

        1. Each code is only for 5 users and you can only use one code at a time not two. Here is a code I was given and u get $15 off. Code 3motj
          You can still do the free selfie stick and the coconut water

    1. Each code is only for 5 users and you can only use one code at a time not two. Here is a code I was given and u get $15 off. Code 3motj
      You can still do the free selfie stick and the coconut water

  5. Can I just say your abs are awesome? They are! You’re looking super lean and strong. Are you doing anything different with fitness or diet?

  6. Can I say Justin Timberlake, even though he’s really not an actor? I think he would be super fun. Or Emma Stone. And home improvement shows give me agita. God forbid I ever have to undertake a project bigger than, say, painting; because the disarray involved in renovations gives me palpitations. I’m going to be a disaster as a home-owner.

  7. Re: Boxed promo codes, in addition to the $15 one not working it also appears that the MC code is tied to your account and can only be redeemed if used from an email the offer was sent to.

  8. I love the moving comfort sports bras! I won’t use any others now!

    Also, I think they need to add more than 10 things to the target list… I can easily think of about 300 🙂

  9. I would be fascinated to meet Kevin Hart. I think he’s awesome and absolutely hysterical. Totally have a lucky sports bra that goes with my lucky running outfit. Although sadly I think it’s on it’s last legs…

  10. Thanks for the codes!!! definitely checking it out. I would love to meet Channing Tatum, he is proof that a God does exist!!! lol. I would love to try that sports bra, it looks cute and supportive. I feel really bad when I see chics running and their boobs are flopping everywhere, I just really to stop whatever I am doing and hug them and tell them to stop. Have a great day!!

  11. Tina, I love that picture of you with Quinn. You look awesome in it!

    I would love to meet Ellen and Jimmy Fallon (actors?) They both seem like so much fun.

  12. DANG your abs! h’okay. those prints are so cute! I love target too much. I have to avoid going in there because ugh I will spend waaaay too much.

    i dont really have any actor or actress i would LOVE to meet… there are a few i want to be friends with hahah but after working in that industry for a very short while, i’m a lot over it. Though, to be fair, my role was working with difficult and struggling clients to help keep them sober, and many of them did NOT want me around. soo… oh well.

  13. I have the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer bra, which is very similar to the Juno, and I love how NOTHING MOVES, just like you said. How do you feel about the sizing? Since they’re like bra sizes, I ordered what I thought would work, but the band is way too tight and I can’t breathe diaphragmatically when wearing it. I want to order a larger band size but I’m afraid that the cup size won’t be right. #boobproblems

  14. I also had the issue with the promo code…if you would like to use one for Boxed, you the one they gave me (for $15 off). EO8WN

    Im with Tina though… getting items delivered to my door next day AND on sale – winning.

  15. I’m watching Flip or Flop right now! Trying to get ideas since we decided to “redo” our kitchen by tearing things apart last weekend. I love Christina’s style especially in the kitchen and bath. Loved reading more about them!

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