What I’m Loving Lately XLVIII


Happy Friday, friends! Did this week fly by for anyone else? I feel like it was just Monday morning, and I was pouring myself an iced coffee. I swear, Tuesday through this morning was a whirlwind. Whoa. Time warp. Anyway, it’s my favorite day of the week (FRI-YAY!), so here is the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Fall shopping – Too soon? No way. Fall is THE time to shop. J.Crew’s Top Fall Picks gave me some awesome ideas for what to start wearing right now (love this), and I want all of the shoes from Madewell.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blondies – Whoa. And, yes, please!

Runner Recipes: 8 Summer Favorites – A round up of summer favorites from the Brooks Blog Ambassadors!

15 Trader Joe’s Grocery Staples For Busy People – Yes! We buy quite a few of these! 

Cooking bacon in the oven – So easy, so delicious. We will never cook bacon the old way ever again!

An Unexpected Way to Prevent Avocados From Browning – This is genius. But I really do love my avocado saver

22 Farm-Tastic Decorating Ideas Inspired by HGTV Host Joanna Gaines – So many adorable ideas! 

White Chocolate Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Well, this recipe definitely caught my attention. It calls for 1 cup of white chocolate chips (for real) + all sorts of delicious cheeses, so, of course, I’m super curious about it. I might just have to make it. Related: It’s also known as “Crack Mac.”

New hand towels for our master bathroom – I looked at 3 (yes, 3!) different Kohls to buy these hand towels with no luck. I ended up giving up and buying these ones instead, but then I found these at Target, which are by far my favorite of the bunch. Phew. Who knew bathroom décor was so difficult? Haha!

Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Trolls Haters of Its Gender-Neutral Move With Epic Replies – This was so funny! 

3-Ingredient Paleo Flatbread – I can’t wait to try this. I looks so simple!

The Number One Reason Runners Should Try CrossFit – I think everyone should try CrossFit, but runners definitely should!

Mental Wellness Summit –  Upcoming FREE presentation from Chris Kresser. In it, he will share new discoveries about how gut flora and your microbiome impacts depression and anxiety. You can sign up for free and streaming for the next 24 hours starts at 10:00 am EST today.

Trolley Bags – This thing looks amazing!


37 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Went To College In The ’90s – Loved this. Yes to all except #4. We definitely didn’t have a smoking section of our dining hall!

Will My Kids Be Better Off? [Study] – This was interesting. It focuses on parent concerns for their kids with regard to finances.  You can see the full report here.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!!!


  1. So this weekend I’m making bacon, mac n’cheese and peanut butter blondies? haha Thank you for the great finds, have a great weekend!

  2. Let me know how the crack mac is because that just seems a little odd.

    And my husband found those trolley bag things on the internet and showed them to me! They are genius!

  3. Ahh, that guy posing as Target Customer Service must have had the best catharsis ever! I hope Target takes it easy on him. 🙂 And those Trolley Bags: a friend of mine posted them on Facebook last week, and I immediately decided that I’m getting those for everyone for Christmas. EVERYONE.

  4. A sad occurrence…no more bacon at my house. But I imagine baking it would make your whole house smell delicious!

    Not sure on the trolley bags. They’re super cute…but wondering if they may not be more hassle than its worth?

  5. That list of stuff about college in the 90s is so funny because I’m not much younger than you, but I started college in 2003, and besides having land lines in our dorm, none of this applies 😀 my husband too, talks about how different things were between when he started college and when he graduated

  6. Loved all your “loves” Tina and just spent a good chunk of time checking out practically every link. I like the Target towels and may buy them too! Also the Madewell shoes. Thanks! :o)

  7. Wow, that white chocolate mac n’ cheese caught my eye right away. I wonder if it’s sweet? Because that doesn’t sound super appetizing to me. ;D

  8. Tina,

    I have been following you for years and I have never commented. I love watching your family grow, you are simply the best. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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