What I’m Loving Lately XLVII

Good morning! I hope your week if off to a wonderful start so far! Here’s the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags – My sister owns one of these bags and, the second I saw hers, I was in love. They look like regular handbags, but when you open it up, it’s a diaper bag. It’s the best of both worlds!

Smoothies – Oh my gosh, I am such a smoothie freak lately. I drink at least one everyday, but usually two or three. My recent favorites: Pick-Me-Up Smoothie, Coconut Mango SmoothieThe BEST Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie, and Creamsicle Smoothie.


An Apology to Every Woman Who Became a Mother Before Me – This was great.

Starbucks Doubleshot Protein Coffee – I typically don’t love many of the ready-to-drink options at Starbucks (they’re so darn sweet), but the Starbucks Doubleshot Protein Coffee is perfection. It’s creamy, not too sweet, and comes with protein in it!


How Big is Baby? Forget the Stinkin’ Fruit… How About Desserts? – This was adorable. Now you can keep track of your baby’s weekly growth based on desserts!

Squigz – We’ve actually loved Squigz for awhile now, but I just recently realized how amazing they are for keeping your little one entertained while dining out. They’re basically suction cups, so you can stick them all over and they don’t fall on the ground a zillion times while you’re trying to enjoy your meal… it’s more like a million.

IMG_5054 (1024x1024)

15 Things Girls Who Lift Are Sick and Tired of Hearing – Ok, this was a little repetitive, but the main message is loud and clear!

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Your Period – This was interesting.

CVS #findyourhealthy Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered to the #findyourhealthy giveaway! Here is your winner:


quest bars! always curb my craving!

Congrats, Corisa! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com with your full name and address to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

What are you loving lately? Think fast: Food? Product? Website?


  1. Loved Colleen’s post- so on point. Lately I’ve been loving avocado, tomato and corn salads and had the best watermelon martini on Saturday.

  2. The mom apology post hit me the wrong way. As a non-mom, reading this puts me and others who don’t have kids (for multiple reasons) on the defensive. Perhaps it was just the blogger’s individual perspective, but judgment flows both ways, and I found her insensitive.

  3. Good to know about the Starbucks protein drink! I have been scared to try it because usually I can’t even drink a sip of their drinks because of the sweetness. Lately I’ve been loving Trader Joe’s edamame hummus. I’ve been putting them on crackers with a slice of cucumber + salt and pepper!

  4. Loving lately: lemon water. Staving off summer sickness by adding a healthy splash of lemon juice to my water every day!

    That bag is soooo pretty. Most stylish diaper bag ever!

  5. Love the link for “15 Things Girls Who Lift Are Sick and Tired of Hearing”! Those were all soooo on point! Especially the one where someone asks if I need help lifting something. I’m very petite so a lot of people underestimate my strength. However, I’m a lot stronger than I look! 😉

  6. I have that EXACT diaper bag! I’ve been using it for a year, and it looks the same as the day I bought it. It was one of those rare purchases that totally lived up to my expectations. I can fit SO MUCH stuff in it. Thumbs up, for sure.

    1. @<a href="#comment-@mary m:

      I am 14 weeks now and just picked up that exact Diaper Bag at Nordstrom Rack for a steal! I have been wondering how it will function since it isn’t as “structured” as a lot I have seen. Would love to know if it is easy to find stuff when the bag is full and if it is suitable for just one baby. Thanks a bunch!! It is gorgeous 🙂

      1. @Michele S.: I’m using it for my three year old and my one year old; I’ve even been able to fit most of their stuff in it for flights! It isn’t too hard to find things when its really full, mostly because there are so many great pockets that I always know where stuff is anyway. I’ve never had a diaper bag with structured sides though, so I wouldn’t know how it compares.

  7. I have that brand diaper bag and it looks the exact same inside, but not outside. Perhaps because I bought mine in 2014? Who knows, but I love it. I wanted something non-diaper bag because I use it for both me and my daughter as our one bag. It has clips so I can hang it from the shopping cart handle instead of taking up room in the cart (or carrying it). My favorite feature!!

  8. Your smoothie recipes are bomb! Your recipe posts are good advtertizing, because now I need to buy your juice-smoothie book!
    I’m loving lately that it’s FINALLY summer in Finland 🙂 We’ve had nice chilly sub 60 degree days all July.. gotta love this arctic climate!

  9. I’ve been adding espresso or coffee grounds with cold brew to my smoothies for a while. I love the texture it gives and the extra kick in the morning doesn’t hurt either! Thanks for sharing about IBD and your period… I have Crohn’s and found this EXTREMELY interesting !

  10. I love the diaper bag…secretly wondering if I could get by carrying it as a purse…son is 20…no need for diapers!

  11. If you like that Starbucks drink, you should try the energy one for recovery. It has an almost perfect 3 to 1 carb to protein ratio. Has around 12 grams of protein and the kicker is it contains over 1000mg of potassium. And they taste great!

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