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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Friday to you!

Since it’s Friday and all, it’s time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. This week’s round-up includes quite the mix of links! Enjoy!

Funfetti Pancakes – Hellooooo! Our wedding anniversary is this weekend (7 years – holy cow), so I am planning to make these for Mal on Sunday morning.


13 Insanely Helpful How-Tos For the Kitchen – Includes how to shred Brussels sprouts without a food processor (for Cheesy Garlic & Herb Brussels Sprouts with Sausage), how to make croutons, how to make pasta, and more!

13 Insanely Helpful How-Tos For the Kitchen

10 things not to say to someone with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns – Definitely #5, #6, and #9.

Maxi Dresses – I always thought I was too short to wear them, but they’re such a perfect dress for summer, so I’ve changed my tune. I’m in love with this one and this one and, ok, this one from Nordstrom.

Coconut Cream Italian Sodas – I had a couple of these while on vacation, and I’m truly in love. They’re just coconut syrup + soda water + a splash of cream, but, wow, they are heavenly!

How to Reverse Chronic Illness Through Gut Health (Free Presentation) – Just wanted to share this info for those of you who struggle with gut issues. Chris Kresser is hosting it with Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright from SCD lifestyle on July 13th.

This Is What Happened When a Popular Blogger Took Off Her Makeup and Revealed Her Acne – This video made me so happy and so sad at the same time.


10 Celebrities With Autoimmune Diseases You Should Know – This was interesting!

The 12 Best Body-Positive Quotes From ESPN’s Naked Athletes – Loved this.

12 Netflix Documentaries That Will Make You Want to Be Healthy – Awesome list!

Take a Tour of Olivia Palermo’s Closet – Because who isn’t obsessed with her closet?

There Are 4 Personality Types Based On 4 Colors. Which Are You? – I saw this short quiz on Facebook. It was kind of fun and nailed my personality. Just wanted to share!

CVS #findyourhealthy Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered the CVS #findyourhealthy giveaway! Here is your winner:


My way to keep sane when traveling is to enjoy the moment! Travel is always what you make it, so even when flights get cancelled or things dont go as planned its important to enjoy who youre with and where you are!

Congrats, Hannah! Please email me with your mailing address to claim your prize!

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite healthy documentary?

Have you ever had an Italian soda?

Where are you off to this summer?



  1. Loving those maxi dresses- I have the same complex about being too short. I think I may need to give them a try, too, though. 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you and Mal! Hope you’ve got something special planned this weekend- oh, yea, the pancakes! Ha!

  2. Happy anniversary! I am celebrating my sixth in two weeks. We took a ten day vacation to the lake and returned to our wedding site to celebrate!

  3. One of my favorite health documentaries is “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” It was a really interesting documentary on juicing and one man’s journey to health through juicing. I will have to check some of these others out too. I always enjoy learning more about health.

  4. OMG, those pancakes!! They look amazing! That video of the blogger made me sad though. I suffered from bad acne as a teenager and it was awful. Although I had friends who never made fun of me, I was extremely self-conscious and walked with my head down all the time. I then took Accutane which is a brutal medication, but it did work and I finally felt confident in my own skin. It shocks me how people can be so terribly rude on social media. I’m glad she had the courage to stand up to the hate though.

  5. I love Forks Over Knives, it does encourage you to start juicing. Although I made one juice from their recipe book and wasn’t that keen :/

    Those pancakes look so pretty!!

  6. Those funfetti pancakes look wonderful!

    I’m short and I’m still a huge fan of maxi dresses. I’ve gotten a few from Old Navy and recently Gap that I didn’t even need to hem (I’m not sure how anyone taller wore them, but I’ll still take it), and others I just hem myself. They can really add some (visual) height!

    I’m just road-tripping to Michigan this summer for a wedding. But I was in Antigua in February, so that was my big trip to get out of the Northeast snow!

  7. I was nervous about maxi skirts. I tried one and loved it! So easy and fun to wear! I love Hungry for a Change on Netflix. Some of the stuff was pretty intense about some products and things but other than that I thought it was pretty good!

  8. Whenever we go to my towns local pancake house, I always order birthday pancakes because they look just like funfetti! And it comes with ice cream so…. obvious choice. I’m heading back to Nantucket in August. Can’t wait for a full week off!

  9. NEED to try those pancakes! Thanks for sharing! Also, I’ll definitely be checking out some of those documentaries. Happy Anniversary!

  10. I actually met the guy who produced GMO OMG. He came to UWGB and talked to my pollution control class and we were able to watch parts of it before it’d official release. Super interesting!

  11. I feel like every Italian soda I’ve had tastes completely different! I guess it depends completely on who is making it!
    I’m headed to Greece! Here’s hoping the political financial situation resolves before August!

  12. Happy Anniversary! I love funfetti pancakes-my dining hall at school occasionally had them last year, and I think they were just regular pancakes made with sprinkles, but it just made them so much better!

  13. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, along with leaky gut – UC symptoms are much worse, so I definitely won’t say I understand your experience, but I understand the autoimmune side of it. “You don’t look sick” is my favorite. It’s laughable!

  14. Tina- just curious how tall/short are you?!
    I’m only 5’1″ and definitely feel too short for a maxi dress, although I’d love to be able to pull one off!

  15. First, those pancakes look INSANE. Makes me want to whip up a batch right now!

    My favorite documentary so far has been forks over knives. Very eye opening!

  16. This line from the 10 Things Not to Say article:
    “You seemed ok when I saw you out last week”

    That line kills me. I get migraines. I get them A LOT sometimes. I can go a week without one, or I can have one 3-4 days in a row. But I’m a mom, and often my husband works weekends and I have to “do it all” on those days. I have made a vow to not let the “worst headache ever” ruin my day. Now I know some people aren’t lucky enough to be able to push through. But I can most days. I can put on sunglasses and a smile. And as long as the kiddos refrain from screaming too loud, I can function. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not in pain, that doesn’t mean, just because you saw me “functioning” yesterday, I am OK. Because I am NOT. It hurts and the thought of attempting exercise makes me want to cry. I hurt, I hurt a lot.
    Outside doesn’t always match the inside. So if someone tells you that that don’t feel good, that they hurt, or even mentally they aren’t OK. BELIEVE THEM! It isn’t an excuse or for attention. Outside doesn’t always match the inside.

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