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Good morning, happy Friday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mal!!! The love of my life turns 32 years old today!

Nick & Elizabeth's wedding

I woke up bright and early this morning to make him a special birthday breakfast (complete with warm, chocolate croissants) and we have plans for later today, so I am hoping birthday #32 is going to be a great one for him!

IMG_9668 (900x675)

Murphy and I kept Mal company while he ate breakfast and opened presents.

IMG_9673 (900x675)

Murphy was sitting on my lap and happened to catch a glimpse of his own reflection in a mirror in the nursery. Thinking it was (OMG!) another dog in our house, he totally spazzed out. He jumped off my lap, ran into the nursery like his pug pants were on fire, and started barking like a maniac! Haha! And then, of course, he was all confused when he couldn’t find the “other” dog. What a nut. I love that Murphy makes us laugh every.single.day.

smartest pug on earth  (675x900)

Anyway, here’s another edition of What I’m Loving Lately for your viewing pleasure!

My first purchase from ThredUp

I was in desperate need of a new wallet (my old one literally had holes worn into it), so I went onto ThredUp to see what they had and fell in love with the one below. The brand is Pilcro and the Letterpress (sold at Anthropologie), and it originally cost $118, but I got it for just $30! Yay!

IMG_9608 (900x675)

Lettuce wraps

I forgot how much I love lettuce wraps. They’re so versatile and convenient. I really need to make them more often. I made Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps from SkinnyTaste earlier this week, and they were awesome. They’re definitely a must-make if you’re looking for a good, healthy taco recipe!

photo (21) (900x900)

Funfetti cake

It’s Mal’s birthday today, so I’m planning to make him a Funfetti cake (his FAVORITE) to celebrate. I actually might love Funfetti cake as much as he does, so I am really looking forward to enjoying a piece with him later on today.

Garden in a Bag

I saw this Garden in a Bag the other day in a magazine, and I thought it was the cutest present ever””perfect for a hostess gift, right?

Creative Storage Solutions

I stumbled upon these 7 Storage Ideas Worth Considering earlier this week and thought they were so creative. Just wanted to share the link with those of you who live in small houses/apartments/dorm rooms!

7 Storage Ideas Worth Considering

The Laughing Cow + Blueberry Chia Seed Jelly

My goodness, this flavor combination of Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow and Blueberry Chia Seed Jelly is just so, so, so delicious. I must have eaten it at least a half dozen times this week””on toast, a rice cake, and on a two-ingredient pancake. Mmm… I can’t get enough of it lately!

IMG_9615 (900x675)

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

What’s your go-to hostess gift?

What snack are you loving lately?



  1. I love Funfetti cake! My mom made this “spotty” cake for my little brother when he came down with the chickenpox, so it’s known as “chickenpox” cake in our family.

    In any event, enjoy the cake and Mal’s birthday evening.

  2. i love simple breakfasts and that blueberry chia jam and laughing cow cheese on toast looks delish.

    sooo i literally just made the blueberry chia jam after reading this post and came back to comment. so thanks for the breakfast idea for tomorrow 🙂

    and happy birthday to mal! fun-fetti cake is actually my favorite as well. my fiance’s parents always make me one for my birthday and we joke it’s going to the the flavor of our wedding cake!

  3. Ice cream cake it my favorite kind of cake. In my thirties and still get one on my birthday every year.
    Snack I am loving lately is greek yogurt with fruit and that fabulous peanut butter granola I got from you!!! Except my husband loves it too and has no will power so he pretty much eats it all on me.

  4. I’m catching up on your last few posts so I’m a little bit late to the comments but WTH, I’m going to comment! 🙂 My favorite snack recently has been plain Greek yogurt with homemade strawberry rhubarb sauce. The sauce was a super easy, 4 ingredient recipe, it’s super seasonal, and totally yummy. Who would have thought that something that looks like red celery is so good mixed with something sweet!

  5. I love the idea of using the swiss cheese with blueberries. I tried to stop buying laughing cow and only get, like, pretentious hipster cheese or whatever, but it’s so versatile! I caved and bought a few different flavors : )

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