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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hello, hello! Happy Friday!

Here’s another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! I really enjoy writing these posts, and I think all week long about what I should include. I hope you guys enjoy this week’s picks!

Ice Cream Sandwich pan (for mini pancakes)

I saw a photo of this ice cream sandwich pan on Sarah’s Instagram account and immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for. You see, Mal and I love frozen waffles for breakfast and snacks, but they’re kind of expensive ($4 per box) and we typically go through them in less than 24 hours. (There are only 6 waffles per box.) Our frozen waffle habit was getting a bit out of control, so I thought if I could make them at home, it would be a more affordable (and probably healthier) option. Long story short, I used this ice cream sandwich pan to make homemade mini waffles!

IMG_9065 (900x675)

Homemade Mini Waffles


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour (or other flour)
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Blend all ingredients in a food processor or with a hand mixer until smooth.
  3. Coat ice cream sandwich pan with non-stick cooking spray and then pour batter evenly among cups. (The batter will be really watery, but that’s okay!)
  4. Bake for 15-17 minutes until waffles are firm to the touch.
  5. Remove from oven and serve immediately. (You can also store these in the refrigerator or freeze them for future use.)

Makes 12 mini waffles

IMG_9114 (900x675)

Confession: These waffles aren’t light and fluffy like frozen waffles, but they are really tasty. They’re a lot more dense and hearty in my opinion. They’re basically a version of my OMG Pancakes, so if you like those, you will love these. And they are the perfect snack with a little bit of nut butter spread on top!

I have been making a batch at a time and just leaving them in the fridge in a plastic container to heat up in the toaster oven or microwave, but I am going to try to make a huge batch and freeze them the next time. And, of course, someday I will use the pan to make cookies for ice cream sandwiches!


QuizUp is another game that Mal and I are now addicted to. It’s a trivia game that you can play head-to-head with friends on your smartphone. I love it because there are a ton of different categories (more than 400) to chose from, including celebrities, dogs, and beer.


Physicians Formula Powder Palette

Looking for a cheap bronzer recommendation? This one from Physicians Formula is the bomb. I actually purchased my first one, oh, probably more than a year ago (I know… gross), and I have since used almost the entire thing. I bought a brand new compact the other day, so I figured I would share my recommendation with you guys since I love this product so much. It adds a very natural-looking warmness to your skin (and, apparently, lasts a really long time).

IMG_9068 (900x675)

Oh Yes It’s Free

I just recently discovered Oh Yes It’s Free, and it’s an awesome freebie website. You can really, truly get stuff for free and without a lot of sketchy signs ups. I registered for a free subscription of America Baby as well as a few beauty product and home samples!

Slam Balls

Maybe it’s because I’m super pregnant and can’t comfortably perform too many exercises anymore, but our Slam Balls have become some of my favorite pieces of equipment. The 15-pound one really gets my heart rate up and the 30-pound one is great for strength moves, like squats, cleans, and Thrusters. And, hey, it’s just fun slamming a ball on the ground in the name of fitness! Haha!

Ball Slams


Well, technically, I’m loving all fresh flowers lately. I never used to buy them””I didn’t want to “waste” my money””but now having pretty flowers on display in our home makes me so darn happy. The bright pop of color just puts the biggest smile on my face! They’re worth every cent to me now!

IMG_9079 (675x900)

Questions of the Day

How long do you keep make-up before throwing it away?

What’s your favorite kind of flower? 


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  1. I love QuizUp… And tulips and roses! I usually keep my makeup until it’s gone – whoops!

  2. I’m totally with you on the fresh flowers! Particularly tulips and peonies. I love the how the fragrance permeates my home when I have the windows open on a nice breezy day. And of course they look pretty too 😉 Oh and my make-up bag would probably horrify a dermatologist! lol

  3. All of the tulips I planted in the fall are now blossoming all around my house. It is so beautiful to come home and see all of the gorgeous colors. But my favorite flower is the peony. Unfortunately, they are only in bloom for a very short time in June so I never have enough time to enjoy them to the fullest.

  4. When my husband was injured and couldn’t run I used to go do spinning sessions at the gym with him. To pass the time we would play quiz up together. It was a lot of fun and brought out some friendly competition! 😉

  5. I LOVE these posts because I typically am going out and buying what you are writing about or I am downloading for my phone i.e Key Ring :). Can’t wait to download the new game and I am loving tulips right now, our neighborhood is filled with them!

  6. I keep makeup for far too long. It’s no wonder my mascara hasn’t given me some sort of eye infection. And I rarely wear eye shadow so there are a few I have had for 5 years!

    Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. Fuji mums and tulips are close behind!

  7. I found this list of how long to keep makeup–http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-long-should-you-keep-your-make-up.html and basically anything creamy only a few months, powdery stuff up to 2 years, so you’re all good! Personally I have a real Sephora problem, so I have things that are pushing those limits just because I am always finding something else new and pretty!
    I’m with you on the flowers, its just a few $ for days and days of happy!

  8. The pan baked waffles sound like a great idea! Trader Joes waffles are 8 to a box, but they don’t last very long. Wonder if the eggs were separated and the whites whipped separate like a typical waffle batter would make them lighter/fluffier.
    The slam balls look perfect to add to home workouts. Thanks for your great ideas!

  9. What a FUN post!!!

    My favorite flowers are tulips so anytime I see them, I just LOVE it!! To me they just ooze Spring, sunshine, and green grass.

    We do ball slams at our gym and boy are they tough – but I’m not an advanced CrossFit chick like you – I’m a rookie. 🙂 They definitely make you work for it since you have to smack it really hard in order for it to bounce high enough for an easy catch!

    We’re doing a Paleo diet now and I want to try those waffles. We made almond meal pancakes but the calorie count on those makes me cringe. These look lighter.

  10. Awesome post, Tina! One quick question, though…wouldn’t subbing in another flour other than coconut flour change the consistency of the waffle? Coconut flour is so different than other flours and I think you would need to change the other ingredients in order to sub in another kind of flour. Right?

    1. It might! That’s what I had in the house so that’s what I used. I honestly don’t think it matters too much. You’ll still end up with a waffle/pancake-like thing no matter what type of flour you use! 🙂

  11. Those waffles look delicious! I think I will be making those this weekend 🙂 That game looks like a lot of fun too. I’m always looking for new games to play with hubs. We love the Ellen game, Heads Up! So much fun!

  12. What a clever idea with the waffles! I’ll have to see if I can find that pan here somewhere to give them a shot! I keep makeup forever! I find it so wasteful to throw out makeup after just a few weeks. Possibly gross, but hasn’t hurt me yet! I LOVE lilies! They are by far my favorite, tulips are really gorgeous too though!

  13. I always have fresh flowers in my home….love them. Favorite ones to buy are these ~ they come in all diff flavors ~ and will last for 2 weeks!! 🙂


    I wonder if your 2-ingredient pancake will work in the ice cream sandwich maker….. hmmmm, I’m gonna have to try it.

  14. I saw that pan at Crate And Barrel and totally want to go back to buy it – it’s so cute….Favorite flower for me is hydrangeas and roses. My mother though loves peonies which I just had to special order for Sunday – who knew they were so hard to find?

  15. I keep my makeup for way too long. In fact, yesterday I sharpened an eyeliner that I realized I had bought when I lived in New Orleans…7 years ago.
    As the commenter a few above said, “I have a bit of a makeup problem”. I have a birchbox subscription so I get new samples every month, plus one of my best friends works for the global office of Benefit beauty, so he gives me makeup, plus what I buy…it’s out of control! Every year I say I’m not going to buy new makeup until I use up what I have…and every year, I fail!

  16. When you’re doing the slam balls are you dropping into a low squat and catching the ball on the second bounce? That’s what we typically do at CF, but as I get further into my pregnancy, dropping that fast is a little risky (read: I’m afraid to pee my pants…………). Just wondering if that’s what you’re doing, or if you’ve modified the move at all. Love reading your blog…great info/inspiration for the knocked up crossfitter!

    1. The slam ball doesn’t really bounce like a med ball, so I’m usually just squatting and picking it up off the ground! 😄

  17. I’m terrible about throwing out makeup. I keep it forever if it is powder form. I really need to go through and throw stuff away!! I’ll def have to check out that bronzer!

    I love all flowers. They just brighten your day when you come home and see them in a vase. 🙂

  18. That mini pancake pan looks awesome!

    I usually try not to keep my mascara for more than 3 months. I normally use it up by then anyway. I don’t want to keep my make up for too long because who knows what kinds of bacteria are lurking in there!

  19. Tip: make a double batch of those waffles to freeze a couple days before you deliver (if you have any control of that) for easy breakfast and snacks the first couple weeks you’re adjusting to baby Haupert.

  20. I’ll have to check out Oh Yes It’s Free. Free Stuff Times is also a good site for legit freebies.

  21. you are a genius with that frozen waffle method! I would def use that with the paleo pancakes I make. such a good idea!

    Ive been playing quizup too! just wish I felt smarter

    calla lilies are my favorite

  22. Is it sad to say that I’ve had some make-up that’s probably well past its due date? I just don’t wear make-up very often. I’m a tinted moisturizer with SPF every day kind of gal. If it looks gross or the texture’s changed, I’ll definitely chuck it. Otherwise I keep it.
    My favorite flower is definitely a peony. I wanted them for my wedding bouquet so badly, but they were out of season in September. My florist was able to find the most amazing roses that looked like peonies. I love how delicate they are and their light blush color (the color you see them in most, though they can be a range of pinks).

  23. I love QuizUp! Every time I reach level 10 on any topic, I’ll change my title lol. Right now I’m Paparazzi thanks to all those celebrity quizzes.

    I think I am going to look into getting one of those slam balls for those times when I don’t want to go to the gym but still want to get a good workout in.

  24. I can’t believe I’m commenting before I go download QuizUp!!

    I’m with you, tulips are such a pretty flower. My first Vday bouquet from my husband had roses and tulips in it. My make-up drawer is a disaster because I’m awful about throwing things away. I used some eye primer this week that I’m sure is pushing eight years old. My test was, will this make my eyes burn? And it didn’t, so I’ve used it three times, lol.

  25. I used to play QuizUp all the time in The Big Bang Theory category lol.
    I keep my makeup till it runs out lol. It doesn’t usually take too long though, maybe a few months.
    I love pink tiger lilies. I bought a bouquet of flowers today just because they had those in it. They’re just so pretty!

  26. I probably keep makeup way too long 🙂 I guess probably like you, almost a year sometimes, or until I just notice I’m running low! Makeup can be so expensive too so I try to make it last as LONG as possible!! PS, love tulips, so pretty!

  27. I keep my make up WAY too long. I don’t even want to think about it. But every time I think I should replace it, I see something else I want (LIKE THAT WAFFLE PAN) and the money goes elsewhere. le sigh…

  28. I love Physicians Formula products!! I especially love the Shimmer Strips bronzer/blush/eye shadow compact, although I mainly use it for eye shadow. You can use the lightest color for your brow bone, the next one for lid and crease for day, and them “oomph” it up with the darker colors for night. I have tried a few, but keep going back to the “Riviera” one. These last forever as well….have had my current one for probably 6 mo. and use it daily. Side note – You are an absolutely adorable pregnant person!! 🙂

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