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Hi, friends! Goooooood morning to you! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. This week has totally flown by for me. Holy cow.

It being Thursday and all, I wanted to share another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. I have a lot of fun writing these posts, and I hope you guys enjoy reading them! So, without further ado, here is what I’m loving lately!

@jermzlee on Instagram

I am loving (and, ok, totally obsessed) with Jeremy Veach’s Instagram account. He posts the most amazing photos of his pug, Norm, and they always make me smile. (Norm even does selfies!) If you’re a pug-lover or even just a dog-lover, you definitely need to follow @jermzlee on Instagram. You are guaranteed some daily happiness!


Scotch Brite Upholstery Pet Hair Remover

Elizabeth told me about the Scotch Brite Upholstery Pet Hair Remover when she visited the other day, and I immediately ordered it online. (Amazon Prime, baby!) We share the same dog fur battle (her: dark Frenchie fur on a light beige couch; me: fawn pug fur on a dark gray couch), so I knew she was onto something with her recommendation.

IMG_2752 (900x900)

Unfortunately, the Pet Hair Remover didn’t really work on our living room couch because the “Microtrap Grippers” kept getting stuck on the woven fabric, but it worked AMAZINGLY WELL on the microfiber couch on our sun porch, which is where Murphy spends the majority of his day (while crushing all of the throw pillows with his enormous pug butt). There’s seriously SO MUCH pug fur on this couch (it’s actually kind of gross), so I am psyched to have this new pet fur removing tool!

Basically, if you have a microfiber couch and a crazy-shedding dog or cat, definitely get this thing! I cleaned ALL of the fur off the sun porch couch in a matter of minutes, and it was awesome! So much easier than dragging out the vacuum!

IMG_4493 (450x600)

Chunky Lola Cookies

I had my first Chunky Lola Cookie at Flour a few weeks ago when I met Lauren for lunch, and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since. With it being the final week of my April Cookbook Challenge and all, I finally decided it was time to bake a batch of them and, oh my goodness, they did not disappoint!

Fresh mint

I’m really loving fresh mint lately. I’ve been adding it to my juice in the morning (loving: apple, cucumber, baby spinach, lemon, and mint) and making virgin mojitos with it almost every night.

I’ve been meaning to tell the pregnant ladies (and those of you who don’t drink alcohol) about my virgin mojitos because they are SO GOOD and SO EASY to make. All you need is a mortar and pestle, 1 lime, sugar, seltzer water or coconut water, and a bunch of fresh mint. Then, cut the lime into quarters and muddle it with sugar (I use about 1-2 teaspoons) and mint. When you have a muddled mess of lime, mint, and sugar, pour it into a glass with ice and then add seltzer water or coconut water for a delicious, light, and refreshing virgin mojito in a matter of minutes! (It’s also delicious with flavored coconut water, like pineapple or pomegranate.)

Jessica Simpson’s Maternity Line

I’m actually a little sad that I just discovered Jessica Simpson’s maternity line with less than 6 weeks to go of my pregnancy because she has so many cute things that I would have totally purchased, but I figured I’d tell the moms-to-be out there anyway!


Questions of the Day

Any tips/advice/product recommendations for dealing with pet fur?

What’s your all-time favorite cookie recipe?

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  1. Thanks for the Jessica Simpson recommendation! I am eighteen weeks and just starting to transition to maternity clothes. Oye. I already miss my wardrobe. Hoping to find some good pieces for the summer and some weddings as well.

  2. One of my pups is a German Shepard…..AKA SO MUCH HAIR. I sweep 3 times a day and vaccuum every other and its still NOT enough! I have covers on the couch but even those get gross. I will need to try this to see if I can combat some of the hair!

  3. My mum used to just wrap duct tape backwards around her hand and use it to grab it off the furniture, worth a try 😉

    I’m definitely following Jeremy’s Instagram account now! Murphy along with one of the guys I work with having a pug dog has convinced me to want one now too!

  4. I always keep a fur/lint roller in the car. It’s happened more than once where I am out the door to work, wearing black pants, and the dog accidentally brushed my leg. 🙂 I also have lots of friends who have a seat in the house designated for the dog.

  5. I also have the scotch brite pet hair remover, but sometimes we just bust out the packaging tape. Those old man felt/velvet lint brushes work pretty decently too. The Dyson vacuum has an attachment with that lining that works great for couches.

  6. Love the pet hair remover! They work very well! I think the best way to eliminate pet hair is by just regular grooming. 🙂 I’m not great at cookies, so I usually spread the dough in the bottom of a cookie sheet and make a “cake cookie”.

  7. I love love love white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies! They are always soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, perfection! We don’t have any surfaces that really need de-furring but that scotch brite thing looks like it would totally work wonders!!

  8. I loved wearing Jessica Simpson’s line when pregnant. I got great deals at Macy’s when they were marked down. I only bought a few pieces but wore them over and over again and they lasted and still in great shape for me to pass on to another expecting mother.

  9. thanks for sharing! i will need to check out the pet hair remover thingy – i have a black cat and a white cat. normally i just use tape, lol.

  10. I looooveee cookies! My favorite recipe is for cake batter cookies because they are just os darn easy to make. It’s just a box of cake mix (any flavor), 2 eggs, and 1/3-1/2 cup of oil. You can then add chocolate chips or nuts or sprinkles as you like. I love making funfetti cake batter cookies because they are so cute and festive!

  11. I definitely need to check into that Scotch-Brite thing! We have a microfiber couch with labs that shed like crazy, so it’d be perfect. What do you CLEAN your microfiber couch with? Someone recently told me to use Windex, but I’m a little reluctant. Have you ever heard of that?

    Good to know about Jessica Simpson’s maternity line! I don’t think I ever knew she had one. I bet she has some cute stuff!

  12. Have you ever heard of a monster cookie? Basically you throw in chocolate chips, m&ms, coconut, whatever you have around and bake it in the dough. What comes out is a masterpiece.

    Jessica Simpson has some great clothing, so it’s good to know she has branched out to maternity if I ever need it one day.

  13. A great hair remover tool for couches is a plain old rubber kitchen glove! (The reuseable sturdy ones…not the doctor throw away kind). You just wear the glove and rub your hand around to get the hair in clumps. After you are done you can either vaccum or use a lint roller for the big chunks! (I was using TONS of lint roller sheets for my couch but this way it only uses one or two!) This method should work on your woven couch too!

  14. I’m definitely going to check out the pet hair remover. We have a black dog and a black cat so there is fur on everything!!! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Fresh herbs are awesome! I’m heading to the Farmer’s Market this weekend to pick up some herbs to get a little kitchen herb garden started.

  15. In terms of pet fur, just good old fashioned weekly vacuuming and dusting. I’ve noticed that the longer I go in between dusting and the fur piles up, the harder it is to get off. Oh, and lint rollers. 🙂
    My all-time favorite cookes are these butterscotch ones my college used to serve. We had a tradition called “M&C’s” (Milk and Cookies)–we’d get dessert delivered to our dorm dining halls at 9:00 Sun-Th nights. Butterscotch only popped up about once a month, so I would grab extras when I had a chance. Yes, there was definitely a freshman 15…

  16. At some point my husband and I want to get a dog, and we want an inside dog, so we are trying to find a dog that doesn’t shed incredibly too much. I”m afraid that’s going to be hard to find!

  17. I’m pregnant with my second child, and wanted to say think you for sharing the link re: Jessica Simpons maternity line It’s so hard to find cute maternity clothes, and it seems store options are limited. Thanks!

  18. I am totally ordering one of the pet hair removers! I have a microfiber couch, two pugs, and two cats, so I am drowning in fur sometimes, and I hate getting the vacuum out!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

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