What I’m Loving Lately 70

Good morning and happy, happy, HAPPY Friday to you!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! Ok, here we go… here’s what I’m loving lately!

Kate Spade cell phone case – I didn’t realize just how disgusting my old cell phone case was until I got a new one! Haha! But, seriously, I’m so glad I bought a new one. This “island stamp” design is perfect for summer and just makes me happy when I see it! (And it’s not disgusting.)

kate spade phone case

Coco-Vanilla Protein Bars – Hellllllo! Don’t these protein bars look amaaaazing?! And the recipe only requires 5 ingredients. Sign me up!! These Chocolate Protein Bars look pretty epic too.


Dark Gray & Mint Hari Mari Flip Flops – The folks at Hari Mari recently sent me a pair of their flip flops, and I’m totally in love. The “Lakes” pair that I picked out is made from leather with memory foam, so they’re super comfy and didn’t need any sort of breaking-in, and I’ve worn them non-stop since receiving them!

hari mari flip flops

Nutty Protein Granola Bars – These look delicious!!

Theo Coconut Bites – OMG, so, so, so good! I randomly bought a package at Whole Foods the other day and, whoa, I’m in love. Now I’m even more excited to be in Seattle! I wonder if I can finagle a factory tour while there?

IMG_9123 (1280x1280)

Mango Chia Pudding – Yummmm! I can’t wait to try this! FYI: The Mango Chia Pudding from Trader Joe’s is really good, too!

Wayback Machine – My new web guy told me about this site after I forgot to screenshot the old CNC before my recent redesign. It’s a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet created by a nonprofit organization. Really cool, right? I was pumped to discover that CNC has been well-documented over the years! FYI: If you want to see how CNC has changed since early 2008, check out this post.


Gut bacteria spotted eating brain chemicals for the first time – Super interesting!

Tazo Unsweetened Iced Mango Green Tea – Starbucks recently sent me some of their Tazo K-Cup pods to try and they make the best iced tea! Just pop in the Keurig and add ice! I’m especially loving the mango green lately!


Easy Baked Ginger Chicken – This looks so good and so simple! I’m definitely adding it to my meal plan for next week!

Trader Joe’s Cowboy Caviar – Love this stuff. It’s great as a dip with chips or crackers as well as a recipe ingredient. I actually have a delicious, 3-ingredient dinner coming to CNC soon!


20 Healthy, On-The-Go Breakfasts – Great round-up!

Do Gut Microbes Control Your Food Cravings? – This was interesting!

Questions of the Day

Are you more of an iced coffee or iced tea drinker? 

Anyone else obsessed with Cowboy Caviar

What are YOU loving lately? 


  1. Those Theo coconut bars are SO GOOD. I had one from Whole Foods recently. I am more of an iced tea drinker. I am always meaning to make a big batch at home to keep in my fridge. It’s just so refreshing. Happy Friday!

  2. I’m way more of an iced coffee drinker, but I do love Thai iced tea! You HAVE to go on the Theo tour. It’s only about $5/person (at least it was in 2014, haha) and is about 30 minutes of science-y education stuff, and the rest is tasting the chocolate. Quinn may not love it because there is a sit down portion at the beginning, but it’s definitely a fun little date day. My husband and I went with friends and had a great time. We also ate A LOT of free samples 🙂

  3. Oh Tina, you always list at least one thing each Friday that I want! This week its those flip flops, so cute! Its hard to pass up a comfy pair of flip flops!
    I’ll also need to pick up a jar of the cowboy cariar next time I’m at TJ’s! I love chunky dips and salsas!

    I’m LOVING the peanut butter chocolate chip larabar – I heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds, oh my! Kind of reminds me of peanut m&m’s too!

  4. I prefer iced tea to iced coffee, unsweetened with lemon is so refreshing! I need to try this Cowboy Caviar 🙂

    And finally I’m loving Harvest Snaps Snap Pea Crisps (lightly salted)…they sell large resealable bags at Wegmans and they’re addictive!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Those chocolate coconut cups look amazing! I love the ones with PB. I am definitely a cold brew coffee drinker! But those iced tea k-cups look super handy… once in awhile I will drink iced herbal tea, as another way to stay hydrated.

  6. I love the shade of those new sandals. It’s not too light that they’ll look dirty, but also not too dark either.

    Wayback Machine can be pretty fun. It’s like a trip back in time through the internet.

  7. I have the shabbiest most disgusting leather cell phone case and I was looking at the Kate Spade ones yesterday at Chapters. Perhaps I should make the leap and my happy outcome will be similar to yours? haha

    I recently tried Iced Mango Green tea and OMG!

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a Trader Joes here but that Cowboy Caviar looks unreal!!

    What I’m loving lately –> Wholly Guacamole (the 10-cal packs from Costco) on rice crackers! So addicting that I probably shouldn’t keep the combo in the house :/

  8. I live in Fremont about a 10 minute walk from Theo’s and love being able to get my chocolate from the source! More frequently than I’d like it admit..ha! They have tons of free samples available all the time, so even if Quinn isn’t in the mood to hang during the tour you can still get your fix. Also, right around the corner from Theo’s along the bike path (by the canal) are two huge bushes carved into the shape of brontosauruses. You should totally check them out!

  9. I just went on a Theo chocolate tour last week! They’re super informative but I’d recommend going on a weekday, as the factory doesn’t really operate on weekends so there’s not too much action happening. You do get to sample lots of delicious chocolate!

  10. love iced coffee, hate iced tea. Iced tea makes my throat feel scratchy… super mild allergy or just a really strong dislike?

    I love that cowboy caviar! It’s great with bean burritos and guac 🙂

    I’m super into strawberry smoothies at the moment, with whole milk 🙂 so they’re basically milkshakes I guess…

    My phones all kinds of cracked right now because I took the case off for a little. just tryna make it through the next 5 months until my update is due!

  11. Can’t wait to check out the on the go breakfasts! I’ve been eating overnight oats every morning but really want to switch things up. Yay!

  12. Hi Tina! I’ve been reading your blog for years and happen to work at Theo! I’m so glad you like the coconut bites!! I would love to take you on a tour of our factory. I’m pretty sure you can access my email through my comment so shoot me an email and we can set something up. It would be very cool to meet you in person!

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