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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, friends!

The weekend is almost here and you guys know what that means: Time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! (I wasn’t sure how many of you would be traveling or doing fun things for the 4th, so I decided to publish this post a little early.) Yeehaw! Here’s what I’m loving lately!

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! We are seriously loving chunky wooden puzzles in our house lately. Some of Quinn’s favorites are pictured below: Melissa & Doug Construction Wooden Chunky PuzzleMelissa & Doug Dinosaur Chunky PuzzleMelissa & Doug Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle, and Janod Robots Chunky Puzzle.

IMG_8688 (1280x1280)

This is a sponsored post on behalf of White Claw Seltzer Works. All text and opinions are my own. 

White Claw Hard Seltzer – Love, love, love! White Claw might just be my drink of the summer! I recently had a chance to try these hard seltzers and fell in love with them immediately. They’re all-natural sparking seltzer with 5% alcohol, a touch of pure cane sugar, and just a hint of natural fruit flavor for only 110 calories per serving. It’s basically a simple vodka + soda, but served in a convenient can, so it’s all the good without the bad!

white claw hard seltzer

The White Claw Hard Seltzers come in 3 crisp flavors: Lime, Black Cherry, and Ruby Grapefruit. The flavors aren’t overly sweet or artificial tasting at all– just light and refreshing.


White Claw is great for just about any summer occasion– at the beach or poolside, while boating on the lake, or at a backyard barbecue. They’re super convenient and make a perfect adult beverage for all sorts of social gatherings. Clearly, I’m a huge fan. Definitely keep a look out for them this summer. You won’t be disappointed! 


Patriotic Stacked Smoothies – How adorable are these smoothies!? LOVE.

Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Autentico – We’ve served this chicken at least three times now to guests at our house and it’s always a winner. We just throw it on the grill, serve with a couple of sides and a big ol’ green salad and, just like that, dinner is done!


Magnesium lotion – I’ve actually been meaning to tell you guys about magnesium lotion for awhile now. Nicole suggested it when we first started working together since my body doesn’t absorb nutrients like most healthy people and magnesium deficiency is actually a widespread issue that many of us deal with. (Some estimates suggest that over 90% of us are deficient.) A magnesium deficiency can contribute to a ton of health issues, including leaky gut/intestinal permeability, and mess with your hormones, sleep, anxiety, and energy levels. Basically, adding magnesium lotion to my daily routine was an easy decision and this one from Life-flo is awesome. It goes on just like regular body lotion and has a light coconut smell to it. Love it.


More reading on magnesium deficiency:

Allover Alligator Monogram Beach Towel – How adorable is this towel?! Quinn received it as a birthday gift, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Perfect beach towel. It’s also on sale right now from Pottery Barn Kids!


Healthy 4th of July Cookie Cake Recipe – This looks so delicious and so festive!

Chobani Meze Dip Three-Pepper Salsa – Chobani sent me some of their new Meze dips to try and, wow, they are delicious. And so perfect for summer entertaining! The Three-Pepper Salsa and Smoked Onion and Parmesan are my favorite– Quinn’s too!

IMG_8637 (1280x1280)

Soothe Mineral Sunscreen from Rodan + Fields – My new favorite sunblock! It’s a broad spectrum SPF 30 that contains only mineral-based sunscreen ingredients. It’s soothing/calming, lightweight and feels soooo good when you apply it (soft and silky). Related: I’m a HUGE fan of the Rodan + Fields Reverse line and have used it religiously since February. It’s done amazing things for my skin, and I only have great things to say about it! Maybe I’ll share a before and after pic soon! 🙂


Plates, bowls, and dipping cups from Lollaland – You guys remember our obsessed with the Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup, right? We still love them and use them all the time, so the Lollaland brand recently sent us some more of their products to try out. We especially love their Mealtime Set, which comes with a colorful plate, bowl, and dipping cup, which, of course, is Quinn’s favorite. He loves dipping his food! Their dishes are perfectly sized for kid portions, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free and phthalate-free. We’re big fans over here!


Three Questions – My friends from Haven Life recently asked me 3 questions about some big decisions in my life. Check ’em out!

Gold Emblem Cashew & Caramel Sweet & Salty Chewy Granola Bar – Sooooo good! You’ve got to try this one!

IMG_8598 (1280x1280)

Question of the Day

What’s up for your July 4th weekend?

I’m off to Eugene, Oregon with Brooks Running to watch the Track & Field Olympic Trials. How cool is that?! I’m so pumped and can’t wait to tell you guys about it!!



  1. Whoa, that’s such a cool opportunity! I take s magnesium supplement but had no idea there is a lotion. My son is equally obsessed with his Melissa and Doug puzzles!

  2. So many good things here I’m not sure where to start. The white claw is definitely getting added to the grocery list and the magnesium lotion looks like something I should get too. I have a difficult time absorbing nutrients. Have fun on your trip with Brooks!

  3. I take magnesium daily! But last time I was the RMT she suggested a magneisum spray to work out tight and sore muscles, which I’ve also tried.

    Have a fantastic time in Oregon! It’s Canada Day long weekend here in BC, I’ll be hiking and and doing a few day trips!

  4. I gave Rodan + Fields a try briefly because I still deal with adult acne from time to time, but I’m not sure I used it long enough to really know a difference. I also started getting super dry, itchy red skin around the same time, so I was scared to continue using it. I’d love if you did a post about what you use and how you like it!

  5. Hi Tina, I have learned so much since following you a few years ago – and continue to do so.

    I am wondering if you also take an oral magnesium supplement or is the lotion enough? I’m such a baby because I am not a huge fan of swallowing pills – I always look for liquid. Enjoy your trip!!

    1. I just use the lotion. Oral isn’t as absorbed as well by the body, especially for someone like me with a compromised digestive system.

  6. Definitely do a “before & after” for Roden + Fields! I’ve been so curious but have only seen marketing material… I would love someone’s candid, unbiased experience!

  7. I’ll have to try the White Claw! I’ve been drinking Spiked Seltzer and love it! I love the cape cod cranberry and the valencia orange flavors! They come in at 6% alcohol and 140 calories .

    We are driving out to Ohio to visit family for the 4th! 14 hour car ride with a 19 month old! We drive through the night so he sleeps for the most part, thank goodness!

  8. You always share such great finds in these posts! I can’t wait to try White Claw drinks and the magnesium lotion.

  9. Hey, I live in Eugene! I am so disappointed to miss the trials this weekend, since I’ll be out of town. Watching track athletes at Hayward field is one of my favorite activities. Have a blast!!!

  10. OMG!!! Those White Claw’s look amazing and are right up my alley. Of course they are not sold in CA, Boo!

  11. Have you found the magnesium helps with recovery or muscle soreness at all? I’ve tried epsom salts a time or two for tired CrossFit legs, but I am just not a bath person and can’t keep up with it.

  12. I take magnesium supplements but had no idea about the lotion! I might need to check that out. I’m headed to Chicago for a girls’ weekend with my mom, and then we’re driving back on the 4th and grilling up burgers with my dad for a low-key holiday 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  13. I would LOVE your thoughts on Rodan & Fields! I am actually trying to decide if I want to start their Unblemish line. I have tried to go all natural but have heard and seen such great things about R&F. Thank you!

  14. I went out and bought a six pack of White Claw after reading this yesterday! Sooooo delicious and refreshing, plus only 220 calories for two drinks while floating the river? Yep I’m in.

  15. Thank you for the white claw recommendation! It’s delicious and perfect….I love sparkling water, but sparkling water with alcohol is perfection:)

  16. I have wanted to try R &F for wrinkle cream but am nervous to spend all of that money if it won’t really do much. am nervous to spend all of that money if it won’t really do much… Do you use wrinkle cream??

  17. Cool stuff here that I am going to check out! I’m wondering where your bag is from. I am head over heels with those stripes!

  18. I am so trying the magnesium lotion! I take magnesium daily to ease anxiety (my attacks give me heart palpitations) but it doesn’t work all the time, so the lotion would be great to carry in my bag when I need a little boost.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing about the lotion! I have recently been reading about the consequences of low magnesium and also have a hard time absorbing nutrients so this seems perfect! I ordered it on Amazon as soon as I read your post and just tried it for the first time tonight. I love the smell and am excited to see if I notice any results 🙂

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