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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

It’s FRIDAY (and National Donut Day) and you know what that means. It’s time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately (and I will obviously need to get a donut today to celebrate)! Ok, here we go”¦ here’s what I’m loving lately!

National Donut Day Deals – A great round-up of where you can find a free donut today!


26 Pictures Literally Every Parent Will Relate To – So funny!

AV-RA Performance from A Ruby – I did a little photo shoot yesterday morning to help promote the brand’s new Pop-Up location at the Derby Street Shoppes. (FYI: It’s located right next door to b.good.) A Ruby is a collection of women’s casual essentials– we’re talking perfect black leggings, crisp white shirts, classic sweaters, graphic tees, and an amazing performance line, AV-RA, that I totally love and can’t stop raving about to family and friends. The fabrics are soooo incredibly soft, and, I swear, just one touch of the Yoga Tank (pictured below) or Moto Zip Jacket (I also own and LOVE) and you will NEED to have it in your life! Seriously. If you’re local, be sure to pop into A Ruby to see what they have to offer!

A Ruby

Toaster Oven Sweet Potato Pizzas – Just slice up a sweet potato, toast until semi-soft, top with marinara sauce and cheese, and then toast one more time. So easy, so good!

sweet potato pizzas

Digital receipts at CVS/pharmacy – Not sure if you heard (it was actually announced on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of weeks ago), but CVS has finally gone digital with their receipts, which means no more super long paper ones! Hooray!

No extra charge for soy milk at Starbucks – Yayyyy! (It always annoyed me that I had to pay extra for it.)

starbucks soy milk

Free Fun Fridays 2016 Schedule – For the local parents: 80 places offering free admission this summer!

Overnight Peanut Butter Protein Oats as a snack – I add some chocolate chips, divide the recipe in half, and, whoa, it’s a perfect warm weather treat!


GapFit Breathe racerback tanks – I own a couple of these tanks and they are the bomb. They’re semi-fitted, but not super tight, so they stay put when I’m working out. LOVE them!


Chicken Sausage and Spinach Frittata – This recipe looks simple and delicious! I’m adding it to my menu for next week!

“New” Ralph Lauren sandals from thredUP – Aren’t they fun? They’re basically brand new and only cost me $19!


ralph lauren from thredup

Top Blogger Dessert Recipes – Awesome round-up! So many tasty ideas!!

Funny animal voice dubbing – So funny! Quinn really got a kick out of it!

This raccoon trying to wash cotton candy – Poor guy! Haha!

How to Make a Quick Healthy Weeknight Dinner – Lots of great ideas in this post!

Questions of the Day

How are you celebrating National Donut Day today?

What do you put in your iced coffee? 



  1. A splash of soy in my morning cup it afternoon iced coffee – I had no clue soy is now free at Starbucks. Awesome! Happy national donut day!

  2. Love that sweet potato idea! I’m going to have to try that out 🙂 I like to put coconut cream in my iced coffee, along with caramel syrup. Tastes like an iced latte but for about half the price!

  3. i neeeeeeeeed something sweet in any type of coffee – in fact, the creamer or flavor is why i drink coffee in the first place lol besides the obvious caffiene boost

  4. I probably won’t celebrate with a donut but reading about all these Starbucks drink makes me crave my guilty pleasure. A venti iced decaf americano with 3 pumps of sugar free cinnamon docle and soy milk. I feel silly ordering it with that long name but it is SO GOOD.

  5. I have an unrelated question. Where did you get the handheld bubble fan that Quinn plays with?? My son would LOVE that but I can’t seem to find a small handheld one like you guys have. Thanks so much!

  6. Not that it matters now, but I was told by a barista once that the soymilk was only extra over 4oz (i.e. in a latte, etc.), but if you’re just adding a splash to a coffee it’s free!!! They’ll know what you’re talking about if you bring that up…but I guess the point is moot now. Go soymilk!

  7. I like to put soy milk in my iced coffee, with a little bit of caramel syrup. I think Starbucks does still charge for soy milk in espresso drinks, unfortunately–their policy for the last few years has been that if it’s a soy “topper” (like a little bit of milk in hot or iced coffee) they don’t charge, but if the drink is one like a latte or mocha that has a significant amount of milk, it’s an extra 60 cents. I hope they change that soon…I still miss the days when Rewards members got soy milk for free!

  8. I was going to celebrate at Dunkin Donuts but saw you need to order a drink to get the free donut, and I’m much more a fan of Starbucks iced coffees. So, we’ll see!

    Usually half and half in my coffee and a flavor. But I do like soy milk as well since it’s so creamy. I’d get it more often if I didn’t have to pay extra. I think some Starbucks put it out with the other milks and others keep it behind the counter and charge.

  9. Heck yes to the GapFit Breathe Tanks! I have about 15 and adore them! They even make them in maternity now (as well as the long sleeve ones) and they were a huge staple during my pregnancy.

  10. I have those Ralph Lauren sandals in White/Gold — Can’t wait to break them out this summer!! Love ’em!

  11. Celebrated National Donut day by splitting a vanilla sprinkled donut with my 18 month old! And we brought some munchkins to daycare for him to share with friends 🙂

    Thank you for the Free Fridays info! I marked the Franklin Park zoo day on my calendar. I also noticed that Dad’s get in free on Father’s Day which I think we may do. Our library has Museum Passes and I can get in the zoo for $9! And since my toddler is under 2 he’d be free. Definitely check out your local library for Museum Passes if you haven’t already!

  12. def not a donut girl but i think they always look so cute! love iced coffee, with a little raw sugar and almond milk or soy milk. glad it’s that season again!

  13. When I get cold brew coffee from Starbucks, I add tiny splash of half and half and ask for a pump of SF vanilla. I know that’s basically the new “Sweet cream cold brew” drink, but I figure mine is a little more calorie friendly.

  14. Iced coffee with Almond Milk at home and half and half and cinnamon when I get it out. Thanks for sharing your love of Gap Fit tank! I bought 2 today and Gap has 40% off!

  15. I love all these great ideas! And those sweet potato pizzas…..YUM! I’m definitely making those tomorrow!

    I put coconut milk creamer in my iced coffee. No sweetener, no sugar, just a splash of creamer. Except for today, my mom got me an iced mocha and it was amazing!

  16. Have you ever heard the joke, “Maybe soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish!”? It’s so cheesy but every time I see soy milk I have a good laugh haha

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