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Hi, friends!

It’s Friday and you know what that means: Time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! Here’s what I’m loving lately!

7 For All Mankind Echo Rectangle Sunglasses – I lost my first Echo Rectangle Sunglasses, so I was pleasantly surprised to see when I went online to buy another pair that they are on sale!

IMG_5778 (640x640)

Recipe for Matzoh Crunch – Yayyyyyyyy! Now I can make my own at home!

Steve Madden Staxx Gladiator Sandals – I received these in my recent Stitch Fix and fell in love immediately. I like that they’re causal and comfy, but dressier than my usual flip flops. I definitely see myself wearing them a lot in the coming months!


Forget terrible two’s, three year olds are complete assholes – So funny!

Goji Berry Blend Trail Mix – Mmm! I love the combo of goji berries + nuts + chocolate. And, most of the time, just one small handful does the trick when it comes to my sugar cravings!

IMG_6054 (1280x1280)

26.2 side effects of marathon training – I thought those of you running Boston on MONDAY might get a kick out of this post!

No-show socks – For those of you who asked about the no sock look when wearing sneakers, the secret is sock liners!

IMG_6189 (640x640)

I bought black because they go with a lot of my sneakers, but they also come in beige, white, and patterns.


This Toddler Became Obsessed With A Terrifying Lawn Owl And Now They’re BFFs – She might be Quinn’s soulmate!

Frozen Tail-Off Cooked Shrimp from Trader Joe’s – There’s just something about having the tail off already that makes cooking shrimp that much better. I defrost some in the fridge and then just saute them in butter. Boom. A quick and easy source of protein!

IMG_5537 (640x640)

One of my blog posts was part of this groundbreaking study – It found that influencer marketing is 11x more effective than any other form of digital marketing. Very cool! Definitely check out the details!

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad Recipe – This looks so delicious!


@averageparentproblems on Instagram – So funny and so accurate! The photo below happened to us last weekend!


20+ Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Every Parent Can Relate To – Also very funny!

Question of the Day

What are you wearing on your feet right now?

I’m actually barefoot right now, which is kind of usual since my feet are always cold. I almost always wear socks or have slippers on my feet.



  1. The bubbles scenario was our reality last night. I saw your sandals on Snapchat and love them. They’d be great with skirts and dresses. I’m wearing slippers!

  2. Right now I’m barefoot! It’s still early for shoes. I need to try that shrimp. I always find when the tail is off that you still have to devein them because it’s never done completely on all the shrimp. Honestly, I think deveining is the worst part.

  3. I’m actually wearing a new pair of Brooks Chariots- after I saw your post earlier this week I immediately ordered them. I have a foot injury so I desperately needed cute tennis shoes that aren’t too athletic looking but still supportive- I even mentioned them in my Friday favs post this week because I am definitely loving them!

  4. I’m currently wearing a pair of Sorel slippers I bought while in Seoul over Christmas. My fiance and I had walked miles around one of the neighborhoods and stopped into a giant shopping mall (basically all Korean malls) before seeing Star Wars. My feet were cold and aching from just wearing Toms so I bought some shoes with an actual sole. They’re totally house shoes, but I wear them out on occasion.

  5. I love the gladiator sandals! Do they zip up in the back or do you have to buckle all three buckles each time? I’m wearing my Ugg slippers at the moment and they are heavenly. Happy Friday!

      1. I am glad she asked that…was just thinking how adorable they were but WOULD not want to buckle 6 buckles each time I put them on!

  6. On my feet now are just the warmest, fuzziest sock I have 🙂 The “no show” socks are definitely handy – I own a few in different colors and they are great for many of my shoes!

  7. Funny you posted the matzoh recipe because as I was eating it the other day for be fist time, I thought it was a lot like the “crack” I make during Christmas. It’s basically the same as the recipe I make with saltines. I have some in the freezer now!

    Love those sandals! I’m not normally a fan of gladiator sandals, but those are nice.

  8. Love the sandles.
    Currently in grey and pink socks and my safety boots. Usually after work I wear my ‘Sketchers Go Walk’ which are so comfy.
    I think I might be adult enough to finally buy a pair of nice sunglasses since I haven’t lost the drugstore ones I bought last year! (pats self on back)

  9. I think I got an email last week from Bombas offering a new no show sock. Couple of weeks ago Good Morning America had a deals and steals offering Bombas socks….I got 3 pairs and LOVE them – not the no show type but the ones you wear.

    1. I didn’t realize they had no-show socks. I bet I would love them!! Mal and I just decided to order a bunch! Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Those socks are the best! I was out of town for a work trip a couple of weeks ago and realized I had forgotten those socks. (I wear them with my flats.) It was 5:45 AM and I had to be at a meeting at 6:30 AM. My only option at that hour was Walmart. I now have even more of those socks after that much needed early morning purchase!

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