What I’m Going to Miss About Our Old House

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Moving from our old house was bittersweet. Man, we loved that house so much. We did a ton of work to it over the years to make it our own, which made it that much harder to say goodbye. I didn’t cry, but I was pretty close when we closed the front door, snapped a quick selfie, and left Pine Circle once and for all.

photo (42)

That said, I wanted to share some of the things that I will miss about our old house:

  • sun porch
  • back porch
  • location <– we were 2 minutes from Whole Foods!
  • neighborhood
  • a park within walking distance
  • the memories

And here are the things that I won’t miss about our old house:

  • 1 bathroom with 2 doors <– always fun when we had overnight guests
  • my closet in Quinn’s room
  • the living spaces being so close to the bedrooms <– Now I can make a smoothie whenever I want!
  • grass that wouldn’t grow
  • basement with low ceilings

And now for a tour of our old house…

photo (12)



photo (17)



photo (18)

photo (46)


photo (19)



photo (23)

photo (22)

photo (21)



photo (26)

photo (25)

photo (24)



photo (31)

photo (30)



photo (36)

photo (35)



photo (33)

photo (34)

photo (32)



photo (29)

photo (28)

photo (27)



photo (37)



photo (38)

photo (40)

photo (41)

photo (39)

Thanks for the memories, Pine Circle. Onto a new chapter of our lives!



  1. These photos are fascinating in the way that I’ve been following your blog for long enough to recognize a few things like the stove and the dining table… but I never put it all together! You made great use of the space and I’m sure you will do the same in your new house. Leaving our last apartment in Toronto was hard because that’s the first place Mike and I rented “together” (as opposed to him moving into my old place). It’s where he proposed, and it’s where we were living when we got married.

    1. @Alison (Fueling for Fitness):

      Haha me too. I never really had a concept for the space until I saw these pics (guessing for the MRIS?)

      We are moving from a tiny apartment to a 2 bdr built in 1944 so I feel like I’m making the transition that Tina and Mal did for this house previously.

      I’m sure in 5 years we’ll want some place bigger too. We don’t have kiddos yet. It’s just funny how life progresses…

  2. It’s a lovely home. I can see why you will miss it. I loved seeing how you decorated for the holidays throughout the years as a reader. I guess a growing family needs more space.

  3. Hi Tina! Your house is adorable! If you don’t mind a couple of questions, I was wondering where you got the curtains in your living room, the comforter on your bed, and the piece of furniture at the end of your bed. I am endlessly searching for decor ideas! Thank you.

  4. Congratulations; it’s great that you have all the memories, via your blog, from your home, especially to share later with Quinn! Change is so bittersweet, all the more so when you have a child. (Now I am basically tearing up.) 🙂

  5. So important to take a moment to pause and reflect and cherish the memories.

    …And then… onward to new chapters & adventures!

  6. You really did a fantastic job with the space you had in terms of functionality and decor! What a beautiful home, no wonder it sold so fast!

    I had the same emotions when I sold my condo. Gosh how I loved that condo, until horrible neighbors moved in upstairs. The joys of condo living!

  7. I think you’re house is so adorable but I feel like my list of dislikes are the same for me with our house! We live in a small cape cod and we have one bathroom, only two bedrooms, and ONE closet that is functional. We want to add on but I think I remember you saying that you had looked into that, too…I’m not sure if it’s feasible for us either so we’ll have to make the decision in the next couple of years whether we can do that or just need to search for a new house.

    Good luck in your new space! 🙂

  8. Your house is so adorable- I love the improvements you made to work with the small space. And the color scheme/decorations are so great! Can’t wait to read along to see the new place! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Oh it was so cute!! What a perfect size too for a sweet little family! I can’t wait to hear all about your NEW house and all of the fun new memories you’re going to make as Quinn grows!

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