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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I survived! I made it through 24 hours of a liquid (+ Jello) diet. It definitely wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. (Well, now that it’s over, of course.)

I woke up craving peanut butter and banana like I normally do, but I wasn’t super hungry, so mango Jello ended up being a great way to start the day (as good as Jello for breakfast can be, I suppose). I ate a couple of servings and went on with my morning. So far, so good.

mango Jello

Around 11:00 is when I really started to get hungry””you know what I’m talking about… a crazy, relentless growling stomach. Ugh, it was awful. I finished off the rest of the Jello and drank some Gatorade.


Eh, it sort of did the trick.


All I could think about was food, so I took Murphy to the p-a-r-k as a way to distract myself.


Watching a happy pug run around the park definitely made things easier for a bit.


Murphy and Tina at the park



On the drive home, I popped into Marylou’s for a decaf Milk Way iced coffee, black (no milk).


I wasn’t sure if I’d like it without milk and sugar, but it was actually pretty tasty.


When I got home from the dog park, all I wanted to do was eat lunch. I ended up drinking a big mug full of chicken broth and finishing off my Marylou’s coffee, which warded off my hunger for a little bit. I was still hungry, but not dying like I was before.

pacific chicken broth

Then, it was time to drink the “stuff.” It came with a bunch of different flavor packets, so I added one (orange) to make it taste better and then put it in the fridge since I heard drinking it cold was a little easier. Maybe I’m weird, but drinking it wasn’t all that bad. Of course, it was a lot of liquid to consume and, uh, what it did to my insides wasn’t fun (hey, it wasn’t worse than a flare!), but the whole experience wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. Not eating was definitely the hardest part for me!


When dinnertime rolled around, I did my best to avoid the kitchen and tried not to think about food when Mal was eating his dinner. I drank more chicken stock, ate Jello (lemon flavor this time), watched a movie, and then went to bed early. I survived. Hopefully, the hardest part is over!


My colonoscopy is schedule for bright and early this morning. Wish me luck!

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Questions of the Day

Do you like Jello?

What did you eat yesterday? Please tell me it was more delicious than what I ate!

P.S. Boston friends: Have you heard about the Wellness on the Water Retreat? It’s an awesome one-day event here in Boston. (Here’s my review.) You can get $20 off registration until April 10th with the code “CNC.”



  1. Tina, I’m glad you made it through the prep okay – A few of my friends have found drinking the stuff to be a total drag. You’re a champ!! It’s interesting how living with IBD can impact one’s experience with food and eating. I had a Crohn’s flare this year that resulted in a liquid only diet for WEEKS. I wasn’t excited about it AT ALL – but when food has become an enemy, leaving it alone easier than you’d think. Fast forward to now – I’m doing so much better and eating the world! (Well, not the world, but as much of everything as I can.) http://www.hungrygirleats.com reflects my quest for balance! Healthy eats, portion control and appreciating every bite along the way. LOVE your posts, they help me stay focused on happiness, health and living well. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Wow that Wellness on the Water Retreat looks amazinggggggggggg….. and that carrot cake too! I have a friend thats GF and I am having a “”guys” girls day” with them next weekend, maybe ill make these. We are going to the Sox game, and there is only one GF stand! boo….

    Hope all is going well for you today!


  3. A) carrot cake cookies??? I need to try that now.
    B) It’s a good thing you’re finally getting this test done but yikes not eating for a whole day is terrible. I totally know that horrible “need food now” feeling, sorry you had to go through it for a day!

  4. Good luck Tina. My husband has had a colonsocopy, and he said the prep is by FAR worse than the procedure itself, so the worst is behind you. (no pun intended!)
    Sorry…bad joke. 🙂 Sending good wishes your way.

  5. I don’t know how you did it…I think I would go crazy without food! I hope everything went well today! I don’t like Jello..it freaks me out. I don’t eat gelatin (that’s a scary food) and Jello, while it’s fun cause it’s all jiggly, is not appealing and really, really weirds me out! Yesterday, I made a “pasta” dish, but really, I just peeled a yellow squash, sauteed with spinach, topped with some roasted vegetables and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and enjoyed! It was super tasty for being really simple and just thrown together.

  6. I agree with some desserts you can’t really cut the calories and fat, because then you cut all of the flavor! I tried a new recipe yesterday, stuffed portabella mushroom caps with tomatoes, olives, and goat cheese with Truffle Oil, they were awesome! I’m happy that you got it through the day without eating, I wouldn’t be able to hold up with that very well!

  7. Eh. I don’t really like Jello. I had to do a whole month of liquids only in December, including a day of nothing at all before surgery, so I feel ya! Bet you’re enjoying something really tasty now 😉

  8. Yup, that sounds awful, but you did really well! You especially did well with distracting yourself with a walk through the park and getting out. I think I would’ve tried to get myself to sleep quite a bit to stave off the hunger some. I also know I wouldn’t have been very kind to my husband while he was eating dinner if I were going through what you did 😛

  9. How funny that your day of no eating fell on a WIAW. I always take my iced coffee black, but add milk to hot coffee. I don’t know why I think iced tastes better plain. Plus, I can slug it down real fast. Can we say caffeine buzz?

  10. Good luck with your procedure and thanks for the
    carrot cake cookies, gluten free recipe!
    I am psyched! I love carrots too.

  11. I’ve had to Drink that stuff before, it was okay in the beginning but it was torture at the end…. I remember chugging Gatorade after each sip lol! Those carrot and cookies look delicious!

  12. Yikes…that’s a lot of jello and liquids. Hope it went well! I’m a jello fan, but I’m not quite sure I could eat THAT much in one day.

  13. I can totally resonate with you on the woes of colonoscopy prep. Been there done that hope to not go there again soon. That first initial “oh crap (pun intended) I’m really hungry” phase is the worst. Needless to say preps the hard part typically and the test itself is a breeze. I hope that your doing ok and that everything is healthy. 🙂

  14. Ugh colonoscopies are the absolute worst! I feel for any one who has to get one, especially at a young age–well you know what I mean, under the standard age that they become required. I think I was around 14 or 15 when I got my first one and I absolutely hated drinking “the stuff”. I didn’t have a flavor option, they gave me lime because they said it tasted like Sprite. Complete lie. I remember trying to drink the chicken broth out of a bowl of Campbell’s soup and was so desperate to get every last drop I accidentally spilled all the noodles on my face. As if being hungry didn’t already piss me off. I’m glad you are done with your colonoscopy and everything went well! Just a little advice, if you ever have to get one again–which I’m sure you will at some point–never refuse to drink “the stuff”. The alternative option is WAY WAY WAY worse. (If they didn’t tell you what it is but you probably already know. Unfortunately I found out the hard way on my third colonoscopy. I just wasn’t feeling “the stuff”)

  15. I hope your tests went well! I just wanted to know what it is that prompted you to get one. Did this come up during a routine checkup or did you decide to take one by yourself? Also, how long after a colonoscopy can you resume normal eating?

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