What I Ate Wednesday {Breastfeeding Edition}

Ok, this post title is a little misleading. I probably should have called it: “What I Ate Wednesday {I Eat A Lot When I Feed a Tiny Human Multiple Times a Day}.” Basically, it’s just a post about what I ate yesterday. It’s not based on what a breastfeeding mother should eat or anything like that. Personally, I just try to eat a variety of (mostly healthy) foods everyday. Ok, here we go!

3:30 AM

After I put Q back to bed, I pour myself a bowl of rice Chex with almond milk and eat it while reading US Weekly. Cereal has become one of my go-to snacks in the middle of the night.

7:00 AM

Q wakes up again around 6:00 AM, so I feed him and then feed myself. I’m really hungry, and I want something that will fill me up and keep me full while I am out with Q later that morning, so I make a waffle with peanut butter and banana slices on top. Perfect. I also eat the rest of the banana with more peanut butter.

IMG_0113 (800x600)

10:00 AM

After a run/walk with Q, it’s time for second breakfast. One of my favorite go-to breakfasts lately is scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes””this batch got really burnt. Oops!

IMG_0116 (600x800)

12:00 PM

I’m a little snack-y, but I decide to hold off on making lunch since I just ate (second) breakfast a couple of hours ago. I cut an apple in half and eat it while picking up around the house. I give the last bite to Murphy because he’s cute.

SAM_0045 (800x533)

1:00 PM

Lunch is a big salad topped with chicken and mustard. I pretty much eat this meal everyday for lunch because I can throw it together in just a few minutes (and with one hand if I am holding a fussy baby). On Sunday, I cook up a bunch of chicken and veggies, and I’m good to go with quickie lunches all week long.

2:00 PM

I’m craving something sweet, so I dig into a jar of dark chocolate fudge coconut butter, a new flavor that Nikki (of Nikki’s Coconut Butter) sent me to sample last week, and I haven’t been able to keep my spoon out of it since. I nuke the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds, and it basically turns into fudge. OMG, it’s incredible. Anyway, I stand in the living room, so I can watch Q on his playmat, and I kind of space-out while I eat it. (It’s so damn good!) Then, I suddenly realize I’ve eaten a crapload of coconut butter, so I cut myself off and pour myself an iced coffee with vanilla-flavored almond milk to sip on.

SAMSUNG CSCSAM_0053 (543x800)

3:00 PM

I am snack-y again, so I eat the other half of the apple that I ate before lunch.

4:00 PM

I’m hungry again and know there’s a CrossFit workout in my near future, so I eat an Apple Oatmeal Bar (recipe on Health.com soon). I can’t work out on an empty stomach, so I definitely need a snack.


4:30 PM

Mal breaks out the salt ‘n pepper almonds, so I snack on some too. A small handful leads to like 6 more small handfuls. These things are addictive!


6:00 PM

After CrossFit, I chug down a protein shake made with a scoop of vanilla Recovery from SFH, almond milk, and water.

7:00 PM

Mal made us taco salads for dinner, so I dig right in! Yummm! How delicious are taco salads!? Am I right???

20140910_170032 (800x712)

7:30 PM

I finish off the night with a few bites of vanilla cake batter coconut butter, which is easily my favorite flavor. I could (and sometimes do) eat it everyday.

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Question of the Day

What was THE BEST thing you ate yesterday?

Never forget 9/11/01


  1. Cereal has become my favorite go-to snack as well. The best thing I ate yesterday was a new recipe I am working on- stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken. I think we have a winner !

  2. Best thing I ate yesterday… Justin’s vanilla AB on blueberry flax toast! A question about the leggings.. how are they in cold weather?!

    1. For the chocolate one I do (I keep it in the fridge), but for the vanilla cake batter, I just eat it right out of the cabinet. They’re different consistencies for some reason. I assume the chocolate does something to it?

  3. I love your eats. I find myself eating tons of mini meals/snacks all the time now that I’m in my 3rd trimester. Lately I’ve just been so hungry….mainly comes on in the afternoon though. Full meals=nausea & heartburn, but snacks for the win!!
    I can’t wait until coconut butter is back in my life. It’s the one thing I can’t stomach while pregnant….and bacon! The horror!!
    Best thing yesterday was a tie between the new Siggis fall flavored yogurt and Stoneyfield chocolate frozen yogurt. Pre pregnancy, I didn’t eat a ton of dairy bc of lactose intolerance issues, now I can eat everything from cheese to milk, to yogurt and ice cream. Let’s hope this lasts!!!

    1. No bacon!?! Haha! I feel your pain. I couldn’t stomach any sort of hot sauce/sirracha when I was pregnant, and I am SO HAPPY that aversion went away!

  4. Question…why or how do you not go back to sleep after a super early AM feed. I remember when I was breastfeeding my son I would feed him in my bed and almost always pass out as soon as he was back in his bed. I would be a zombie that time of day.

  5. I made a salad with some leftover pasta for lunch. We have a local hydroponic green house that sells their lettuce to local grocery stores and the best part about that salad was the honey roasted pecans I bought for on top. I want ALL THE PECANS 🙂

  6. The dark chocolate coconut butter and salt and vinegar almonds look AMAZING. I mean, maybe not together (though maybe the sweet and salty thing would work), but separately they would be awesome!

  7. I’ve been all about sweet potatoes too. I like to dice them up and boil them in water with some diced onion. Once I can put a fork through them I drain them I fry them (potato and onion) up in a pan with some cooking spray, so good!

    The best thing I ate yesterday was a stuffed tomato. My dad stuffed them with rice, meat and veggies and topped them with a little cheese, so good!

  8. I made the BEST dessert dip last night for a party and instantly thought of you, since you love Funfetti!

    Funfetti Dip
    1 Box Funfetti cake mix
    (1) 8-oz tub Cool Whip
    2 cups vanilla yogurt (I used 2 cups plain greek + 1 tbsp. vanilla)

    Mix together with mixer and dip Nilla Wafers in it.

    You’re welcome, lol!

  9. Seriously, I could not believe how ravenous I was when I was nursing Hunter! Especially in those early months when he was eating nonstop. After we introduced solids around 6 months, my hunger slowed down a bit, thank goodness! Haha. Good thing I love to eat. 😉

  10. I remember eating all day long when pumping for both my girls. It was crazy! And it wasn’t always the healthiest foods that I was choosing:(

  11. Taco salads are a staple in my household! I remember when I was younger, my mom used to top them with crushed Doritos and Catalina dressing… they were seriously so good haha.

    The best thing I ate yesterday was my father-in-law’s cookies n’ cream birthday cake! Whipped cream frosting is life.

  12. Ugh! I love those almonds but every time I get that little container I eat the whole thing! That’s only like a thousand calories. No big deal lol.
    I just finished a 30 day challenge and I ended up eating oatmeal everyday. You think I would be sick of it now but I think I’m actually addicted to it! So the best thing I ate yesterday was oatmeal with mango, pineapple, strawberries, and cinnamon. 🙂

  13. Tina, as an RD, I say great job! This is such a well-rounded diet for a breastfeeding, Cross-fitting mama (your calorie needs are surely off the charts at the moment).

  14. Although you’re eating often, you’re not eating a lot. No way would I feel bad about this meal plan. Esp when feeding a tiny growing human.

  15. The best thing a ate yesterday was nonfat chobani vanilla yogurt mixed with kashi golean! (Like a granola) and a tiny bit of honey. 35 weeks pregnant with twins and won’t eat anything else for breakfast!

  16. Is it just me or is everyone else like, “Where the heck have coconuts been all along and why haven’t we had all of this tasty stuff made out of them until just now?” I feel like this year has been the year of the Coconut: Water, milk, butter, everything! And I loooove it all! I haven’t tried any coconut butter but with flavors like those- I will probably be hooked.

    Those apple bars look super yummy, too- going to have to check out that recipe! Baby Q sure is going to grow up with a taste for healthy food, such a great way to start him off!

  17. Tina- quick question! How do you prepare your chicken? Do you roast it? Cook in crockpot then shred? Or buy store bought whole chicken?

  18. Breastfeeding hunger is no joke. I feel like a teenage boy. The best thing I ate yesterday was a french toast muffin from Wegmans.

  19. Hey Tina! Just wondered, for the salads, do you include a fat? Mustard doesn’t have any fat and the nutritionist in me wants to make sure you are absorbing all the fat-soluble vitamins in that bowl of green goodness! Make sure to include a fat if your dressing is fat-free!

  20. I didn’t eat anything really delicious yesterday but tonight for dinner I made Portobello mushroom pizzas. I used the mushrooms as the base and topped them with sauce, cheese and diced up turkey pepperoni. I baked them until they were hot and bubbly. They were awesome!!!

  21. Our dinner! I was craving a good old filling comfort meal, so, I mad BBQ porkchops, salted baked potatoes, roasted broccoli, and devilled eggs. It hit the spo…which was aaaaaawwwesome!

  22. My breastfeeding hunger has been insane this week since I’ve started my full time dietetic internship and am pumping during the day. I eat more than my husband! Do you feel like you are hungrier as Q is growing? I have got to try some of that coconut butter!

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