What I Ate Wednesday {Breastfeeding Edition}

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Ok, this post title is a little misleading. I probably should have called it: “What I Ate Wednesday {I Eat A Lot When I Feed a Tiny Human Multiple Times a Day}.” Basically, it’s just a post about what I ate yesterday. It’s not based on what a breastfeeding mother should eat or anything like that. Personally, I just try to eat a variety of (mostly healthy) foods everyday. Ok, here we go!

3:30 AM

After I put Q back to bed, I pour myself a bowl of rice Chex with almond milk and eat it while reading US Weekly. Cereal has become one of my go-to snacks in the middle of the night.

7:00 AM

Q wakes up again around 6:00 AM, so I feed him and then feed myself. I’m really hungry, and I want something that will fill me up and keep me full while I am out with Q later that morning, so I make a waffle with peanut butter and banana slices on top. Perfect. I also eat the rest of the banana with more peanut butter.

IMG_0113 (800x600)

10:00 AM

After a run/walk with Q, it’s time for second breakfast. One of my favorite go-to breakfasts lately is scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes””this batch got really burnt. Oops!

IMG_0116 (600x800)

12:00 PM

I’m a little snack-y, but I decide to hold off on making lunch since I just ate (second) breakfast a couple of hours ago. I cut an apple in half and eat it while picking up around the house. I give the last bite to Murphy because he’s cute.

SAM_0045 (800x533)

1:00 PM

Lunch is a big salad topped with chicken and mustard. I pretty much eat this meal everyday for lunch because I can throw it together in just a few minutes (and with one hand if I am holding a fussy baby). On Sunday, I cook up a bunch of chicken and veggies, and I’m good to go with quickie lunches all week long.

2:00 PM

I’m craving something sweet, so I dig into a jar of dark chocolate fudge coconut butter, a new flavor that Nikki (of Nikki’s Coconut Butter) sent me to sample last week, and I haven’t been able to keep my spoon out of it since. I nuke the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds, and it basically turns into fudge. OMG, it’s incredible. Anyway, I stand in the living room, so I can watch Q on his playmat, and I kind of space-out while I eat it. (It’s so damn good!) Then, I suddenly realize I’ve eaten a crapload of coconut butter, so I cut myself off and pour myself an iced coffee with vanilla-flavored almond milk to sip on.

SAMSUNG CSCSAM_0053 (543x800)

3:00 PM

I am snack-y again, so I eat the other half of the apple that I ate before lunch.

4:00 PM

I’m hungry again and know there’s a CrossFit workout in my near future, so I eat an Apple Oatmeal Bar (recipe on Health.com soon). I can’t work out on an empty stomach, so I definitely need a snack.


4:30 PM

Mal breaks out the salt ‘n pepper almonds, so I snack on some too. A small handful leads to like 6 more small handfuls. These things are addictive!


6:00 PM

After CrossFit, I chug down a protein shake made with a scoop of vanilla Recovery from SFH, almond milk, and water.

7:00 PM

Mal made us taco salads for dinner, so I dig right in! Yummm! How delicious are taco salads!? Am I right???

20140910_170032 (800x712)

7:30 PM

I finish off the night with a few bites of vanilla cake batter coconut butter, which is easily my favorite flavor. I could (and sometimes do) eat it everyday.

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Question of the Day

What was THE BEST thing you ate yesterday?

Never forget 9/11/01



  1. I just wanted to tell you, that I love your blog! It always staight forward and I love the what I ate today section! I am on a weight loss journey and I have lost 30lbs so far! I have 150 lbs to go! My knees are without cartlidege, but I can swim, do a small.amount on recumbent bike! I vow to keep on trucking! Thanks again for a great site!!!

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