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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello and happy Friday to you!

It’s been quite the week… a very busy one, but a GREAT one too. Mal was at an all-day workshop this week, so Quinn and I kept busy during the day and then our evenings were jam-packed too. Let’s just say we’re all really happy it’s Friday… even though the weekend will be busier! Ahhh, I’m going to need wine. Anyway… what a week. Here are some highlights from it!

I PR-ed my “Helen” time by 2 minutes! I hadn’t done “Helen” since before Quinn was born, so I was really curious/nervous how I’d do””well, I sure surprised myself (10:31)! And a big THANK YOU to Coach Kerrie who didn’t let me wuss out during it. <3

IMG_4872 (800x800)

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely (and delicious) blogger dinner hosted by Google Express. Just a reminder: You can get a free $25 on your first order with the promo code from the event!


I went to a special event to learn how the New England Revolution train. The Revs strength and conditioning coach, Nick Downing, gave us an overview of how the team maintains their physical condition and how he uses technology to develop individual plans for each player. It was super interesting. I will give you the details next week!


Quinn loves lamp. Guys, stuff is happening with our little guy this week. We are starting to see him put things together and make connections and, wow, is it cool. He figured out ”˜lamp’ the other day, and it seriously made me so happy. (I also may have gotten a tad choked up.) Quinn and I were reading a book called “First 100 Words” that had a page of photos of bedtime objects. He pointed to the lamp, so I said “lamp” out loud. After that, he pointed to a lamp in our living room. I said “yes” and got all excited and then he pointed to the other lamp in our living room. Then, I took him into our bedroom to see if he’d recognize the lamps in there and he pointed to all three of them! It was a proud mama moment for sure! And THEN he mimicked both the owl and cow noises on his See n’ Say toy. We must have done it a dozen times. It was so cute!

IMG_4995 (1) (800x800)

We are making progress with Quinn’s “baba.” We’re down from 5 bottles a day to just 2 (morning and night), so we’re pretty pumped about it. We had a tiny bit of success with sippy cups, but Quinn never really loved them. He always wanted his bottle instead. But, recently, we tried a Lollacup with a straw and he’s actually digging it. He also really likes his CamelBak water bottle. He liked drinking out of mine, so I bought him a kid-size one. Right now, we are giving him a morning bottle (with milk), Lollacup for lunch and snacks (with milk or water), and a bottle (with milk) just before bed.

IMG_4986 (800x800)

Quinn and I went on a stroller adventure. We walked, explored, and visited all sorts of people and places. We ran some errands, played at the park, and made a few purchases. We were out and about for close to two hours. It was a beautiful day, so we both really enjoyed it.

IMG_4989 (800x800)

Quinn and I also went on an iced coffee date with a friend and her son. We met at Pond Meadow Park and walked and talked for about an hour. Our boys are the same age and we have a lot in common, so we had plenty of stuff to chat about. Plus, iced coffee and exercise with a friend was a great way to start the day!

IMG_4975 (800x600)

I ran the Pond Meadow Twilight Run. It’s the first race in the Run Weymouth Race Series. (There are 3 races total.) The course was crazy hilly, so it wasn’t my fastest 5K, but it was a beautiful night for running, so I enjoyed myself quite a bit!

IMG_4996 (800x600)And I’m saving the best for last”¦

I was a guest on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast! AHHHHH! You guys know how much I love podcasts, right? Well, GGW is one of my favorites, so it was such a honor and totally surreal to be part of it. I literally laugh out loud when I listen to Joy and Claire (i.e. Joy’s DKNY denim trench coat, Mom Sandy, the time Claire’s husband built a bench when they were waiting for a pregnancy test), and, in my head, they are my real life friends, so it was frickin’ awesome to chat with them. It was like we had known each other for years. Well, I’ve “known” them for years, right? Anyway, if you’d like to hear our interview, you can access it via iTunes.

Question of the Day

Your turn! Tell me why your week was GREAT!



  1. My week was great because I am finally figuring out why I have been so off over the past year and feeling sick. To finally have some answers is a great relief. Hopefully great changes will come with the help of my wonderful physicians assist!

    Quinn is becoming such a big boy! Watching kids learn is such an amazing thing.

  2. Your interview on GGW was the highlight of my week! I loved hearing you ladies chat together. It made it so clear why I love you all so much! I clearly have excellent taste in blogs and podcasts 😉 !

  3. What a packed week!! I can’t wait to hear about the training experience. This week was awesome because of stroller workouts, iced coffee and lots of productivity!

  4. Wow that was a great week! I actually decided to start listening to Girls Gone WOD because you talk about it and say it’s so great, and then I was shocked to see the most recent episode was yours! Great timing 🙂 My week was great as well because the weather was beautiful and I got to see some friends! I also did a “paint your pet” night which was so much fun 🙂

  5. I have a long run on the docket today so I will be totally listening to your podcast! I can’t wait! I am digging podcast while I run at the moment! My week was pretty great, so time with my grandparents, some shopping with my mom and found out some good news about our new house!

  6. Wow you had quite the week, all awesome stuff and very exciting about Quinn – he’s getting so big and learning so much!
    The best part of my week was hearing our babies heartbeat at my 12 week appt. I’m looking forward to feeling better in the 2nd trimester and sharing with all our family and friends now…. 🙂

  7. It’s nuts how kids just learn things overnight at that age. I saw my two-year-old niece last month for the first time since last Thanksgiving. Then she only said words here and there; now, she will have an actual conversation with you. NUTS.

    My week was awesome because I have been c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g my workouts. I retested my baseline and got a 4:48!

  8. Congrats on the interview!

    Fringe Fest has started around here, so I’ve already seen four plays in the past two days 🙂 One of my favorite times of year!

  9. It is so fun to see kids learn, Quinn is at such a fun age! The best part of my week was celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday, he recently started having full on conversations with us and it is the best!
    I’m interested in hearing more about the Revolution’s training and your discussion with Nick Downing. Technology can play a huge role in training, whether it be planning, measuring and tracking performance, and/or offering ways to distance-train.

  10. This week was great because it was my first full week back in marathon training! I missed it!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend : )

  11. Not that you asked for advice, but my 16 month old never really took to cups (we used a variety of straw cups) until we completely eliminated bottles. I feel like she was holding out for her bottles in the morning and before bed, but after a week of no bottles, she realized her only choice was a cup. Bottle to cup was one of the hardest transitions for us!

  12. I went to dinner with ex-coworkers I hadn’t seen in 10 years and had two great client sessions. Having a very productive Friday, and looking forward to a fun weekend!

  13. It’s so awesome that Quinn is making so much progress and you get to see it happen – like a live flip book!

    Then again, I spoke at 6 months and a year later was apparently telling my mom what clothes I would and would not wear, so there’s that to look forward to…

  14. Awesome week! Love the stroller adventure.
    I’ve never listened to Girls Gone WOD, definitely going to have to now!!
    My week’s been great as I’ve just been loving being back in Buenos Aires and falling for this city all over again 🙂

  15. Hooray for Quinn being super smart! My son is the same age, and it’s so amazing how all of a sudden he’ll pick up on things we didn’t expect! He does cow and pig noises now and I can’t help laughing every time. If we ask him to do a pig, he’ll crawl around (even though he can walk) making oinking sounds. Hilarious.

    Marshall loves the Lollacup, so I hope it works for Quinn, too! I’ll have to try out a Camelbak… Happy Friday!

  16. Sounds like a great week alright! I didn’t have a great one…ice cream machine arrived n then the bowl wouldn’t fit in my freezer so it had to go back…was my bummer of the week but today, I got half a rotisserie chicken for lunch and the sun shone…ended well! 🙂

  17. Helen is the best crossfit WOD!! 😀 My week was great because I learned to do procedures I’ve never done (some I’ve never heard of) before! Success! 🙂

  18. It was amazing to hear you on GGW! Your blog is what sparked the desire to want to do CrossFit, so it only makes sense that the worlds would collide at some point. This week was GREAT because I survived ‘running our office’ by myself while my co-worker/manager is on maternity leave!

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