We’re Flying Cross-Country With An Infant

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello! Good morning!

Just some pics from the last couple of the days…

Mal and I went out to lunch on Monday afternoon and we had such a nice time. He’s so fun. And, hey, we’ve had two dates in two months””not too shabby!

photo 1 (2) (800x800)

We went to The Met Bar & Grill at Legacy Place. We had some errands to run there, so we incorporated lunch too.

photo (17) (800x600)

Wine with lunch? Yes, please!

photo 5 (3) (600x800)

Mal and I shared some tacos as an appetizer.

photo 4 (16) (800x600)

And then I ordered the turkey chili as my entree. Both dishes were quite tasty!

photo 3 (29) (800x600)

Yesterday, Quinn and I had a fun day together. We ran some errands, took some nice, long naps (him not me) and ate all sorts of delicious food (both of us).

photo 5 (9) (800x800)

We also played, played, played and played some more! (This kid is already such a goober. He’s “talking” up a storm, and it’s so fun acting silly with him!)

photo 4 (18) (600x800)

Remember when I said I didn’t want a house with a million kid toys all over the place? Um, yea. Quinn is only 7 months old and he has SO MANY TOYS. And it’s mostly my fault. I can’t help myself. I see something and just know he’ll love it, so I buy it. It happened again yesterday, and I bought him two more toys. Oops.

photo 3 (5) (600x800)

In the late afternoon, I ran on the treadmill at KFIT. I did a hill workout (15/7 hills/15), which took me 58 minutes (6.32 miles). I felt kind of blah during it and even walked a couple of times, but, hey, the bad runs make you appreciate the good ones, right?

photo 1 (23) (800x800)

Last night’s dinner: Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie (although I used a couple of regular potatoes to use them up)! So delicious!

photo 2 (16) (800x600)

After dinner, Mal and I bought a couple of tickets to visit Seattle with Quinn in February. Cross-country flight with an infant? Yikes. We’re nervous. Please tell us it’s going to be okay!

Question of the Day

Any tips for flying with an infant? 

I think we have the car seat/stroller thing figured out (we still need to get covers – any recommendations?), but any and all advice is welcomed! A few things to know about Quinn: If he is awake, he is moving, he loses interest in most toys after 5 minutes (books typically keep his attention – thank goodness), and he has zero interest in TV. He reminds me of Buddy the Elf at the doctor when we need him to sit still. Haha! We’re in for a real adventure!

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  1. You CAN do it! I’m shouting that out for you as much as me;) Having a baby any day (C’mon little lady get outta there!) and my hubby is deploying in three months (eek!). That just means that I’m spending extra time with family and friends over the next 6+ months which = awesome. But with him gone it means flying from Hawaii EVERY time SOLO with INFANT. Aaaack. At never less than a 10 hour flight, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Where there is a will there’s a way?

  2. The biggest takeaway from this post for me (other than your adorable growing child) was that the bad runs make you appreciate the good ones. What an awesome attitude to have! I’m going to try to remember that one next time I’m struggling out there 🙂

  3. Plan for having Twice as much food than you think. We were stuck on a plane for an extra three hours. Having extra food was a life saver. Also handing was the carrier, and lots of extra clothing….. Quinn will surprise you how well he will do. Relax and don’t stress.

  4. Make sure you have a bottle for him. The altitude changes are really hard on a baby’s ears and they need something to help them swallow to release the pressure. Have fun –

  5. I have zero helpful tips for flying with an infant (I know, why am I here?), but Seattle is the bomb dot com, and I’m so excited for you to see it! If you’re in Pioneer Square (say, if you decide to do an Underground tour), find Elm Coffee for a cup. They make their own hazelnut milk, which is smashing in lattes.

  6. When my brother and sister in law flew with my nephew at 4 months old, they thought about taking goodie bags for the people around them on the plane! Ha! I’ve seen it done before in the news, but I legitimately think it’d be hilarious!

  7. I definitely agree with the bottle comment. Or anything to keep his jaw moving. I used to travel a lot with my daughter when she was young and it was so heart-wrenching to hear her cry because of her ears not being able to pop. Eventually, we got into a good routine and it was the bottle feeding that helped her! Now, we used gum and it works like a charm!

  8. We took my son and daughter to Ireland when she was 4 months and he was 2.5. It was fine. I nursed on take-off and landing (obviously a bottle would work) and she slept on the way over and we had a lot of toys on the way back . It was a really great trip.

  9. Oh boy – Seattle in February! I grew up there. I hope you like 15 hours of darkness and constant drizzle 🙂 No it’s lovely, and I’m sure you guys will make a great trip of it! My tip is to load your diaper bag up with crappy toys you don’t mind losing on the floor of the airplane, in the airport, in various forms of transportation. Also, items without lots of little pieces that can fall out/fall apart. Even items that aren’t really “toys” work great as crappy toys – random tupperware lids that don’t have matching containers, parts that came off of toys that you can’t put back on (obviously not choking hazards, of course). Babies don’t care that it’s not fancy, and you will be happy not to lose anything precious.

    1. oh and one more thing! If he uses a pacifier, bring A TON OF THEM because they fall on the airplane/airport floor and oh man, so gross. (Unless you have a reliable paci clip. Maybe I should I have done that.)

  10. I don’t have any advice about flying with an infant but I do have some Seattle recommendations. You should definitely go to Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. It’s close to Pike Place, it’s not expensive and it gives you an awesome look at old Seattle from underground. Also, try ALL.THE.FOOD. at Pike Place including the best gelato on the planet (pear is my favorite flavor) at Bottega Italiana, 1425 1st Avenue, which is on the street outside of Pike Place. Have a spectacular trip!

  11. We flew SF to NYC with our 6 month old in December. One thing we did was booked our seats for one aisle and one window hoping no one would book the middle. No one booked it flying to NY and we got a free seat for baby boy. It was awesome. He slept and ate and played with toys and it was fine. The flight NY to SF was a little rough because it’s longer in that direction. They also had the cabin lights on and he could NOT go to sleep. Thankfully, he was able to pass out in the Ergo carrier as I stood in the back of the plane for a little while. Yes, bring a car seat cover because then you can shove extra stuff in that bag and get some free baggage, essentially!

    Also WEAR BACKPACKS for your carry on. You will have free arms which will be great. Check your luggage, too, just to have the free hands. Plastic bags are your friends — get some big ziploc gallon bags and have one for food, toys, diaper stuff, so you aren’t scrambling to find everything while sitting on the plane.

    OK thats what worked for us so wishing you a good flight!

  12. We did a three month around-the-world trip when our baby was between 6-9 months of age and it actually went really well! Make sure to have plenty of food/milk/water on hand at all times (it’s a great distraction). And hey, babies actually really like the turbulence (well, at least, our baby does!) 😉
    For a list of ‘travel with baby’ items: http://hotteatravelandthyme.blogspot.com/2014/07/world-travel-with-baby-on-board.html 🙂

    All the best with your travel,

    Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme

  13. Christine, How about flying to Italy with an 8 month old and a 22 month old, with lay-overs in Zurich and Rome BY YOURSELF. I think you and Mal can do this!

  14. I have traveled several times with my kids. One 5 hour flight my lil one screamed the ENTIRE flight. On the return flight he loved it! The biggest piece of advice….remain calm. If you are stressed he is going to sense that. We also always have a seat for our kids, put them in their car seat so they sense they are in the car…seems to work better than passing the child back and forth!

  15. You should look up baby first tv…we have that channel and it us 2 to 5 min tv shows and some are geared to small babies… my daughter loves them and we would put it in occasionally when she was Quinn age and she would laugh and smile. Her favorites were peekaboo and hide and seek. They have clips on YouTube and there’s an app w videos too. Couldn’t hurt to have back up!

  16. It’s definitely not the same as flying alone! It’ll go great especially with both of you and it’ll make him more flexible, you can do it! We just took a 1 year old to Ireland in August.. it’s very doable… and even if he’s not much of a sleeper at certain times, he might surprise you!

  17. You can do it! We just took a 1 year old to Ireland in August. He’ll adjust better than you think… just don’t expect to read lol

  18. We did it with twin infants and survived…you can do it! Just have a lot of snacks handy, some of his favorite (small) toys, and if you are ok with it…an educational show or movie is always a nice treat for the babe 😉 Baby einstein or something like that. I was so anxious about the babies flying with us it was ridiculous and surprisingly, they did really well both times. Bottle on take off and landing to help with ear pressure and pray you have sweet people near you like we did…that is always a nice plus! good luck!!

  19. I am mid vacation right now traveling with my infant son and flying was not as bad as I thought it would be. Try to really organize your carry on bag by putting things in gallon bags so it’s easier to grab what you need. Put all the toys in one, all his food in another etc. Also, those squeeze pouches of baby food were great for the plane ride. It’s a little stressful but worth it!

  20. No advice for flying with an infant. I haven’t tackled that yet, but I’m contemplating flying solo with my 6 month old soon. Yikes! However, I’m totally the person who didn’t want my house taken over with infant items and toys. She’s 5 months old and my living room may as well be a playroom! She such a colicky/screamy infant that we’re willing try anything to comfort her and will take anything that might distract her for a few minutes, and friends have given us or let us borrow things. We have two different types of bouncy chairs, a play mat, an infant swing, a bumbo, a pack and play, and I’m still tempted to get her one of those things that she can stand in. Somebody needs to stop me!

  21. I just barely flew to Belize with my 11 month old daughter and she did awesome! She had a lap seat so she sat on my lap the whole time, which was great for me. She is always happier when she can sit on my lap. When the flight took off I made sure that she was nursing. This helped a ton with allowing her ears to pop, and it also made it nice because she fell asleep on a couple of the flights after being nursed. I know you aren’t nursing, but a bottle would work perfectly 🙂 I also had several toys and snacks on hand to keep her happy while she was awake. She had a few moments here and there where she cried (like when I got up to go the restroom ha!). I was surprised she did so well because she was teething and just getting over the flu, but she impressed me! I hope Quinn is just as awesome for you 🙂 Good Luck!

  22. I’ve done it w two alone many times. You don’t need a Lot of toys. He will be interested in all the stuff on the planes. The essentials: many outfit changes and diapers and wipes. And an extra shirt for you and mal because he will spit up on you on the plane…..of course 😃

  23. In addition to lots of snacks, bring extra clothes!! We just flew from CA to PA to FL and back to CA for the holidays with our 2 month old. He had 2 blowouts on the trip home. Thank God I packed like 3 footed pj’s in case that happened. If he sleeps through takeoff and landing, let him. He will wake up if his ears bother him. And just give him a bottle or sometimes their crying (the opening of the jaw and usually swallowing) will help clear the ears. And have wipes and a diaper in the seat with you (not in the overhead bin) in case it is turbulent and you can’t go to the bathroom to change a diaper. (you could do it in the seat)

  24. what does it mean when you put 15/7 for hills? Sorry I’m looking for some workout inspiration and would love to model some workouts off yours !

  25. I didn’t read the prior comments but here are the tips we received and used when traveling with our 3-year old twins:

    Pack a change of clothes for you, Dad and baby in your carry on.
    Use Backpack as carry on. Check your other bags so you don’t have to deal with them and trying to get overhead space.
    Board plane last – if you’ve only got a backpack for carryon, you can always put it under your seat.
    Plastic bags with everything you need for 1 diaper change (then you can just bring that one little bag to the bathroom and not worry about bringing a huge backpack or digging through your bag to make sure that you have everything you need). I bring 1 diaper per hour that we fly and then two extra because it would be horrible not to have a diaper if necessary.
    Our kids would sleep in the ergo (or other carrier) when they were babies or I could walk them up and down the aisle if they were fussy.
    Bring more food/formula than necessary for the flight because you don’t know if you will be delayed. Don’t forget easy to eat snacks for yourself!
    Wrap little toys in aluminum foil. The foil becomes a source of entertainment too.

  26. My tip is definitely bring the Ergo for the airport and have lots of snacks for the plane. My bub loses interest in toys quickly too but food keeps him distracted. I use one of those little cups with the flaps on the top so it is fun for him to reach in and grab the food (plus it doesn’t spill), he loooooves puffed corn and it keeps him amused for ages. Have fun!!

  27. You will have a blast flying with Q, 2 adults with 1 kiddo, NO PROBLEM, you will rock it!

    My advice from experience: Try to get a window seat, always good to have an elbow rest if Q falls asleep. Bringing a boppy or some sort of pillow makes sleeping baby holding easier too! Diaper changes on planes are HARD, I am pretty sure I did a poopy diaper change in my lap on a plane before. Make sure you have a changing pad. Actually, disposable changing pads packed for the trip will make life easier. I always got creeped out by the germs that could get on the back of my changing pad, so I brought disposable ones for creepy places.
    And lastly, check most of your diaper supply, or buy when you get there, but make sure you pack enough for carry-on to get your through an unexpected layover or night at a hotel. Diapers are expensive in an airport!

    Have fun 🙂

  28. We traveled with our then 7 mo last feb.
    Baby wear from the car to the gate. You don’t have to take it off! Baby can stay in. Pack a cooler bag for baby, bottle, water, pouches and snacks. Security can check it all at once, so easy.
    Bring a couple things he hasn’t seen before, a book or two. Remember that non toys, like an empty cup are fun too.
    Bring a blanket, sanitizer wipes or extra baby wipes to wipe your seat area down.
    We like the jeep car seat bag for our chicco.

    This year we had to get a seat for our son, he will be 19.5 mos and there’s no way we can hold him for a flight. I’m nervous all over again!

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