“But those weights will make you look like a man!”

“But those heavy weights will make me look like a man!”⁠

I mean, seriously? It’s 2020. Are we STILL having this conversation? ⁠

I honestly can’t believe we’re still worried about looking like a man by lifting a few dumbbells. That’s so 1998. ⁠

I mean, beyond the obvious benefits of increased muscle and a leaner-looking physique, strength training has so many incredible benefits… and no, it won’t leave you looking like a man!⁠

Women who incorporate strength training into their exercise routine experience:⁠

  • Lower abdominal fat⁠
  • Improved posture⁠
  • Lower cholesterol and controlled blood sugar levels⁠
  • Increased mobility ⁠
  • Decreased body fat⁠

And I could go on and on.⁠.. and on!! ⁠

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