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Hi, guys! I’m back from Israel. I arrived, safe and sound, bright and early, on Friday morning… and, whoa, I’ve been struggling with jet-lag ever since. I fell asleep on the couch at 6:00 PM on Friday night and then made it to 8:30 PM last night, but Quinn and I were wide awake, ready for the day, at 4:30 AM this morning, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Oy.

Long story short, I’m all messed up time-wise, so the thought of meal planning for the week – even making myself a super easy meal plan – seemed like it required too much mental capacity. Plus, Qman was itching to get out of the house (since we were awake so early), so I quickly made a grocery shopping list with a few meal ideas in mind and headed out the door to Trader Joe’s with him. If you’re on Instagram, check out my Stories for a quick meal prep rundown. Otherwise, here’s what’s on our agenda this week!



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Question of the Day

What are your easy, go-to weekday meals?



  1. That jet-lag , hangover, feeling after traveling is the worst! Making a trip to TJ’s for a quick meal prep inspiration or just yummy stuff is the best.

    When meal prep is non existent I go for overnight protein oats in the morning and tacos, fajitas, bacon wrapped chicken thighs, breakfast for dinner (with flapjacked or kodiak cakes) , or a chicken , rice, and broccoli bake I always make.

    Hope you catch up on sleep soon!

  2. My easiest go-to weekday meal is instant or crock pot chicken with rice and veggies. We get the steam fresh veggies from the freezer section, which can be really boring, but make life a lot easier. If I do a good meal prep on Sunday, we’ll have roasted veggies and sweet potatoes.

  3. Veggie fried rice from TJ’s with about 2 cups of cauliflower rice thrown in (sautéed in sesame oil first) and some extra edamame for protein. 5 minute meal and pretty healthy!

  4. Your trip looked incredible and I love you already have inspiration with one of your breakfasts! I like to make a big batch of shredded chicken and roasted veggies to use throughout the week.

    Now tell me more on the stuffing kettle chips!

  5. I keep some of the trader Joe’s frozen meals on hand for crazy night’s. Beef with broccoli with a whole extra bag of broccoli mixed in is a favorite. That or I’ll stop at the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken and some raw veggies to chop as a side.

  6. Happy you’re home safe and sound 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful trip. Whenever I’m super pressed for time for making lunches, I just mix together the microwavable chicken meatballs and steam fresh vegetables, maybe adding some marinara sauce or coconut aminos. Super easy and healthier than ordering out for the most part.

  7. My easy go to meals are anything that can either be partially prepped in advance or just requires one pan:
    *Tacos/Burritos — where we just open some cans of beans and brown some ground turkey or ground beef
    *Korean Beef/Chicken Bowls — I make the rice in advance and keep it warm in my rice cooker, then we just have to brown the meat and add any leftover veggies or banchan
    *Panini’s! — I love just making sammie and throwing them in our Panini press. It feels like lot of work, but it’s not!
    *Breakfast for dinner — what’s easier than a few eggs or a waffle?

  8. My Daily Lunch: Burrito bowls – Grilled chicken, cauli rice, grilled zucchini, roasted Carrots, maybe another veggie added in! EVERY Day never gets old! Oh & sprinkle with TJ’s Chile Lime Seasoning! 🙂

  9. Glad you made it home safely! Looks like you had an amazing time – I loved all your Instagram updates 🙂
    Our go-to meals are tacos, spaghetti, stir fry, homemade pizza, and hibachi at home.

  10. Definitely feel you on the jet lag! We live in Germany and when we go back home to the US and then again to Germany, it is a huge struggle between the long flight and the time difference!

    I went to Israel 8 years ago on a Birthright trip, would love love love to go back so I am hugely jealous you were there!!

  11. Jet-lag is a real b word. Hope you recover soon! My favorite weekday meals are ALWAYS easy. Thirty minutes or less. I made stuffed bell peppers yesterday, along with pesto tofu pasta, and tonight we’ll have super simple baked enchilada casserole. It takes like, five minutes to throw together and cooks in 20. My kind of meals!

  12. I would love it if you would dedicate part of a post to the Israeli tasting-style breakfasts! (Maybe after you’ve made a few yourself.) What did they include, and how are you recreating that at home? Sounds so delish and am interested in some ideas around it, if you saw more variety than your insta captured. I also wonder if you think it gets expensive?

  13. Another quick meal (all from Trader Joe’s)
    Get their frozen Pervuian style rice, add a container of their vegetable stock and put it on the stove. Makes the home smell lovely. Pair it with some bread or their harvest salad mix-meal in minutes!

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