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Hello, hello! I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start!

Mal and I tag-teamed this week’s meal planning and grocery shopping. Usually, I always have a few meals in mind that I want to make for the upcoming week, but I was totally tapped out yesterday. I asked Mal for some ideas, but he replied: “You know what I like.” Um, thanks, Mal. Super helpful. Ha! But, I kind of get where he’s coming from. Some people just aren’t planners when it comes to food and that’s okay.

While I enjoy meal planning””selecting recipes, creating lists, and figuring out how to fit all of the different pieces together””Mal would rather just wing it and eat whatever fancies him when the time comes. I typically don’t have a problem with this””there are nights when we eat grilled cheese sandwiches or hit up Lime Leaf for dinner””but neither of these are super healthy options and getting take-out is often pretty expensive. Plus, when we order out, we don’t eat what’s in our refrigerator, so there’s always a chance it will go bad, which drives me crazy. I just can’t see food go to waste. There are people starving in our country! I guess I’d just prefer to save money where we can and not waste food, so I really try to make good meals plans and stick to them.

Long story short (that was quite a tangent, wasn’t it?), Mal usually just goes with the flow when it comes to what we eat during the week, which I am thankful for because it makes meal planning fairly easy. Even still, I bugged him for a couple of meal ideas this week. He suggested chicken stir fry, which is a super easy, quick, and healthy meal. (We make it with these steam-in-bag veggies from Whole Foods.)

Weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods

Once we had chicken stir fry on the menu, I started to rack my brain for some more ideas and then I remembered the Whole Foods app that one of my CrossFit friends recently told me about. (FYI: This post is not sponsored by Whole Foods. My friend raved about this app, so I immediately downloaded it and have loved it ever since. I thought some of you guys might find it helpful too, which is why I am sharing it.)


The Whole Foods app has all sorts of great features (the On-Hand Search and shopping lists are especially cool), but my favorite thing about it is the “Sales Flyer,” where you can enter your local store and it tells you what is on sale that week. Whole Foods is definitely more expensive than your average grocery store, but if you shop the sales, it is totally affordable””and, of course, you can’t beat the quality!


And, with that said, here’s this week’s meal plan, which was inspired by the sales at my local Whole Foods:

  • Sunday: Lime Leaf leftovers
  • Monday: Crab cakes + Kale & Apple Salad
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash Bake (recipe coming soon)
  • Wednesday: Chicken stir fry
  • Thursday: Brown rice bowls
  • Friday: Get-together with friends
  • Saturday: Burgers on the grill with parsnip fries

The Dollop Book of Frosting Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of The Dollop Book of Frosting! Here are your winners:

Lauren S

My favorite sugary treat is a huge bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and ANY donut with frosting!


My favorite treat is a carrot cake cupcake! I love the cream cheese icing and nuts mixed into the batter and sprinkled on top!

Congrats, Lauren and Devon! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.

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Questions of the Day

Are you a planner when it comes to food?

What’s your favorite food-related app?

P.S. Happy National Guacamole Day! Here’s one of my favorite recipes: Edamame Guacamole!



  1. I am a total food planner 🙂 I can’t go to the store without a list, and if I don’t plan meals….everything ends up being “everything but the kitchen sink into a bowl and we will call it a salad.” This app looks amazing…thanks for sharing!

  2. I confess! My kids are so unwilling to try anything new that I have a dreadful boring weekly menu that repeats itself over and over.. monday poached eggs, tuesday steamed fish, wednesday minestrone soup etc etc

    Is there an app that can save me from food slavery!!

    Seriously how do you “unplan” a weekly planning when kids don’t budge??

    1. Ugh, that’s frustrating. I don’t have kids, but my mom always said to my sister and me: “I’m not running a restaurant” and then we ate what she made or we went hungry. What about adding one new meal a week and seeing how it goes over?

    2. @Sam Terry: That is really hard! I have a 2 and 4 year old. And a husband… We have taco Tuesday and pizza Friday, but I like to try one new recipe a week. Which normally only gets eaten by me, and the kids are hungry at bedtime, and the husband will drown it in hot sauce and pretend to like it. But I have found that the older my kids get, the more they are willing to try. So hang in there, keep adding new foods to the menu and always put it on their plate. This is what I have read a few times: It is YOUR job to decide what is available at meals and when it is served. It is THEIR job to decide how much of it they will eat.

  3. Life would be so much easier if I lived in an area where Whole Food markets were readily available. As it is I think we have 4 in the state. Thankfully, my local market is getting better with their line of organic products, but since they know they have the monopoly, they are quite pricey. Since I live in a farm area full of family and friend who know people – we get plenty of whole foods, often for free. We are able to do a lot of canning. We just went in on a cow with some family and will have plenty of freezer stock on grass fed meat to carry us through the winter months.

  4. Yes, I have to plan with three kids and I actually really enjoy doing it 🙂 Makes me feel good that they’re getting healthy, well-balanced meals. I appreciate you posting your weekly plan and recipes…we’ve tried a few!

    Thanks for the Whole Foods app tip, going to download!

  5. I’m a huge meal planner who is always looking for new recipes to add into my repertoire. I love using the Gojee Food app and website for inspiration.

  6. I wish I could get david involved in planning! He tends to just find a bunch of meat and then he’s done 🙂 I can’t get him to tell me what he’d actually like. So I just keep making batches of veggies and hoping they make it on his plate.

  7. i shop at wegmans and their app is great, you can search sales too, browse recipes, add your list, it saves your prior lists and frequent items, etc. But the best part is it organizes your list by your local store so you can weave through the aisles in order of your list and not have to backtrack! it really makes navigating through there really easy.. and it estimates a total for you too

  8. I noticed the Garlic Hummus on your coffee table and that you are budget and healthy eating aware like I am. Have you ever made white bean dip. I think a can of white beans is like .89 at S&S. The toughest thing is finding a kitchen tool to blend up the beans. I use a magic bullet, reserve some of the fluid from the can of beans. Blitz them up and add hot sauce. Easy, peasy and it is so easy to have a can of white beans at home and at the ready!!

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