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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends! Happy Monday and happy National Truffle Day to you! Be sure to stop by your local Lindt Chocolate Shop to receive a complimentary LINDOR truffle! And don’t forget that my May Booty Challenge starts today! I hope you decide to join in!

We had a really nice weekend, so here’s a recap via superlatives!

BEST THING I ATE: It’s a toss up between The Big Island pizza (grilled chicken, smoky bacon, scallions, sweet potatoes, BBQ sauce, pineapple + jack cheese) from Wicked at Legacy Place.


And the S’more Tart from Scarlet Oat Tavern. I loved them both so much, I just can’t pick one!

Photo from @carrotsncake on Snapchat

BEST THING I DRANK: A homemade cocktail made with whipped cream vodka and Zevia Grapefruit Citrus. Mmm!


FAVORITE FAMILY MOMENT: Our Saturday morning Coffee Shack tradition!


We always swing by after CrossFit for iced coffee and donuts.

Photo from @carrotsncake on Snapchat

It’s easily one of my favorite family traditions!


Quinn’s too!


FAVORITE WORKOUT: The Cycle for Friendship spinning event at Legacy Place. It was so fun– full recap coming tomorrow!


LEAST FAVORITE WORKOUT: “Just Don’t Let Go” partner WOD at Salt Shack CrossFit. Ugh, this workout… I’ll never forget it. Since starting CrossFit nearly five years ago, I’ve never once quit a workout, but the thought definitely went through my head a few times during this one. I “only” used 135 pounds, but the barbell holds were brutal, especially in combination with the other exercises. I wanted to quit so badly at times!! Thankfully, my awesome partner got me through it!

Photo from @carrotsncake on Snapchat

BIGGEST FLOP: We took Quinn to see “Barn Babies” at our local library. We thought he would totally love it, but we stayed for mayyyyybbe 5 minutes before he wanted to leave. Ok, then.


The event was actually really crowded, so I think it was just too overwhelming for him. We played in the children’s room for awhile instead.

Photo from @carrotsncake on Snapchat

FAVORITE WARM FUZZY MOMENT: Even though Barn Babies was a bit of a flop, Quinn’s expression when he saw the baby ducklings melted my heart. He was so surprised and happy to see them! “Gee gee.”


FAVORITE LOL MOMENT: Watering the lawn with Q-Man!

IMG_6866Oh my gosh, we had so much fun playing with the hose. We were both soaking wet by the end! Ha!


FAVORITE KITCHEN MOMENT: Making juice with Quinn! He was really into it this time and pretty much put all of the fruits and veggies in himself. (FYI: We have this juicer and LOVE it so much. Full review here. Related: We also have this Ninja blender and also really love it, but it does not make juice. Instead it makes watery smoothies/chunky juice. I get this question all the time, so I thought I’d give you guys the dealio.)

Photo from @carrotsncake on Snapchat

BEST USE OF TIME: Waking up early to get our grocery shopping done for the week!


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Hazelnut or mint.

Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

Congrats, Stacie! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

Pick 3 superlatives from above and answer below! 




  1. Best use of time: four hours at the spa.
    Best workout: first run outside of the year!
    Best thing I ate: spicy tuna sushi roll.

  2. Best thing I ate was definitely burger and fries – it doesn’t happen often but so darn good when it does!! Favorite moment is watching William and Audrey together!

  3. Awww, looks like a great weekend! Quinn is so cute. Gosh I miss TJ’s!!! I took my twins to this local agricultural day/animal exhibit… they weren’t very interested either. I think they are still a bit too young.

    Best workout: 21-15-9 box jumps + pushups, then 30 snatches, 30 C+J, 30 thrusters for time. I beat both of my previous times!
    Best kitchen moment: made meatballs this weekend and they never get old!
    Best LOL: My twins are saying “no” all the time now. I asked one if she was eating (while her mouth was stuffed with food) and she said “no.” lol.

  4. Worst thing was being sick all day Sunday. I’ve got some throat and lung thing going on. Best workout was Saturday morning spin! Best kitchen creation were special eggs I made yesterday that turned out a success!

  5. Best thing I ate was burrata, prosciutto, and arugula pizza from Trader Joe’s. Had it for dinner on Saturday night and it was great. Best thing I drank was mango beer. I forget the brand but it was awesome. Best workout was a leg workout at the gym yesterday with a lot of lunges and squats.

  6. This is totally random, but I’ve read your blog for a while. Is Quinn still doing well with his eating and health after his surgery? He seems to look like he’s gaining some weight, and he looks so happy and healthy! (Not that he didn’t before, but I just noticed he seems to be filling out more so I assumed maybe his eating was still going well). He is such a handsome little guy!

  7. Love your Saturday tradition…things like that are so much fun to look forward to. My favorite family moment was road tripping with my hubby out to Colorado to see my parents. My mom and I always make it a point to run together when we see each other, which is such a blast. I love catching up with her over a good run.

  8. Favorite Workout: I ran the Earth Run Rock half marathon in North Andover yesterday and crushed my previous PR! Previous was 2:15 and I crossed yesterday at 1:56:27 – I’m still on my runners high!

    Best thing I ate and drank: I combined two highlights, haha. After the race they had cider donuts, ice cream and BEER for the runners! A race that speaks to my belly!

    Favorite warm and fuzzy moment: Coming home and seeing my 17 month old – I swear he thinks I’m a celebrity. We got lots of snuggles in!

      1. @Tina: Thank you! Reading your blog and seeing how you bounced back after having Quinn certainly helped motivate me after having my son to get back into running! So thank YOU for the inspiration and motivation!

  9. My 6 year old used to call birds Gee’s when she was little. It is cute that your little guy does too!

  10. Your family may have the best family tradition ever 🙂 Cannot go wrong with the two things that make you smile!

    Best use of time: making “bagel bombs” to put in freezer for quick breakfasts.
    Best drink: raspberry tea has been so satisfying.
    Favorite workout: Saturday morning run – love finally getting outside to run with the warmer weather

  11. Best workout – long run with my dog! Least favorite workout just simple strength training when I was super tired Sunday night but I got it done. Now I feel like the weekend isn’t over as I race around catching up on chores I didn’t finish this weekend before the work week officially kicks off!

  12. Can you do a post on how you schedule your workouts? How many days a week do you do cross fit and how many days a week do you run?

    1. My sister gave it to me, so I’m not sure. Sorry! But maybe a quick search on the Internet would turn something up!

  13. Best thing I ate: Texas quesadilla at a local Mexican restaurant…SO good!

    Best thing I drank: raspberry punch at our niece’s birthday party

    Favorite warm fuzzy moment: watching my husband hold our 3 month old niece..she looked sooo little next to him!

  14. Favorite drink: rose. Favorite meal: veggie bowl with grilled salmon. Favorite family moment: long walks with my husband and the pups.

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