Weekend in Newport {Part 2}

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Good morning, friends!

On Sunday, it rained all morning and afternoon, so our second day in Newport was pretty low-key.


Mal and I woke up starving for breakfast (I actually woke up at 3 AM and ate a container of yogurt because I was so hungry), so we headed out to Gary’s Handy Lunch for breakfast. We felt kind of bad going to breakfast without Mal’s parents, but they were still sleeping and we didn’t want to wake them. Thankfully, they didn’t mind at all (and appreciated the extra sleep), and they actually ended up going to Gary’s for breakfast since we raved about it so much.

photo (54)

Gary’s was great. It reminded me a lot of the Wheelhouse Diner back home with the open kitchen, counter service, and super friendly waitstaff. The menu and affordable prices were similar too.

gary's diner

For breakfast, I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon and homefries, which I covered in hot sauce and ketchup. DELISH!

photo (51)

After breakfast, Mal and I stopped by Mokka Coffeehouse to buy some coffees for ourselves and Mal’s parents.

mokka coffeehouse

I went with an iced decaf coconut almond milk latte, which was excellent””sweet, but not too sweet. I hate it when baristas go nuts with the syrup, but this iced latte was perfect.

Mal and I spent the rest of the morning catching up with work””him grading papers, me blogging and responding to emails.

photo (49)


A little while later, the four of us headed to Mudville Pub to watch the Patriots game””another annual Haupert tradition.

photo (48)

photo (43)

I half watched the game, half tried to figure out Rebus puzzles on coasters. I must have figured out about 15 different ones, but my mother-in-law is wicked smart and solved all of the hard ones that I got stuck on.

photo (45)

While at Mudville, I chowed down on some loaded baked potatoes. I had a major craving for cheese and potatoes”¦ and bacon (always).

photo (46)


On the walk home after the Pats game, Mal and I stopped by the arcade for a playtime.

photo (23)

We played a few games of Skeeball and “Hoop Fever.” So fun!


Mal killed me at Skeeball as seen by his excessive celebration with his tickets.

photo (39)

photo (38)

Look at my little stub of tickets… pathetic.

photo (37)

I ended up beating Mal at “Hoop Fever,” so I was happy to have those bragging rights. Haha!

photo (24)

Neither of us had been to an arcade in awhile, so Mal and I were surprised to see that this one was all electronic now with a card system where you use your credit card to pay for plays. No more quarters!

photo (29)

It’s definitely a great system””I’m sure it makes people spend lots of money””but it kind of made me a little sad too. For some reason, the thought of a pocked full of quarters as a little kid is a special memory for me. I still remember my grandmother on my dad’s side giving my sister and me an entire roll of quarters for the arcade and it was the best day of our lives! There’s just something about having quarters. I dunno. I guess it’s not the same with a card.

photo (41)

After some fun at the arcade, we headed back to the condo and had a relaxing evening.

fireplace at the Wellington


My mother-in-law made a lasagna (she prepared it at home and then brought it down to Newport), so we reheated it for dinner.

photo (3)

Then, we spent the rest of the night chatting, watching TV, and playing more Candy Crush (since we’re all addicted).

photo (1)

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend in Newport! It’s still my favorite weekend of the year!

Question of the Day

When was the last time you played games at an arcade? What’s your favorite arcade game?

P.S. For the Breaking Bad and pug lovers: Heisenpug aka Walter White from Breaking Bad.



  1. I love that you guys went to an arcade! I am a little sad to see there are no more quarters. That’s the best part! At least they still have tickets- I could see them moving to an electronic ticket system, too. What a beautiful and fun weekend you had, minus the rain! I am jealous of it!

  2. The last time I played games at the arcade was when my BF took me for my first visit to the Jersey Shore. My favorite games are the basketball games.

    When I was in Newport, it rained a lot too. I felt bad because it was my best friend’s wedding. Luckily her husband is from Ireland so it turned out to just be an Irish wedding 🙂

  3. Oddly enough, I just went to a Dave and Buster’s arcade this past Friday! It had been years since I’d last been there but it was my sister’s birthday and she wanted to go. My favorite game there is the one where you try and make as many baskets with the basketballs as you can 🙂

  4. Looks like a fun weekend. I’ve never been much of a gamer – I guess my equivalent would be bowling. Haven’t gone in ages but would love to get back into it!

  5. I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I was in an arcade!! But I suck at skeeball too. With that being said– I think there’s MUCH more bragging rights for beating him at hoops. 😉

  6. Oh man, arcades so bring back those old times as a kid when we would always go there.
    So long ago now.
    I can’t even remember the last time I went though, must have been when I was 9 or so.

  7. LOL at Heisenpug! That’s the cutest. Sounds like you guys had a really fantastic weekend! I just got back from a cool 10 day vacation myself so I know how relaxed you must feel after that. 🙂 Boy is it ever hard to keep up with a workout plan when also trying to relax. My bf wanted to go in and play arcade games all over the place but you’re right, it’s not the same without quarters. And those cards can be a rip off sometimes!

  8. David and I went to the arcade on Brighton pier when we were on holiday recently- so many childhood memories! We spent ages on the 2 pence machines- where you put the coin in the slots to try and push more forward. Very addictive! We only allowed ourselves to spend £1 each but that’s a lot of 2 pence’s!

  9. That looks like such a perfect weekend – laid back time with family plus some productivity and fun – what more could you ask for?! I immediately had the same thought about the credit card vs. token machine. There’s something about sticking quarters or tokens in that makes it more fun!

  10. Have you heard about the Pell Bridge run in Newport in the middle of November? It’s an early morning (6:30!), 4 mile race that goes over the Pell Bridge and this year it ends at the Newport Yacht club, with Newport Storm as a sponsor! Such a fun race, and now this post is making me want to spend even more time in Newport after the race. 🙂

  11. Last year my boy and I went to an arcade for a fun date- it was awesome! Reminded me of all my childhood excitement being in an arcade, and I was still just as excited when I got those tickets ha!

  12. Oh my gosh skiball! That’s so wild I hadn’t seen it in probably 10 years, but saw it at a bar this weekend as well! I was UBER excited!

  13. do you remember the answers to those puzzles you took the picture of?! I showed a friend them too and we are struggling and have parts of them but not all of any!

  14. I was in newport this weekend too. My boyfriend is training at the naval base for 5 weeks (he works for the navy as a physician assistant). I havent been to newport since I was a kid. its so gorgeous. we actually did the same thing as mal’s parents and rented bikes and took them around town to ocean drive and the mansions, it was so much fun and such pretty views…you should do it next time you go!

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