Would You Rather: Holiday Edition {Weekend}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy some holiday cheer? We sure did with three more days of 24 Days of Togetherness, a holiday party, and Sunday brunch with friends. Ooooh, how I love this time of year! That said, here’s a recap of our weekend!

Friday, Day 4 of 24 Days of Togetherness, was “buy each other $5 gifts.” Quinn and I ran some errands in the afternoon, so I bought him a jingle bell that he instantly fell in love with while we shopped at Michaels.

IMG_0699 (1024x768)

For Mal, I bought his favorite flavors of Quest Bars. Mal ended up having a really busy day, so he wasn’t able to buy me anything, but he offered me a 10-minute massage instead, which was just as good (maybe better?) than a $5 gift!

IMG_0667 (640x480)

On Saturday morning, I headed to KFIT for a partner workout, which was an awesome combo of cardio and strength. I was definitely feeling it by the end!

IMG_0674 (640x640)

Day 5 of 24 Days of Togetherness was “make a Christmas drawing,” which is always a fun activity for us. Mal and I play a game where one of us draws a crazy shape and the other person makes it into something festive with their drawing skills. We decided to make a combined drawing so Quinn could be involved this year.

686607d50e26af779e5c6bfa162dc9a4 (648x1024)

IMG_0678 (768x1024)


IMG_0689 (1024x1024)

That night, we went to a friends’ holiday party. It was a blast, and I drank way too much wine. ‘Tis the season?

IMG_0681 (1024x1024)

Thankfully, Quinn slept until 7:15 AM (!!!) on Sunday morning, so I didn’t feel all that bad when I woke up.

IMG_0687 (1024x1024)

Later that morning, I ran 8 miles with Marisa and then enjoyed a wonderful brunch back at her apartment. Running + brunch with friends = the best.

IMG_0697 (1024x1024)

Day 6 was “drink hot chocolate,” so we broke out some Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa. Dark hot chocolate with rich, salted caramel? Helllllo!

IMG_0701 (768x1024)

I made mine using soy milk and, holy cow, it was incredible. You guys need to try this hot chocolate. It will not disappoint!

IMG_0703 (1024x1024)

Would you rather time!

Question of the Day

Would you rather…

Hot chocolate or eggnog?

White or colored lights?

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? 

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Angel or star on top? 

Shop online or in-store?

Me: Eggnog, colored, Christmas Day (tough one), real, star, online.



  1. Hot chocolate, white, Christmas Eve, real, star & online 🙂

    Glad you had such a fun weekend! I went skiing for first time in 8 years yesterday… it was SO much fun, but also hilarious.

  2. BOTH, BOTH, BOTH, real, BOTH, online!

    HAHA, I love every single thing about Christmas, so it is impossible for me to choose!

    And even though I prefer a real tree, my husband has convinced me to go for fake for now, I’m a bit sad, but I got one that can be set to colored lights OR white, depending on my mood 🙂

  3. Hot Chocolate
    Colored Lights
    Christmas Eve
    Fake Tree…I don’t think I could keep a real one alive for a month.
    Star…my family always had that multi colored one on top, my hubby always did an Angel, so we went with Frosty the Snowman’s tophat on ours this year.

    Online so much easier

  4. Hot chocolate
    White lights
    Christmas Eve
    Fake Christmas tree ~ a white one 😉
    Shop ~ my fav-o-rite store ~ Country Bumpkins 🙂

  5. During the holidays we get a free pass to drink as much wine as we would like without providing an excuse (per my coworker), haha.

    eggnog (with rum)
    White lights
    Christmas Eve
    Fake Christmas tree

  6. Hot chocolate or eggnog? Hot chocolate. I <3 melted marshmallows.
    White or colored lights? I love both, but I have white in my apartment.
    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Eve
    Real or fake Christmas tree? Real
    Angel or star on top? Angel, but weirdly enough we have a star right now…
    Shop online or in-store? Online!

  7. Online shopping!!! Tried in store at the weekend and it was mental!!!
    Hot Chocolate…I’ve never had eggnog!!! It’s not common here really!
    Christmas Day
    Fake Tree…less cleaning up!
    White Lights

  8. Would you rather answers for me: hot chocolate, white, Christmas Day, either (both have their perks), star, online

      1. @Tina: I prefer to shop online, and use Amazon prime (so many things are so much more affordable!), but the family I celebrate with cares very much about supporting local shops. Moral dilemma! Haha

  9. Eggnog, white lights, Christmas day, real (but man I do envy the simplicity of the prelit fake ones), star, online.

    I love your 24 days of togetherness ideas! i wish i could get it together enough to plan something like that:)

  10. Thanks for the recommendation on where to buy a Christmas tree! We got ours over the weekend and Bernie’s made it so easy. It was our first real tree and it was great how they did all the work for you!!

  11. Hot chocolate or eggnog? HOT CHOCOLATE, with a candy cane and marshmallows!
    White or colored lights? COLORED, although my husband has been trying to get us to switch to white.
    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? BOTH…we do Christmas Eve with close friends and Christmas Day with family, so we get to celebrate with all over our loved ones.
    Real or fake Christmas tree? REAL…I love the smell.
    Angel or star on top? NEITHER…a point bulb looking thing.
    Shop online or in-store? ONLINE…unless I have all my shopping done and I’m window-shopping, then I love going to the story for the festive atmosphere.

  12. I’d rather a fake tree, b/c we can keep it up longer and I don’t have to worry about the needles shedding. Hot chocolate over eggnog, with the exception of 1 and only 1 eggnog latte that I treat myself to each holiday season. Or an eggnog martini. Those things are DELISH!

  13. I’m definitely with you on the real Christmas tree! We recently started getting our trees from Whole Foods, and not only are they reasonably priced, they stay fresh longer than any other tree we’ve gotten!

  14. Hot chocolate, white, Christmas Day, real, star and online for EVERYTHING!!!! Thankful for Amazon Prime. We are ordering baby stuff for baby #2 due in January and ordering holiday gifts for all of the family!

  15. Hot chocolate or eggnog? Hot chocolate! Yuck eggnog nooo thank you.

    White or colored lights? White. Classy and simple.

    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Both?? I really like the eve, i think thats my favorite.

    Real or fake Christmas tree? we’ve always had fake trees, and the two times I had real trees were because the boyfriends at the time wanted them, and then shortly after the holidays we broke up…. soooo fake. hahaha

    Angel or star on top? Star!

    Shop online or in-store? i do a lot of online looking (and putting into a cart and then closing the window), in store i’m more likely to actually purchase something.

  16. Hot chocolate or eggnog? Both!

    White or colored lights? White

    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Day

    Real or fake Christmas tree? Fake (but I would love to have a real one at least once)

    Angel or star on top? Star (both I have neither……I do like my own little decoration at the top)

    Shop online or in-store? Online!!!!!

  17. I love your 25 days of togetherness it is so cute! I can’t wait to do it in the future with my family! I am without a doubt a hot chocolate girl! Nothing to me is better than some hot cocoa with a little whipped cream on top!

  18. I love these ‘would you rathers’! So for me…
    Hot chocolate or eggnog – I have just tried eggnog for the first time! We didn’t have it in the UK but I found it here in Australia and really like it! With brandy added of course 😉
    White or colored lights? Always coloured!
    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – difficult but I always think the days leading up to Christmas are the most exciting!
    Real or fake Christmas tree – only had a real one once. Got a new fake one this year and it’s really nice.
    Angel or star on top – growing up it was an angel, now it’s a star.
    Shop online or in-store- I like touching things so definitely in store for me!

  19. Hot chocolate (with soy milk!)
    White lights
    Christmas Eve (the day we do a big dinner and presents!)
    Real tree (the smell is heavenly!)
    Shop online (while wearing sweatpants and having a glass of wine!)

  20. Hot chocolate (I’ll have to try that kind!)
    White lights
    Christmas Day
    Fake tree
    Star on top, but I haven’t found one I like since our last one broke…
    Shop in-store if I actually want to buy things. Online I just look at stuff and rarely take the plunge.

  21. Would you rather”¦

    Hot chocolate or eggnog? Eggnog

    White or colored lights? I like white, kids and husband like colored, so we do a mix 🙂

    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Eve

    Real or fake Christmas tree? Real all the way!

    Angel or star on top? Star

    Shop online or in-store? Combo of both

  22. Eggnog, white lights (unless they’re the big, old school colored lights), Christmas Eve, real tree, star and online, for sure! Looks like you’ve been enjoying your 24 days of togetherness!

  23. hot chocolate
    white lights
    christmas day
    real tree (I love the smell, not the mess)
    star on top
    I like to do both types of shopping.. when I know what I want to get someone, I like to shop online for the convenience, but if I am not sure what to get someone, I like to go browse around in the store for ideas.

    Fun questions!!

  24. Hot chocolate, colored lights, Christmas Day (I guess, both are fun), I would rather have a real tree, but we have allergies, so we have a fake, star, online (best invention ever.)

  25. Eggnog – Even though I haven’t had it in AGES!
    White lights – While I enjoy colored lights, I prefer the simplicity of white ones.
    Christmas Eve – My family always goes out for pizza and looks at Christmas lights.
    Fake Christmas tree – SO much easier & less messy than a real one.
    Star on top – I love angels, but a star reminds me of the east star from the Bible.
    Shop online – I love ordering online and waiting for the package to arrive!

    Happy holidays!!

  26. Hot chocolate, colored lights, Christmas Eve, real tree, star (even though growing up my mom always put an angel up), and online!

    I’ve become more of an online shopper as I’ve gotten older. And that salted caramel hot chocolate is my absolute favorite!

  27. Hot chocolate, white, Christmas Day, prefer real but use a prelit fake one, star, online.

    Also, when I first read your questions I thought it said colored or white tights? And I was like, “why the HELL would you wear white tights?” Then I saw everyone writing white and I totally thought I was crazy until I re-read it.

  28. Eggnog (I love chocolate, but don’t like HOT chocolate for whatever reason. My favorite Eggnog is Evan William’s Peppermint Chocolate. It is sooo good.)
    Colored lights
    Christmas Eve (mostly because of Christmas Day blues)
    Real tree (nothing beats the sight or smell)
    Nothing on top yet…

  29. Hot chocolate
    White lights
    Christmas Day
    Fake (it’s all I’ve ever known!)
    Online (if I had to pick one! I like both!)

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