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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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This past weekend was so fun! Mal and I got together with a bunch of different friends and had such a blast with them. I am so thankful that we have so many wonderful people in our lives (including you guys)! We are very lucky.


Mal and I were all over the place on Saturday. We left his parents’ house after being there since Wednesday afternoon, stopped home briefly to drop off Murphy, and then we headed to Local 149 to meet Elizabeth and Nick for brunch.

IMG_9040 (600x450)

As always, it was great to see them. We had lots to talk about, and we were all really exciting about the upcoming holidays.

For breakfast, I ordered the biggest meal ever. I originally just wanted eggs, home fries, and a half of a broiled grapefruit, but I totally got upsold by the waitress and ended up with bacon, sausage, and a pancake too. Thankfully, Mal helped me eat some of it.

IMG_9042 (600x450)

After brunch, Mal and I went home””unpacked and mostly got our lives in order””and then we headed out again to meet some CrossFit friends at Cagney’s for drinks, apps, and darts. The night started early and ended early for us (because we are old).

IMG_9049 (600x450)


On Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early and ready to CrossFit. I hadn’t been since the previous Monday, so I was itching to get my WOD on.

Our box did “Glen” earlier in the week, but I missed the workout, so I recruited a couple of friends to do it with me at Open Gym.  I did Level 3 (75 pounds for the C&J + 6 rope climbs) and finished in 41:04. The Burpees took me forever to finish. I can usually bust out Burpees, but I had zero energy. Even still, I really loved “Glen.” It’s definitely one of my favorite hero WODs.

IMG_9053 (600x600)

After CrossFit, I took the quickest shower of my life and then headed to Legacy Place with Mal to meet his sister and her husband for brunch at Aquitaine. I had heard great things, so I was excited to dine there!

IMG_9056 (600x450)

I ordered an egg white omelet with sautéed onions and Gruyere inside with home fries and toast on the side. I also ordered a cup of coffee, but it was no bueno, so I barely drank any of it.

IMG_9058 (600x450)

After breakfast, we got our bowl on at King’s!

IMG_9061 (600x600)

A little fun fact: 10 years ago, almost to the day, Mal and I had our second first date at King’s (the Boston location), and we’ve been together ever since.

IMG_9083 (450x600)

The four of us had a great time bowling. I even managed to bowl a 108 on one game, which is most likely a PR for me. (I am terrible at bowling!)


After bowling, we headed to the Yard House to watch the rest of the Pats game and get some drinks and apps.

IMG_9096 (600x450)

The truffle fries at the Yard House are the best!

IMG_9091 (600x450)

At the Yard House, I actually met a CNC reader. She was so sweet and introduced herself and then told me that I inspired her to run her first half marathon. When I returned to our table, I told Mal what she had said, and I immediately got all choked up. It meant so much to me to hear something like this from a reader in person. Sometimes I forget that this little blog really does inspire people to do great things and make healthy choices in their lives. Of course, I’m happy when people tell me how much they like seeing photos of my ridiculous dog, but knowing CNC does more than just entertain people makes my heart feel so full (cheesy, but true).

For those of you who I have never met, I want you to know that I appreciate your kind words so very much. I even save the emails that you guys send me in a special folder in my inbox. When I’m having a bad day or when the trolls are especially miserable, your messages make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and makes me love this blog even more. I guess I am just feeling especially thankful for you guys, so THANK YOU for reading, supporting me, and being you. Ok, enough of the sappy stuff! Winking smile

After we said goodbye to Mal’s sister and her husband, we hit up Whole Foods for our weekly grocery shopping. This week’s meal plan:

IMG_9100 (600x450)

Last night’s dinner was Make-Your-Own Tacos.

IMG_9112 (600x450)

I went with the taco salad option and used a broken shell for scooping. (I am not really a fan of hard shell tacos. I would much rather have a soft taco, so a salad seemed like a good option!)

IMG_9117 (600x450)

Last night also kicked off our 24 Days of Togetherness. Our first pull was one of my favorites: Bake sugar cookies!

IMG_9113 (600x450)

Unfortunately, the new recipe that I tried did not turn out well. (I knew I should have stuck to a classic sugar cookie recipe. Grrr!) The cookies tasted fine, but looked really ugly. Oh, well. It was still fun to make them together!

IMG_9118 (600x450)

If you’re participating in 24 Days of Together, please use #24daysoftogetherness to tag your posts on social media. I’d love to see what you guys are up to!

Questions of the Day

How’s your 24 Days of Togetherness going so far?

Are you any good at bowling?

Soft or hard taco shells? Or taco salad?

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