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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday, friends!

Going into this weekend, Mal and I didn’t really have any plans, but things shaped up and we ended up being quite busy. Here’s a quick recap of our weekend activities!


On Friday afternoon, I organized our pantry using some storage bins that I bought at Marshalls.


006 (600x450)

004 (450x600)


028 (450x600)

Much better! Now all of the junk is hidden! Kidding! Sort of. It’s all organized inside the bins, but now I don’t have to look at it cluttering up the shelves.

Mal and I also started redoing our sun porch, which needed help in a bad way.

002 (600x450)

The first step was bringing up a loveseat from our basement. We rarely ever sit on our sun porch because the wicker bench that’s current there isn’t very comfortable, so we figured a more comfy loveseat would encourage us to spend time there. (The cushions were kind of gross from being in the basement, so we washed all of the covers, which is why there is stuffing all over the porch.)

007 (600x450)

We also got rid of the wicker bench and table. We thought about selling them on Craigslist, but then we decided we just wanted them out of our house. They literally sat outside for 5 minutes before someone came by and took it. So long!

012 (600x450)

Then, we started sanding our side tables. We’re going to paint them and then do a little Pinterest project. We also have plans to buy a new rug and some accessories, so I’ll be sure to show you guys the final project when it’s done!

015 (600x450)

That evening, I ran the End of Summer Classic 5-Miler.

end of summer classic

And then came home to eat Lime Leaf for dinner. I had a serious craving for it the other day, so I was psyched when Mal brought it home for dinner.

lime leaf


Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early for a CrossFit partner WOD.

photo (4) (450x600)

Kerrie and I teamed up for it!

photo (6) (600x600)

After CrossFit, a group of us went to get frozen yogurt at The Yogurt Bar that just went in right down the street from our house. (We are never moving.)

photo (16)

Then, Mal and I hosted an impromptu BBQ and hung out on our back porch with friends.

bbq at our place

At one point, our friend’s dog, Rocky, sat on Murphy‘s face while he was sleeping… and he just stayed like that! I guess he was too tired to move? Or maybe he liked sniffing Rocky’s butt? Poor Murphy. Haha!

pug butt sniffer

Later that evening, we went to a friend’s birthday/BBQ/housewarming party and then came home and hung out with Rocky, who spent the night. Doggie sleepover two nights in a row!



I didn’t turn on my computer at all on Saturday, so I woke up super early on Sunday morning and busted out some work. I love working in the early hours when it’s quiet in our house. I always get so much done.

Later that afternoon, Mal, Murphy, and I headed to Kerrie’s house for some Sunday Funday action.

pug with bunny ears

The afternoon included sun, fun, pool, drinks, lobsters, and”¦

lobsters sunday funday


smores ingredients 3 kinds of chocolate

photo (10)

I haven’t had a s’more all summer, so these totally made my night. I had one with toffee-almond chocolate and then one with cookies & cream white chocolate. OMG. YUM! We’re planning peanut butter cups and pumpkin chocolate next time!

cookies & cream smore

Questions of the Day

How was your weekend?

Have you eaten any s’mores this summer?



  1. Oh my gosh those s’mores look amazing!! I bet some with Sunbutter or Nutella would be yummy, too!

    My weekend was great! Went on a Pirate drinkin’ boat that cruised the Potomac for a girlfriend’s 30th birthday and got to see DCs monuments at night!

  2. Oh those smores look amazing. I haven’t done any summer activities yet this year, and it’s almost over! 🙁 I did run my 1st Warrior Dash on Saturday…still feeling the effects today!

  3. Looks like a weekend of super fun!
    Rocky and Murphy are so cute together, loving Rockys wee scarf!
    I only know about S’mores from reading American blogs and watching American programmes, it’s sadly not something we do over in the UK. Suprising as i’m sure kids (and adults!) would love them! We did however, at girl guides go on camp and toast marshmallows on the fire – nothing better than a completly caramalised, ooey, goey marshmallow. Divine!

  4. you’ll have to try smores on your frozen yogurt sometime.

    what do you order at “lime leaf”? can you give a link to it? Looks interesting.
    From afar the lobsters look like lifejackets, ha.

  5. Oh man, me and smores have some bad memories. My friends and I accidentally cooked some over one of those “chemical induced fires” that they have at some beaches and ended up SO sick from it. So yah, no smores for me ever again haha.
    Sounds like an awesome weekend!
    I’ve been all about the BBQ lately.

  6. Your sun porch is so cute and I DEFINITELY need to organize my pantry a bit. I put stuff in and then it works its way to the back and I forget about it – until years later when it’s expired and I toss it out. I love the idea of the storage bins. It really makes it look neat and tidy.

    Smores – yum!!!!!!!

  7. We had s’mores while camping over the weekend. So good! I am totally trying a peanut butter cup next time. And my 14 month old tried her first toasted marshmallow!

  8. Can’t think of a better way to cap off a weekend then with s’mores and lobsters. I have had a ton of s’mores this summer because we have a fire pit. I can’t get enough of them! Sometimes, I just roast the marshmallows and don’t bother with the rest 😉

  9. Looks like an amazing weekend with the best of relaxing and being productive! I was doing in the Twin Cities (of MN) at my cousin’s to hang out and head to the Minnesota State Fair – my boyfriend and I had an amazing time! Definitely do not want to head back to reality!

  10. Lobsters and s’mores? Holy yum! We had s’mores a couple times this summer but I always turn my marshmallow into a charred mess. Hah!

  11. I went home for the first time in almost a year and my weekend was BUSY! I had NO downtime, but it was great! I unfortunately caught a cold on the airplane, though 🙁 I had a S’mores blizzard from Dairy Queen, but had no s’mores at all this summer. I’m freaked out by marshmallows… so I don’t usually eat S’mores.

  12. I love productive weekends like that! Really don’t understand these people who rave about what a great “lazy weekend” they had.

  13. Hershey’s cookies ‘n cream used to be my favorite candy bar when I was in middle school! Haven’t had one since though haha. I haven’t had a s’more since last summer. Now that’s just sad lol

  14. Those s’mores…wow! They scream summer and it’s such a good idea to use chocolate other than just plain old Hershey’s milk chocolate. The cookies and cream looks amazing!

  15. I love all the smores ideas!! We have always stuck to just marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate, but lately I’ve been seeing all these new combinations I’d never thought of! I think spreading peanut butter on the graham cracker sounds delicious.

  16. Wow busy weekend! Those s’mores look so good! I made s’mores with my kids this summer but instead of graham crackers we used soft chocolate chip cookies. They were soooo good and decadent.

  17. I finally ate some s’mores when we went camping a week ago. Why they aren’t a year-round delicacy, I’ll never know. That yogurt shop is probably about 15 minutes away from me, so I will be planning a trip soon!

  18. I haven’t eaten a smores yet this summer….I need one in a bad way.

    Your weeekend sounded awesome…organizing is so fun, once it’s done :).

    My weekend was great! I ran a 5k PR last night and placed 3rd in my age group with a time of 22:05 :).

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