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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys!

Here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s eats and activities and then I’ll tell ya what Mal and I did again. (Gah! What is wrong with us?!)


My morning started with a big bowl of banana oatmeal with dried cranberries, chia seeds, and a big scoop of peanut butter. Mashed banana in oatmeal is the best thing ever. It makes it so, so, so creamy. Just sayin’.



After breakfast, I headed to KFIT for a workout. Kerrie invited me to join her at the morning class, so I took her up on her offer. The workout was a lot of fun””it was 3 mini workouts in one””and it left me so sore today! Holy abs! I’m definitely feeling them today!



After KFIT, I headed home and ate a couple of snacks: half of a Naked protein juice smoothie (it was just okay – kind of chalky) and an apple (local and totally delicious).


A little while later, I wanted something more to eat, so I had some rice crackers with a wedge of white cheddar from The Laughing Cow. Awesome snack.


After that, Mal and I took Murphy to the park where we met Kerrie and Bentley. Murph and Bentley had a blast running around together!



After the park, I was more than ready for lunch. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato inside. It was amazing.

IMG_7994 (600x450)

Ok, are you ready to hear what Mal and I did again?

Well, remember the time when we impulsively bought a new refrigerator? If not, the short story is that we only planned to do a little window shopping, but then we ended up buying a brand new refrigerator at the first place we looked without checking out other options or comparison shopping at all, which is totally unlike us. I guess it all worked out in the end, but I hate making big purchases without putting a lot of “research” into it. (I dunno. I guess I’m just always looking for the best possible deal?)

After that, I thought Mal and I learned our lesson, but we did it again. We were suppose to just look at some new couches yesterday afternoon, but then we ended up buying one.

At the first place we visited.

Without checking out other options or comparison shopping at all.

Again, what is wrong with us?

Ok, we took some couch measurements before we left the house, but we really had no intention of buying a new one yesterday. Maybe Mal did, but I definitely didn’t.


Honestly, we just fell in love with the couch we bought. It was exactly what we were looking for (size, color, style) and it had a sleeper bed inside, which was definitely a bonus, so we just bought it.

Isn’t it pretty?! It’s being delivered later today. Yay!


Our new couch was right next to our old couch at the store, so I thought it was a sign we should buy it.


While waiting to purchase our couch, I enjoyed a mini Twix bar.



Mal and I ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Rustic Kitchen. I started with butternut squash soup and then ordered a flatbread pizza for dinner. It was an awesome meal!


Questions of the Day

How much research do you do before making a big purchase?

Have you ever made an expensive impulsive purchase? Did you regret it or did it all work out?

I am an official brand advocate for Bel Brands in 2013. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own.



  1. Your breakfasts always looks so delicious! I started buying and eating oat bran, wheat bran, wheat germ, and flaxseed because of your breakfast recipes. I have wheat berries, but I’m nervous to cook them!

    I always try to research and comparison shop before a major purchase. Even when I was looking for a bathroom light I looked at three different stores before deciding on one (and that wasn’t even a major purchase!)

    I impulsively bought my car. I was kind of in the market and went to the dealership just to look and I ended up purchasing. Its the same kind as my old car, it was just the 2013 model and a hatchback, but I didn’t read any reviews or anything! After I bought it I kind of had buyer’s remorse, but now I love it. It’s the best little car ever and worth every penny I’m indebted to the bank for. Haha!

  2. I get pretty anxious about big purchases, and I almost always feel like I could have gotten a better deal, but ultimately everything has always worked out. I feel like it’s easy to stress ourselves out about things like that! I have friends who research like crazy and manage to make most purchases a the ideal time and get great deals, but I just don’t have that sort of patience. Oh, well–guess I’m a sucker!

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