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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

My morning started bright and early at 5:01 AM, and I’ve been going non-stop ever since.

My first stop of the day was at the gym for a Baptiste Power Yoga class. Baptiste Power Yoga is a challenging and flowing form of yoga that is done in a hot room. It’s very much like the hot yoga that I tried in Chicago, but without music.

Baptiste Power Yoga offers stretch-seeking visitors an opportunity to practice limbering postures in a sudorific environment without rolling out a mat in a steamy submarine engine room. Within stretch-inducing, 90-degree confines, participants will downward dog their way to core-tightening and silhouette-slimming fitness under the supervision of experienced instructors. Just like jogging through the jungle in a gorilla suit, Baptiste’s power Vinyasa yoga sheds stress and buckets of calories while motivating participants in a friendly, anaconda-free atmosphere.


I never thought I was a yoga person, but I really love “hot” yoga. In other yoga classes (mostly the slow-paced ones), I get bored within 15 minutes and then check the clock a million times wishing the class would end. Hot yoga is totally different for me. My mind stays focused and I rarely ever look at the clock. Maybe it’s the heat and sweat that makes it feel like a “real” workout and I’m not just wasting my time? I dunno. Hot yoga is more my style, I guess.

After class, I grabbed an iced soy latte from Starbucks. I parked my car right out front, so I figured why not? 😉



Then, I hit the grocery store to do our shopping for the week. Grocery shopping at 7:00 AM on a Wednesday is amazing! The store was empty! No crowds, no lines. I was in and out in 25 minutes and I managed to save $17 off my bill! 😀


You can see what I purchased over on Trading Up Downtown!



After running around all morning, I was more than ready to eat when I walked through the door. I threw together a quick peanut butter and banana wrap with raisins and chia seeds inside.



House Update

So, it’s official! Late last night, Mal and I made an offer on another house! :mrgreen:

Even though house hunting can be really stressful, I’ve throughly enjoyed the process. I was bummed about the previous house, but I knew it just wasn’t the one for us. We’ve also had an amazing realtor, who has helped make finding a new home less stressful and even fun. She’s very responsive and totally has her act together. She even offered us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies while we signed our offer last night! 😀


Our realtor also sent us home with a big zucchini and a squash. Murphy didn’t know what to think!


Feel Great Weight

I’m not an expert runner, but I started running just like everyone else. Check out this week’s FGW post: How to Start Running: 5 Tips for Beginners.

Question of the Day

Do you run? What are your running tips?

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  1. I ran my first 5k @ the age of 48 — and am planning another in Oct. I guess my best tip is intervals! I’m still a very slow runner, but I just do it.

    I guess we’ve been lucky — we’ve always gotten every house we’ve made an offer on. This is our 3rd.

  2. Murphy looks adorable 🙂 if only my mom would let me have a dog…
    I run, but usually only outside at night around 8-9 o’ clock for maybe 30-60 minutes. I’m not a morning person, so when I wake up, the first thing I want to do is get breakfast-NOT do strenuous exercise! So I do all my exercise at night when my brain is fully functioning and I can actually keep my eyes open. It’s really cool at night-no sun, and it feels weird (in a good way) to run in the dark with only porch lights from people’s houses on.

  3. Good luck with the house! I’m impressed that you went to a yoga class that ended BEFORE 7am. Damn. I love grocery shopping that early too! So much less hassle 🙂
    My running tip is: just do it! It doesn’t matter how slow you go, set a distance and complete it. It’s ok to walk for part of the way too.

  4. i just started really running the past month and or and my three things that keep me going are getting up early, i live in south florida so getting up before the sun is all the way is a most, running at my own pace and walk breaks. i think you are so right i did not think walking was considering running but i try to focus on mileage and just feeling good.

    crossing my fingers for you on the house

  5. Hot yoga is the best! I’m glad you are really enjoying practicing yoga. I actually took two hot yoga classes this morning. I was drenched in the first class, and sweated even more in my second class (my pores were so open by then). I encourage everybody to try it. IMHO, the ‘slower’ paced classes can be even more challenging – especially when the poses are held longer. And, it’s definitely more challenging mentally.

  6. Hot yoga rocks! I bought a monthly pass to my local studio this week 🙂

    Sorry to pick holes, but I’m not sure if it’s come up yet that only the first one or two pictures show up when browsing on the iPad in safari. It’s pretty frustrating :-/

  7. Glad you had fun at Baptiste! I go to the Brookline studio 2-3 times a week and am in love. It’s totally a real work out and I have noticed such a difference in my upper arms since going regularly. Also it’s great as part of marathon training which I am doing right now as well!

  8. Read the FGW post and must admit, these are some Great tips for beginners Tina!

    I feel exhausted and discouraged after running for just 2 mins but now I’m going to incorporate the run-walk method and start a running journal to track progress.

    All the best with house-hunting! Hope you get your dream one 🙂

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