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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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My Friday night was all about views from the roof! 😎 I started my evening with Happy Hour at Daedalus near Harvard Square and then headed downtown to a roof-deck graduation party. The weather was gorgeous, so spending time outside, over looking the city, was even more of a treat!

Daedalus has the most amazing rooftop deck, which is quite the novelty in Cambridge! We were lucky to score a table within 5 minutes of arriving– it was jam-packed by the time we left!

Mal liked the “better than average” selection of beers at Daedalus! 

Views from the roof…

My drink of choice was a Barton & Guestier Chardonnay, which I enjoyed, but didn’t love. It was a decent “bar” wine, but I wouldn’t buy a bottle of it. 

TGIF! :mrgreen:

My company: Mal and our friend, Ashley… 

For dinner, I ordered the Asparagus Salad, which was grilled garlic-marinated asparagus with roma tomatoes and goat cheese over baby greens. The salad was supposed to be tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette, but I ordered mine without. With the strong flavors of garlic-marinated asparagus and goat cheese, the vinaigrette really wasn’t needed. I think it would have covered-up the natural flavors too much. Plus, I like my veggies “naked”! 😉

The asparagus was jumbo-sized and grilled to perfection. 😀

The salad included lots of fibrous veggies and a good amount of goat cheese that kept me satisfied for the majority of the evening. Love that! 

We were enjoying ourselves so much outside on the roof deck, we decided to order another round of drinks. Glass #2…

After we said goodbye to Ashley, Mal and I headed downtown to a friend’s dental school graduation party, which was held on the roof deck of his apartment building. 

From the roof, we had amazing views of the State House.

Mal noted that you could probably “throw a beer to Governor Patrick” because we were so close! 

Party spread… 

Dental Dali… 

At the party, I sipped on a margarita watered-down with Pellegrino. After two glasses of wine, I knew I didn’t need much more to drink. I nursed my drink for about an hour before switching over to plain Pellegrino with lime. I had a drink in my hand the whole night, so I felt like I was participating in the party, but I wasn’t letting myself over-do-it with the booze. 

I also (obviously) enjoyed a small piece of cake. I ate the frosting off my piece and tossed the rest. What good is cake without frosting?!?

I also munched on a small handful of cashews and peanut M&M’s at the party. Eating dinner before an event (with lots of yummy food) ended up being a good strategy for me. Typically, I would over-do-it with all of the delicious (and tempting) party food, but a stomach full of Asparagus Salad satisfied me and kept my social eating in check. I also kept my tips in mind for navigating social events when making decisions about what to eat or drink. 

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